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Feeling really down and demoralised


Yummy Mummy! xx
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I was out shopping yesterday and was looking at baby clothes for my friends son when a woman came up to me and said 'aww....when are due?' and looked at my tummy!

I was so embarrased I muttered something about just being big boned and shamlesly ran off. I then came home and sat and cried!

Yes my tummy is big, I have 2 beautiful children and that is where I carry a lot of weight. I have felt very self concious about this for a long time but I tend to lose weight from other areas first rather than my tummy.

Anyway sorry for the rant its just made me feel really S**T about myself.
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i will be slim
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unfortunitly there are some really rude retards out there hun!!!

people should think before they open ther mouths!!!

i too got a commment like that asking how far gone i was????:eek:

i was mortifiied!!

i just said erm erm im 4 months and she replied 'is that all'?

some people are horrible try and not let it get too you at the end of the day u are doing something about it hun!!

Chin up!!:D
I think its ridiculous that people just assume its ok to say things like that to people,I would be so angry if someone asked me that.It just shows the other person's stupidity,it's hard to not let things like this get to you, I've had similar comments made to me,although they were made in using my weight as something to attack me with. Some people are just idiots. And as the old saying goes 'I can lose weight,but you'll always be an idiot" haha :)


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I'd have turned round and said "I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat" and seen her face then. Stupid rude woman.


synful soul
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I'd have turned round and said "I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat" and seen her face then. Stupid rude woman.
Excellent.!!! Give them some back..........

I had someone make rude remarks about my weight. When I said it was down to my medication, he replied " I have heard everything now " My answer was "! I have cancer and the medication puts weight on, but I am glad to be alive, fat or thin " His poor wife was mortified and he was soooooo ashamed. GOOD !!!!

Nothing wrong with turning the tables around when someone hurts you enough to make you go home and cry.

Another good answer but one that takes a lot of courage is one I have used." I am fat, I can lose weight. You are ugly what can you do !!!" It also brings you down to their level, so don't know if I would recommend that one.

Never forget, that if you are that hurt, they are not. They have walked away ignorant of how cruel they are. Don't cry little one. Forgive them for not being the person you are.

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