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feeling on the edge today.... need advice please


Losing is the ONLY option
Hi everyone,

I just feel so rubbish today, having massive barneys with everyone today. I just feel so hungry I dont know how to get through it, am drinking water but I always get to this point of CD and give in. I know I need to get past it, but just feel so crap esp after having arguments I just feel like screaming and eating everything. :cry:

Anyways, just needed to vent, am so hungry its unreal why is this happening ive been going strong for 5 days now agh.
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Hunnie you could be my twin!!!! I was like that a few weeks ago, to the point of getting a warning at work. I've been taking evening primrose oil capsules, and st johns wort, and they seem to have worked, I've been in a much better mood. Plus I notice your last WI was a STS, that probably hasn't helped and makes me moody too! We can do this.............xxxx
I love your avatar pic btw xxxx


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Sorry you are feeling so rubbish and having a hard time of it. Eating something won't make the arguments any better. Get yourself through tonight and if you are really hungry have an extra half a shake. Then get through tomorrow. Just break it down into smaller time chunks.

Just think how good you will feel when you get past this sticking point and start loosing weight.

Hope you feel better soon...


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Hang in there hon!!
Once your passed those first few days you are well on the way to being slim!! Keep yourself busy... a soak in the bath, a nice walk, a magazine or 2.... a good book..... anything to keep you away from food.
I can only say its soooooooo worth it hon it really is!!!
Hang in there you CAN do it if you really want it xxx
I had the temper from hell for the first 8-10 days and I'm the most laid back person I know :D.

My DH asked for his wife back and my 4 year old got frightened as she thought I was an alien that looked like Mummy :8855:

You will get past it and feel yourself again. It's a real effort to not let your mood get to you, but just try and do nice calming things like have a bath, paint your nails etc and before you know it you will have lost lots of weight and feel on top of the world!!

You can do it!!
Please dont give in. If you're feeling crap and snapping at people now, just think how much worse you will feel if you cave in, it won't make you feel any better, try and get through this evening and when you wake up tomorrow things will seem brighter.


WILL be Slim!
ok, if your feeling crap now hun, imagine how much worse you will feel if you come off the diet and end up putting weight on???
The mood swings will change hun, i had the same and wanted to practically punch my DH....and i'm not usually an agressive person...but they did die down so keep with it hun!


Losing is the ONLY option
Hi everyone,

thanks for your great advice, am going to read this thread over and over tonight!! Your all right, will feel even worse if I eat so its not worth it. and soon will be losing again so it will be worth the pain! thanks so much, i love this forum :)

luv laila x
Its a bit cheesy but I think of this saying when trying to change a habit....here goes..."If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got" .........you have to break the cycle and muster all of your will to act differently than in the past...not follow the old habit back into the food.......change is in not following the old path...Decide that for today you will stick with it....you reserve the right to change your mind tomorrow. In the morning you will feel so great about sticking to CD you will want to carry it on. Best wishes......your mood will lift soon!!


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Its difficult - SO difficult - but think of the results it will bring! I was (am?) a total monster to start with as well and by the end of the first week I was breaking the day down into hours or even half hours to get through....it doesn't last, promise xx
Sorry you are feeling rubbish - it has happened to us all! Aparently as you lose fat cells the hormones that are stored in them run rife around you body - making you like a big PMT monster!
I got told in work Ihave become 'vicious'!! BUT, I also think I have become more confident and less likely to be pushed around, and that is a big shock for people!
Just reiterating what everyone else has said but I bet you will feel on top of the world tomorrow! Have a lovely evening based around you! Bath, mag etc! ANd then a lovely early night with clean PJs on - works for me every time! xx


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Hun, you are doing so well and I'm really proud of you for getting back to 100%. You can do this- you ARE doing this! Remember that when your ketosis is really established you will feel so much better, and much less hungry! Yesterday you were so positive- remember that feeling again! I'm always here for an ear-bashing, so vent away!

Be strong, hunny xx


Losing is the ONLY option
Thanks guys, am going to go chill out now and look at the clothes I want to fit into in my wardrobe always helps. Yes hopefully will pass soon enogh, I cant keep going round in circles, usually i stuff my face then I get the worst leg cramps in the world in the middle of the night, i hate those leg cramps so its a good warning not to cheat. The pain is excruciating!!!

Going to do a basic tidy up and then have a bath.... thanks everyone, i really appreciate all your kind advice it has really helped!

big kisses and hugs to all x x x x


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Hope you feeling better today Laila - it is Friday after all!!!

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