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feeling so down and miserable


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This is a self pitying post so please forgive me. Ive been on sw for 5 days, im doing EE and my weight is half a pound up from the day i started. I do go to class but also get on my own scales (its stupid i know, my hub goes mad at me cos every time i get on i get down). I know im not meant to, but the scales are accurate and i weigh at the same time every day so know they are right.

Its a pointless post really but ive stuck to it rigidly i believe and im not seeing a result. I know its early days but this was my biggest fear with sw, my body doesnt usually do great with carbs and i have been having quite a lot. I know i could stop eating so many carbs but i wanted to follow it like everyone else does as i love the diet and the simplicity and ease it brings with it. I dont eat bread but have been having jackets around once a day, sometimes less.

I really really want to stay on it, its a great "diet" and i would be chuffed to bits if my weigh in on Thurs even brought a pound loss, something tells me its not going to happen and i just feel miserable. I have over 3 stone to lose (have lost 4 stone by various other methods in the last year). So tired of getting no where lately.

Sorry for the truely hideous post, i just needed to get it down i think.
thanks for listening
Katy x
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Kate it could be muscle, water, time of the month or the general shifting around that our bodies seem to do as they adjust. You know yourself not to get on the scales but we do it because it's great when they show a loss. :bliss:

Stick with it and go monthly weigh in checks, you'll spot the loss then. Oh and waistbands don't lie (more's the pity!). ;) All the best. :D


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Hi Tickle Kate! I really do sympathise i find it so hard to lose weight at the moment, i have never struggled like i am now, i guess i am paying for yo yoing!!!

I have done ww and sw and am currently doing Rosemary conley (Calories/low fat) I am finding i am more successful at the mo on rc and i put this down to portion sizes. I am afraid i was given a green light on ee and found myself eating nearly all day on the free foods and having big plates of salad and pasta. I think because my portions are controlled ie: not unlimited, i have been doing a bit better. Maybe look at your portion sizes.

Please dont give up, some people can put weight on the first week because when we say we are going on a diet we tend to spend the days leading up to it eating everything and anything and maybe its just caught up with you. I am alos a big water fan. drink plenty of water, re read your books and i am sure you will be ok.


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S: 17st2lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 4st7lb(26.25%)
Thank you ladies for replying.

I know it could be several factors, i guess i just have to be patient.

I have found myself wondering if it is the diet for me j70joj so thanks for your input, ive done RC too and have been on and off WW most of my adult life! I do find that the losses on WW are good, around 1-2 a week (good for me) if i stick to it. Its the sticking to it which i struggle with! Ive stuck to SW like a dream, ive not found it too difficult to be honest. Just seems too good to be true but im just gona have to buck my ideas up and stop whining and see what thur brings

thanks agen girlies :)


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Honestly, 5 days isn't long enough to know if a diet is working for you - you need to do it for a minimum of 4 weeks to account for hormonal changes. Any even if your scales are accurate, there really is no point in weighing yourself every day because your weight fluctuates naturally from day to day by as much as 7lbs. So what you're seeing on the scales just now doesn't bear any relation to what you will see on your official WI day. So give yourself the best gift that a slimmer can give themselves - get your OH to lock away the scales. You know they only mess with your mind so why sabotage yourself and make losing weight even more difficult than it already is?
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Are you making sure you're having 1/3 superfree food with your meals? Are you drinking enough water?

Remember this isn't a quick fix diet, this is a long term healthy eating plan.

You really can't go off what your scales are telling you, the only WI which is official is the one at class.

SW does work, have a chat with your C at your next WI.

Or you can post your food diary on here, people will look & let you know how you're doing.

Don't give up it does work;)


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Firstly (((HUGS)))
Secondly - STOP!!! If you're weighing in at class once a week throw the deadly scales out, take the batteries out, or get hubby to hide them so you CAN'T take a sneaky peek!! Scale hopping is DEADLY to a dieter - it can take you from feeling in a positive mood to feeling as if you should throw in the towel. PLEASE don't jump on the scales until weigh in day. Your body weight will fluctuate from day to day due to numerous things, water retention, what you've eaten the day before that hasn't yet made it through your intestine, time of the month.....it all has its effect on a daily basis, so weighing in more than once a week will give you a false reading anyway. Also it depends on what kinds of food and the amount of food you were eating 'before' you started the diet. If you weren't eating much then your body is probably still catching up to the fact that you're now eating more, but healthier options. If you were eating loads then your body is probably panicking about the fact that you're now eating less and is holding onto it. It WILL catch up, but you need to give it more than a few days.

You've said you're following EE. Well i don't know about everyone but quite a few of my friends who do slimming world (me included) have found that when following EE their losses slow down or stop altogether, i know thats not the case for everyone, but i know if i do EE or have lots of carb filled green days then I'm likely to STS. I generally only have 2 green days a week as i find i feel better and lose more when the majority of my days are red ones.
Make sure you're drinking enough water - especially when its hot - otherwise your body is likely to be holding onto what you are taking in and upping your water retention.
And make sure you're making the most of the super free foods! Its all too easy when you've been on diets before to think that you can't possibly lose weight eating what you are and to cut back, but that will have the opposite effect. remember its not how much you eat but what you eat.

......AND RELAX.......lol
Stick with it, don't weigh in until weigh in day and if you're not happy with the result go for a few red days and see what happens. Don't lose hope. This diet DOES work. And remember its not just about losing weight, you're making far healthier choices with regards to your diet and that WILL be doing you some good even if you don't see it on the scales.
(((HUGS))) xxxx


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S: 18st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.15%)
Oh and i used to be a serial scale hopper but i found a way to combat it (other than throwing them away! lol), I keep a very large glass of water next to my bed when i go to sleep and the second i wake up in the morning i down it. Knowing how difference that one glass could make to what the scales say, i then don't bother jumping on the scales as it wouldn't be a correct reading anyway. Give it a go. xx
I was going to say that the C's do say a 4 week cycle id whats needed to see the results as your body needs time to adjust to the plan - also if you have been doing several different diets, then your body may take some adjusting to the new one:)

I also agree that EE isn't suitable to everyone - myself, I have never tried it, only ever done red & green days - maybe you might want to try a few days like this??? I certainly don't miss out on carbs on red days as 198g of new pots in skins is plenty!

AND - you never know - you may get a nice loss on Thursday anyway :)


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Hi girls

Thanks so much, its so nice that people take the time to reply when it was such a negative post anyway, i thought everyone would just tell me to get a grip!

I was faffing around with all kinds of diets before i started sw, the last one i did was a meal replacement diet similar to cambridge for 3 days before i started sw. So i lost all my water weight before i started sw i guess. So what do i expect? My head expects no loss, my heart still wants one :confused:.

I have definately considered more red days are most likely to be neccessary, thats still okay tho, i can get my head round that.

GOT to get a grip, im being ridiculus! Hubby has hidden the scales bless him, hes so supportive, hes in the kitchen cutting my watermelon up for tomorrows snacks. I like the idea of posting my food diary, will def do that tomoro.

Water, i do try, but usually only manage 1.5- 2 pints a day, not enough i know. I do drink weak tea etc as well but never as good as the old H2O i know.

Ive been careful to try and do my superfree foods as much as possible, ive achieved it on all but one meal.

Trouble is with me when im not losing it becomes all encompassing in my brain and i cant think of anything else grrr :sigh:

Gonna wake up fresh tomorro and give this way of eating some time :p

thanks again for all your support, its tremendous

I started out on EE but have veered more towards red because I know its carbs that stick on me. Like the others have said, dont worry after one week, you may find that its the second week that you really notice a difference. Stick with it and you WILL see results.


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Hi hun! Try not to get too down about it. In my first week on SW I only lost 0.5lb, then in the second week I lost 3.5lb. Stick with it...it will be worth it in the end. I tend to do all EE as it fits in with what I like to eat, but it might be worth trying some red or green days :) xx

Mrs V

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Some fantastix advice alreasy given on here Hun, but I didnt want to just read and leave!
Your OH sounds great for hiding the scales bless him! The others are right, your mood can so easily be swayed by what those digits tell you and it is so not worth it!
We all have moments when we feel down and we all certainly have hang ups about the weight losses. Mine has gone to 1lb a week on average and at first I was really angry about it, but then I thought..its still coming off, my body shape is changing - today I am wearing a size 14 skirt and a size 10 top...not bad for someone that was a size 28/30.
It will come off, just vary what you eat and drink that water!


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