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feeling really sickly ??

The reduced appetite could be down to being in ketosis, especially if you've had any other of the symptoms.

As for the sickly feeling, have u made sure to have all ur greens using most ur carbs on vegs? Make sure you're drinking enough water too
Cheers clare it maybe I've not had as much veggies but I can just about eat half my tea and start feeling sickly and It lasts all day ! I drink loads of water nothing else I never drank tea or coffee before I started this anyway x I may try upping the water intake though see how I get on x x I do still get a slightly metaly taste every now n then but it's not there all the time like it was whenu 1st started x
Morning Shelly, how are you this morning. Are you taking any vitamin supplements?
Hola jim I feel ok this morning as I usually do it's just after I have my final meal I'm taking vits c and multi vita vit bcomplex and pysillium husks I don't understand it o get half way through my tea and feel sick as a dog for the rest of the night ! How r u this lovely windy day lol
Hi Shelly,

That's odd about the sickness. Maybe try eating your main meal at lunchtime and have something lighter
in the evening maybe.

Yes, it's damned windy here as well love.
I k ow it's weird I feel fine until I've ate half my tea and I've really got no appitite after my lunch like I'm really full ! I'll try having a bigger lunch ! Cheers jim

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