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Feeling sick with the bars?


Wants to be a yummy mummy
When I did Cambridge last time I tried a peanut bar and it made me so so sick (literally).. I mentioned this to my CDC and she offered for me to try some of the other flavours and (bless her!) promptly cut a slice off the malt toffee, caramel, chocolate and orange.. I was fine with all of these so bought a lot of the caramel and the chocolate flavours..

I tried the caramel one yesterday and had to stop half way through because I was starting to feel really sick..

Does this happen to anyone else? I was quite looking forward to eating the bars too!
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How long have you been on the diet? If you've just started I'd say wait until you've been on the diet two weeks and try again. Your tastes can change so much while your on the diet- bars I didn't like when I first tried them I love now!
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I've not had it while eating but I have had some nausea (which is a common side effect) at times which passes after about an hour. Everything I've read about side effects says it usually passes after the first 2-3 weeks so fingers crossed your experience is a similar one and could be triggered by the chewing action rather than the bars?



Wants to be a yummy mummy
I've been on it for 10 weeks now! I've always done ss+ too so used to eating a meal.. The same happened last time I did cambridge when I had a peanut one too, guess they might just be too rich for me!
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Must be something in them that just doesn't agree with you then hon.


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Hiya, I had the same reaction with the tetras when I first tried them, and my CDC said it was because of the concentration of vitamins and minerals in them, and to drink water inbetween the sips of the shake. With the bars, I haven't actually experienced nausea, but I put mine in the fridge, then cut it up into 10 - 12 pieces and spread it out through the day. I also agree what the others said. Your body needs to get used to the products. Maybe give it a week or so, then try again?
Good luck.:)
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Hi all

bear in mind you dont have to have the bars you can have just as good result with just the soups and shakes... however you do get used to them and should always drink an extra glass of water with the bars... and only one per day


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Your not alone!! I also have a real issue with the bars, after getting all excited about getting a choc fix i couldn;t believe my body wanted rid of this awful brown concoction wrapped up like a willy wonka bar, i have since tried all flavours to no avail.
Then i had a breakthrough and 3 weeks ago tried the cranberry crunch bar and bingo it was delicious!!
Good luck


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Glad it's not just me!

I tried the chocolate bar tonight, I didn't react so badly but uck I feel really really really sick....

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