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feeling sicky on certain soups and bars


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Its my 5th wk and since the weather has got warmer I have discovered that all the chewy bars are really difficult to eat they are making me gag and the soup is making me feel sick too. I have ordered all cranberry bars for next wk and the only 2 flavours that I can stomach (oriental chilli and Veg).

Has anyone else felt like this? I know I should eat all my bars and soups but its making me feel so sick I could manage to finish them. I now feel rather dizzy cant wait til tomorrow to get my order.
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Hrm....maybe your taste buds are changing...maybe you should try a few of the flavours you thought you didn't like before..might be different now that you're into the diet and the weather is getting nicer?

have you tried the recipes...there is a sticky at the top of the forum.

Get eating the stuff.....sorry it's making you feel yuk but you need the vits and minerals!!



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This happened to me about 4 weeks into the diet. I found out I would gag at the thought of the soups and the bars. Now each week I generally just have tetras and shakes and occassionally get some soups as an extra to keep asside should I ever get a craving for something savory during the week.

The first week I gave up on the soups I shouldnt have but did get a pot of cottage cheese (low fat) and kept it in the fridge as if I got really really despirate id rather have had that (being an AAM food) than grab the first thing I could in the fridge. I found it fine though and ended up giving the dog the cottage cheese just before the expiry date.

Good luck!
Oh I'm glad it's not just me!! I started off fine - didn't like some of the flavous but enjoyed the vegetable soup and liked all the shakes except butterscotch but suddenly I don't like anything any more!!

I've gone right off the soups and a lot of the shakes. They all taste powdery and chemically which I never thought before. I wonder if it's something to do with the tetras - I've had Chocolate tetras for the first time and much prefer them.

Is it okay to live on tetras alone??


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You can have as many tetras as you like (well upto the 3/4 meals a day). I generally have 2 a day and either chocolate, strawberry or vanilla shakes for the other 2. I could quite easily just have 4 tetras a day. Just a shame they cost more than the sachets.
I think you can but they are higher in cals than the rest so be careful


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Try adding some dried herbs to the soup - chives and coriander leaf make a huge difference to the taste of the Thai Chilli. Also the chick & veg are great as crisps. I sometimes split my vanilla into 2 coffees, drink 5 - 6 l of water throughout the day and then make a pack of crisps and a pack of soup - really satisfying. SOMETIMES I also have half a bar later afta the soups (which is still less than 500cals per day). I dont feel hungry xxx
Oh I wish I could make crisps! I'm sure if I could then that would help but I can't seem to do it!!

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