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Feeling sick on day 3

hi FNM depends lots of people get different feelings. I was sick all day saturday is it makingyou feel ill after a shake or soup? mine was the broc and cheese soup and the leak and potato.


Slimming for my children
just the thought of the soups at the moment is turning my stomach. I had the butterscotch one this morning at about 7.10am and its only just come over me within the last half hour.

This is day 7 for me, I have felt ill a few times over the past week, but usually after a bottle of water it passes. Why don't you have a chat with your CDC?

Stick with it!
Susan x
Stick with it


I am just on day one of week two. Felt absolutely dreadful for the first 3 days and a bit better on day 4, from day 5 onwards felt better and better and now feel absolutely fantastic.

The first time I felt really sick was early morning of day 2, I had a shake before i'd had any water and instantly I was struck with stomach cramps and nausea. Still drank tons of water and forced the packs down but on the night after work when I felt a bit better. I think the trick is while you're getting used to it to make sure you don't have anything without water in your system first to dilute the minerals as it is a big shock for your body to be getting so many in such a concentrated form all at once.

As I say only day 8 for me so i'm no expert but thought if it helped me it may help you too.

Stay positive and don't let it beat you!

Hope you feel better soon.
hugs FNM, I was sick as a dog on day 1 but I had got up with a migraine that morning (was determined to press on regardless of the migraine!). I stuck to just water for quite a while until the migraine had gone and my tum had settled and all was well.
Hey FNM,

The soups make me sick too so I am just sticking to shakes...hope you feel better soon *hugs*

People usually say once you get by day 3 it gets easier, so hang on in there and keep drinking lots of water. Sometimes I can feel a bit bloated after soup/shake but it disappears after a while. Just stay positive and it will pass. Hope you feel better soon.

becky x ;)


Totally Focused
Get well soon! If it is the sickness bug, just stick to water - as much as you can tolerate - for 12 hours before you try anything else or it will just keep going! I tend to have my first shake at lunch time and have about 2 litres of water in the morning so I can keep something for the evening. I haven't been hungry at all as the water is so filling and I haven't felt sick or had headaches.
I feel for you!


Slimming for my children
Hi all.
I called my CDC and she said to not do the diet until i feel better. I havent felt like i want to eat so havent but cant even hold down water. My fiance got home and when i got up to kiss him he grabbed hold of me and was shocked at how ill i was and its only now that i have sneaked on the net that hes allowed me to get up. My eyes are all puffy and around them they are beetroot red! :( plus i look like a ghost. But yet he still says i am beautiful lol. hes blind!

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