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Feeling really low today :(


Slowly but surely!
Hi All

Ive actually been feeling low since monday, ive gone off my shakes and am struggling to drink them and have craved food so much every evening ive gone to bed a stupid oclock. I thought the 2nd week would be so much easier. It may have something to do with me missing exercise but I feel too weak to do any, and also that im having my first full blown period since I got the coil over a year ago :cry: I feel like giving up but I cant I really need to do this, not only for me but for my babies! :cry:
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not on your diet but just wanted to say stick with you can do it for you and the kids and it is worth it in the end go and treat yourself go for a walk of buy a nice mag from the shop x


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Awww Hun~! Hugs! When I did this the first time I felt crap (and hungry) for the first 2 full weeks. Then in week 3 the energy kicked in for 2 weeks and then it was gone again for the duration (ie another 4 weeks). But I just opperated within what I felt my limits were. If that meant no exercise till I finished LT then so be it. Once I took this pressure off myself I felt a lot better.

Hang in there. You are over one third of the way to target. As you get lighter you will find exercise easier. You are doing so well!
I know what you mean. I am having a bad day too, sick of feeling hungry, bored of drinking shakes and fed up of feeling tired. I have my third weigh in on friday and i know i shouldnt weigh myself everyday but i do and so far i have only lost 2 pounds :( That said i am going to keep going, MummyEm try to keep positive, you have done so well so far. Just try to take each day as it comes.

cawisu xx
Please dont give up! Ive been on LT for 7 weeks and I still feel the urge to eat now and again. We're only human and with so many temptations around i.e. easter eggs, Mcdonalds.. all the food programmes on TV, its no wonder!

Ive lost weight every week, not huge losses but more than I would have on SW or WW. The shakes fit in with my busy job and Ive never felt so well.

Just think about the summer coming soon!


Slowly but surely!
How many babies so you have MummyEm? I work with mums & babies so if you've any problems, just let me know x
My son is 1 and my daughter is 3, not really babies but they will always be my babies :)


Slowly but surely!
Even if you have little energy.. go for a walk.. always good to do a little exercise.. then it'll gradually get more and more and you'll start feeling full of energy
I used to love exercise before LT I have a sky walker and I did half hour a day, also went to Aquatone twice a week, but I dont feel like id have the strength on this diet, im going to start out small and do some Wii Fit for a few days then see how I feel next week, thanks hun :)


It really does work! :)
MummyEm, I know what you mean regarding the crap feeling and lack of energy. I've had that and it comes and goes. I used to enjoy doing weights, but I daren't pick one up at the moment for fear of dropping it on me! lol

I'm trying to do a little walking when I can (spend most my time on my backside behind a desk at work). The last few days I've been working at home in my office upstairs, so instead of topping my water up in the bathroom, I've been running (literally) downstairs and back up after filling it. It's not much, but as they say for tesco, every little helps! :)

Stick with it, it will be worth the pain in the end.


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Aw mummyem - sorry your not feeling to great at the minute :(
Everybody gets down you just have to push through it and think of the end result and how amazing you are going to look at the end :)

Hope you feel better soon xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Im sorry chick!! Hope your feeling better soon!!

Do you drink coffee??
Sorry to hear you're not feeling great. Do hang in there - you know that it will all be worth it in the end. Good advice to go out for a walk or something - even Doctors are now prescribing that instead of anti-depressants! Try not to think of food. Do some housekeeping or shopping or come on the forum and chat to people. Just try not to give in to your cravings. You don't need the food, you just want it! That's why we're all here in the first place!! We ARE all human, and this is a really difficult plan to follow but I'm sure with all the support, encouragement and love on this forum we can help you through your difficult days and share your highs with you too! You'll see - tomorrow will be a better and brighter day. Good luck x
I didnt start exercising until I had done about 3 weeks on lipotrim, the energy had fully kicked in then, and I feel great. Keep at it, just persevere another week or so and you will look back on how you feel today and think "thank god I didnt give in". You can do it hun. Try and give yourself some 'me' time, nice soak in the bath, or buy some new body lotion or something, just a little treat, doesnt have to cost a fortune.
Sorry to hear your down. I honestly think you should stick with it for a little while longer. I have been on this diet for over three months and I still feel like eating everything under the sun. But


Slowly but surely!
Thanks everyone I am not going to give up im even sat here not fazed but my kids pizza lol I just get stressed so easy lately and miss my exercise, im going to go for a walk once kids are in bed. Im also upset because with all the weight I have already lost I still havent dropped a dress size, my clothes are loose but I thought I would have by now :( oh well another few weeks and ill try again.

I dont know what id do without you guys thank you :) x
hey honey, dont worry about the dropping size thing. I didnt drop any sizes until last month. Its taken 3 months for me to drop 2 dress sizes. You may not feel it at the moment but the fact that your clothes are a lot looser on you is a great sign. Next time you go shopping try on a size smaller than what you are right now and see how well that fits... it will be a good incentive for you to carry on. what do you think? I honestly didnt think I had dropped any dress sizes until the other day!

You should definitely go for a walk later, i think it will make you feel better. Maybe you could even get yourself some work out dvds. if you do these at home it might be easier for you to just stop and sit down if you feel too weak. Thats how I started off anyway, id do something for about 10 mins and then built myself up from that. Now Im going gym 5 times a week :) xx

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