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feeling motivated!!!!!

after reading about and looking at all the amazing looes people have with lipotrim i am feeling very positive about my start tommorrow! i am looking forward to all the complimets i will get over the coming months!! ha ha! and i also am looking forward to that bikini!!!:party0049::bliss::party0023:
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good luck hunny im on day 20 today whoop 3rd weigh in 2morrow so far iv lost 16lbs so hoping a few more lbs off thsi week altho it is my TOTM so hoping ill loose anyway.its tough at 1st but if u can crack the 1st week ull be so proud of urself it will egg u on more to do the next week and the week after the changes u see in ur body are amazing and u see it as soon as day 3 for some.
cheers guys thanks for the encouraging words! just having my first shake now! (i really like the chocolate!) yum! well this is the first day so here we go!!!!!
HI Emmieclaire,

Just a thought get a pic of the bikini and a pic of you now and make a few copies, one on the fridge, one in the loo if you keep scales there, one in your wallet/handbag and anywhere else you think will help,

It will be great for any dips you have :}
hey thats a good idea! i already have the bikini in a box hidden away! i might get it out and hang it in my bedroom for inspiration! danger is though i might be fed up of seeing it by the time the holiday comes around, and will have to get a new one!:cool::cool::p i have already taken a before picture........its on my p.c but i am too frightened to look at it! i will only publish it when i have lost the weight i think! thanks for the tips!
all the more reason to look at it and change your perception it is the old you and if you hate it that much it must spur you on to success
wow that should do it :}
last christmas, i had my sisters for christmas lunch and they took some pictures while we were cooking and posted one of them on facebook. i swear to god when i saw it last week, i was mortified!!! i have never ever looked so big in my life and that was the time for me to change. i have saved that photo and keep looking at it and it keeps me motivated and will post it on here once i have lost the weight.

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