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:( Feeling on Edge

I am only on day two.. gawddddd! this is so hard. I used to be great at LT hahah i knew exactly how to get myself passed the cravings and rough times but not this time around.

I cant get food out of my head. I am constantly talking myself out of doing it. Im miserable already and it hasnt even been 48 hours ughhh. I only have about two stone to lose but i really need the weight off soon so i can get my confidence back and look for a new job and start going out with my friends again.

Its really difficult doing LT when you have lost your job and have no kids to run around after. I have far to much time on my hands. Im hoping of i get through this week then i wont be to weak to exercise next week and i can focus on going to the gym. Another thing keeping me going is i am due money back from the tax office so if/when i get that two stone down i can wear all my lovely clothes again in my wardrobes and i will have 1000 euro to spend on more clothes!

I have five wardrobes full of clothes i cant touch! miseryville!. Anyways i am rambling now sorry. At least typing all of this kept my mind off that bread roll with tuna and and king crisps i am craving!. :flirt2:
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The days to finish hun so don't be hard on yourself. Just stay away from food and keep yourself busy. I found that the days go by very fast :)


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poor you have you tryed reading . the problem is i dont have time on my hands to many animals sometimes wish there was more hours in the day lol . good luck hun hope you manage to be strong xx
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aww i feel for you hun, it is very hard, but as is everything, you get out what you put in so take it a day at a time, a pound at a time and you'll be done before you know it.

you've done it before so you know you can do it. you also know that the first week is the hardest and you'll find those distractions.

best of luck hun - spend some time on here reading through posts and before you know it you'll have killed loads of time.



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I can only echo whats said above - especially keep reading stories on here and that might keep you inspired. You know that you can do this you did it before. You will succeed. Just remember why you want to do this and that should keep you going and before you know it your first weigh in will be here and your fantastic loss will inspire you further :D


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Hi Jayla

Today is day 3 for me so we started almost at the same time.

I'm in the same boat as you in so much as that Im currently unable to work and don't have children to run around after, that does leave a lot of free time on your hands. I've been spending time browsing the internet, playing games, reading, watching movies, reading this forum, googling before and after pictures etc, all of which have helped to fill in the time.

Hang on in there, keep reminding yourself that after the first week or 2 is out the way things will settle down. Look through the success thread at all the amazing before and after pictures to remind yourself why you are doing this. Keep the reason WHY you are doing this at the front of your mind at all times, am pretty sure that's what get's most people through the really rough times, well that and this amazing forum obviously =D

Good luck, I'm right there with ya!
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Hey jeyla, my top tips for the cravings are :
1. Whatever the food you are craving, close your eyes, imagine it on a plate........ with hair from the floor of a barbers shop (dandruff and all!!) sprinkled all over it.. this is a david mckenna technique and always works for me when I just cant get a food out of my head!!!

2. Body lotions, foot spa, eyebrow plucking , nail varnishing, condition and blow dry hair, moisturise, lovely smells.. anything that is to do with grooming yourself.. i find this gives me an instant lift and makes me forget about the craving...

and most of all, have faith in yourself xxx hths
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I took a week off work last week i know its not the same but i know wat you mean bout not having anything to do. This forum helped me alot and just organising magazine articles(im collecting menu ideas haha) an just goin on walks helped i know in the first week its very hard and to be honest i tink i wud have been delighted if i was off work for it coz wen i got home all i did was get my duvet and watch tv drink my shake and lots of water i was so bloody weak walking was a struggle stairs hahaha nightmare an i had to walk two flights in work every morning took me til week 3 to be able to do it without stopping.

This gets easier as you know i know its hard to not tink about food but trust me even wen i was in work i thought about food in my first week every sec everything was food to me. this disappears i promise evn wen your not goin to work it still does.

Good Luck and tasha's idea is bloody brilliant i love it so much.

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