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Feeling really happy


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It only just struck me today, but I'm feeling really proud of myself! I had a really busy weekend with friends; now that exams are over and it's summer they always want to go out! We went to the park and then to the cinema and whilst they were munching, I just bought a 1.5 litre bottle of water to enjoy with the film! It was nice to realise that you don't have to eat to enjoy yourself, although I never realised how integral to life food was. I'm really pleased with this, as I've found this week harder as I've gone off most of the flavours, so that has been difficult not because I'm hungry, just because it's harder to force down. Never did I think I'd be able to do SS; out of my 18 years in life, this is definitely one of my biggest challenges :)
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Well done hon, thats an amazing achievement it really is!! Especially whilst surrounded with friends munching away! Also in the cinema it must be hard too! BUT you succeeded so Well done you!! and before you know it your going to be SLIM SLIM SLIM!! and its soooo worth it which you know!
Keep smiling hon your doing fab x


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Well done hunnie! It's great when you start feeling happier and better within yourself. I too never thought i'd do ss and you're right it is a challenge!!!

I'm similar in that I also only like very limited flavours. I detest ALL the soups, and only seem to like strawberry and choc tetra's and choc and choc mint shakes. Not that I'm a chocoholic or anything.......

It's bizarre how we all have different likes and dislikes. I hope you manage to find it easier soon, I found for me it has become more like 'routine' rather than a 'meal time'.

Oooh and Well done on your weight losses so far!

Hugs x x x


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Thanks Emma, you've done so well too!
It's weird because I liked most of the flavours in the first week but now I don't. I'm, too, trying to see it as more of a special type of medicine rather than meal ;) I'll probably try the tetras as they're smaller and so I'd probably be able to handle them better xx


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The tetra's tend to be quite thick. I actually add water to them, with crushed ice and it is lush!
I also put them in the freezer and have ice cream - which was a real god send during the heat wave!

Enjoy x x x


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Thanks for the tip Emma :)

Eternalflame thanks for the support and kind words. I never thought I'd manage a day let alone 2 weeks x
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You are doing really well, keep up the good work.

i know what you mean re going off the shakes. I'm on week 13 and this has been my hardest time with drinking the shakes I am forcing them down so much so I am feeling very sick afterwards for about half an hour then it passes. If it does get to the point where I am hughy then I will need to re-think.

Hope all is well.



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Thanks Mrs Scoffalot! I've limited myself to 1 shake a day, 1 soup and a porridge. I think it helps as I do not think I could have 3 shakes a day. Mind you, I only like 2 of the soups. xx


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You are more then welcome hun. Just an idea, try mixing the shakes, ie,, half a choc with half bananna, half Cappacino with half choc? Sometimes variety and knowing you have more flavours that way, might make you feel like you have more choice too. I had the bars from week 1, so I would see if you can add them now as well. I put mine in the freezer for late in the eve, after my ss+ 200 (started ss+ on week 3) meal, I have that as afters, cut it up into about 20 small pieces and munch on them. Also, sometimes good idea to split your shakes, add more water to half of it, so its thinner and more ice to thicken it.. then have the other half late at night? xxx


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Thanks eternalflame; I'm definitely going to have a go at splitting my shakes. I think because I have my last shake at 10pm the idea of having it so late and so much makes me feel a bit queezy. So maybe having less to drink then will help :) Thanks for the advice, will definitely try mixing them too x
well done on your losses and keep you chin up, it's a difficult diet at times (not always :) ) but so worth it so far :) You've done brilliantly already by just being able to go out and still stick to it :) good luck :)

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