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Feeling really down

Almost lapsed yesterday, my weight is going up on my scales and it's left me feeling really de motivated :( I'm sticking to this to the letter and have no idea why I would be gaining :(.

Can having the bar's affect your loss as this has only been happening since I started with those?

Emma xXx
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Keep your head up, Em.

Weight does fluctuate (especially women's) and water is the main constituent and it is peed out as quick as it goes on so do not worry. It is iompossible not to lose weight if you stick to plan.

The bars are extremely unlikely to affect your weightloss, but they are a tad more calorific. Just stick with it - lots of positive thought - re-read your manuals/books and get out for some fresh air.

Good Luck!
Thanks for the replys I guess the way I'm feeling is my own fault i'm a bit obsessive about weighing, my husband has taken my scales to work with him lol. I'm drinking 2l a day on average plus whats in my shakes/soups/savoury drinks. Is that enough?

Emma xXx
Oh also I do walk at least 2hrs a day (I have to do this though as it's the school run and I don't drive). Could this be affecting it too?

Thanks ls will up my water and try to go easy with the walking, it's hard though even after losing only 12lbs I feel much lighter and am naturally walking a lot faster which obviously I'm pleased that I feel I can but will def try to slow myself down a bit :).

Emma xXx


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I walked for 2 hours a day most days and found I had a slow loss the first week and after that it was back to normal.

Hang in there and chin up. If you stick to it it will work.


nearly there!! :)
u didnt lapse hunni which is an achievement in itself.
u honestly cannot have put up weight if ur sticking to it, but with the amount ur walkingid say try upping the water as much as poss.

i weigh myself on my wii fit on a wed morning before wi, and again on a sat morning. on the wed morning the weight is identical to my llc but this for me is an unoffical wi i just do it to record the bmi etc.
on the sat u can be guaranteed im heavier than the wed wi, so that would mean instead of loosing anything in 4days ive actually put up weight...

now im on this diet 11 weeks this week, and this has been my routine since the start and not once yet have i put on weight or sts (fingers crossed i dont jinx myself lol).

chin up hunni ur doing brill xxx


Fighting Demons....
Oh Emma, I'm sorry you're feeling demotivated. But like Catz said, the point there that you aren't holding on to is the fact that you DIDN'T lapse. That there is totally reason to be happy. My scales are always going up and down, so the only one that I pay attention to is the LL scales. That is at the same time every week so I know what status I am at per week. It's got to be how you feel and you have said that you feel lighter, so who cares what the scales say? It's just a number! And it might not even be an accurate one!!

B x
Hi thanks girls :) feeling a little better this afternoon I am proud I didn't lapse it's just that surviving on these is fine I like them but I NEED to see weight loss, just thinking I often make my shakes into a really thick custardy/deserty mixture instead of a shake could this affect anything? God I'm clutching at straws here aren't I lol?



Silver Member
Heehee yes I doubt that the shakes in any form could be holding you back.

If your profile is correct you have lost 12lbs in 9 days...mmm more than a lb a day. Not bad don't you think ;)

Nothing is ever going to taste as good as seeing yourself in a mirror a few months from now and going OMG is that me.
I know tange I guess I'm just impatient :p. Just been reading the article on water consumption and I've come to the conclusion that I should be drinking at least 2 more litres with the amount of activity I do.

I think I would have given in if it wasn't for this site you girls (and guys) are always about with loads of help and brilliant info, thank you :)

Emma xXx
Well done on sticking to it! Everyone is saying the same thing and they're probably right. You lose more water the more activity you do and you probably lose about 2 litres of water walking for 2 hours.

So you're back to zero before you even think about drinking more! I generally found that I have had better losses in the weeks I've drunk more (4-6 litres). I do exercise most days so this makes up for any water loss during activity.

I've experiemented with various things and here's what I've found:

Having bars makes no difference to weight loss. They help give me a little more energy at the gym though.

Not drinking enough fluid gave me poor weight losses.

Not having ALL MY PACKS every day made me lose less (one week I only had two packs a day most days- and I only lost 1lb!)

On the days I get weighed if I don't drink enough I don't lose as much (keep that water wheel going!)

I cooked two of my packs a day (crisps!) so made up for the loss of fluid with extra water.

In the weeks I exercised a lot more I didn't lose as much. But i DID feel so much better mood wise. Plus my inches went down quicker.

If you can get through the first few weeks and stick to it you'll get right to the end I'm sure. Some weeks you do all you can but it makes no difference on the scales.

Some weeks I even put on weight!!

I never lapsed during abstinence and development and now realise that week to week doesn't matter. It all adds up in the end. And feel so damn good!

REALLY well done for sticking to it. Even going off track a little can have a big impact both physically and psychologically.
You're doing brilliantly. It all adds up in the end. That's my mantra!!

All the best xx

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