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    cambridge diet
    hi all
    i had a planned break last weekend for 3 days
    i went straight back on 810 on the monday and put on a pound
    anyway since then i havent cheated or anything but i havnt lost anything at all
    my bmi according to my wii fit has been 22.06 since last monday and i dont know why
    i currently weigh 9 stone 3 pounds and want to get down to 8.10 was planning on moving up steps when i got to 9
    sorry about the rant just dont know what to do and my cdc is in new york
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    Just to say you really can't rely on the wii fit in their weighing of you so I really wouldn't worry about that hun. Just wait until your CDC gets back, she'll weigh you and I'm sure you'll be doing great! As long as you keep going 100% you'll be losing I'm sure!

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