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Feeling really down today


Getting her sparkle back
Today has definitely been a low point for me, am on day 4 and from what i've read it seems that a lot of people feel quite low in the first week.

Was at work and we were busy all morning, then got sent out in the afternoon to deliver posters. This meant I didn't have time to make my soup or 'cup-a-soup' as everyone in the office believes it is!

Was driving in the car and started to feel really down, kept driving past pubs and nice looking cafes and usually I would be able to stop and eat anything but obviously now I can't. I wasn't hungry but I just missed the taste of food, if that makes sense? And since I was feeling low that work has been so dull lately usually I would comfort eat to cheer myself up.

Also it's my birthday next week and am a bit sad as usually i'd go out for a nice meal and have a cake, but this year i'll be working all day, then on my own all evening as my housemate will be at work. My parents said they could come up and see me, but the 4 hour drive wouldn't really be worth it for a couple of hours with me, not drinking or eating! Keep trying to tell myself that i'll have a celebration when I get to 100 days but it just seems so far away.:(

Am just fed up of being fat, I hate looking at myself in the mirror and thats why i'm doing LL so I need to keep going, it just feels extra hard today.

Any help to cheer me up and snap me out of this funk would be greatly appreciated :eek:
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hi there
just think at your birthday next year you will be wearng a size 8 dress or whatever your goal clothing/size is!

you will have plenty more opportunities to celebrate stuff so try not to get too down about things.

100 days is a long time - yes - but in the big scheme of things its very little time at all!

you don't have to put your social life on hold you know - i went to all sorts of parties, nights outs, meals etc while i was doing it. i played a game sometimes - pretending to eat or drink and watching the habits of others, it was quite eye opening.

After each event I felt so much stronger and really proud of myself

It will be worth it so stick with it, once your clothes get looser things will feel better and the 100 days will whizz by.

i put a counter on my laptop and was amazed how quick the numbers went down

come on - snap out of it - it is worth while!!!

remember its not forever - and those food/drinks will still be available to you, and they will taste the same in a few months time as they do now.

daisy x


Getting her sparkle back
hi there
come on - snap out of it - it is worth while!!!

remember its not forever - and those food/drinks will still be available to you, and they will taste the same in a few months time as they do now.

daisy x
Thank you daisydoll!
That's exactly what I needed.
I spent the afternoon painting my nails and bought myself a magazine so am feeling much better :)
The 100 days will pass and as you said my birthday next year (my 21st!) will be amazing! Just got to go through the hard part to get the reward :)


I will do this!
this diet flies by in a flash, before you know it you will be slim and feeling gorgeous. It totally does change your life if you let it. Give it another 2 weeks and you will start to feel a difference, the head takes a few weeks to catch up to what's happening! Just stick with it. Then it's all easy going until the end when the head starts playing games again, well for me anyway! hehe good luck, stick with it, it works and it works fast. Well done for addressing this issue so young too x
Hi Hannah,
Good for you. Imagine how you'll feel, slim, gorgeous and 21.
I'm Like Daisy. I didn't let doing LL stop my social life. Why punish yourself? You will soon feel slim and gorgeous and want to let all your friends see.
Stick with it. It is SO worth it. After the first week it's easy peasy.
Good for you for doing something about it now.


Full Member
it really is worth it! ive been doing it for 7 weeks now and people have started to notice and comment. that is such a great feeling that rears you on and when you get on the scales at your weigh in u will be well chuffed. i for 1 certainly was!


Getting her sparkle back
Thank you all for your support, knew I could trust MiniMins to cheer me up!
Am feeling much, much better now.
Went on the website, FutureMe.org: e-mail your future self where you can send emails to yourself in the future and wrote myself a long letter about why i'm doing LL and what I want to achieve. i've set it to send it to me in 33 days when i'll be a third of the way there and i'm sure the time will fly by!

I haven't stopped my social life, it's just i'm working on my placement year at Uni so am working 9-5 whilst my housemate is working 3-2am, so we never see each other, and the rest of my house and friends have gone home for the summer so won't see them until August. Thats one of the reasons why i'm excited to lose the weight, as although i'm doing it for me and to make myself feel better...it'll be nice having people notice and compliment me on my shape instead of always saying i have a 'lovely face!' And by the time they get back I shall look very different!

Thanks again for all the support, will let you know how I get on at my 1st weigh in, am excited! :)
great website - i have just written one to myself to be deliveredthe day before I go on holiday to spain

glad you are feelng a bit better about things.

once you are fully in ketosis the hunger goes and it really is easy, honest (its what comes after that is hard, so enjoy the freedom of abstinence lol)

daisy x

daisy x
You are SO RIGHT Daisy !


Determined to succeed
Hi Hanmac. Good luck for your journey. You will be amazed at how quickly foundation flies back. I finish next wednesday night and move on to become a developer. At the start i dont think i ever really believed i would make it through 100 days of abstinence - but now i am so motivated to carry on and get to my goal and become fit, healthy and start to live life instead of merely existing. You go girl - you can do it.

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