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feeling so fed up

:help2:hi guy s
big kick up thr rear is needed after having a terrible weekend of eating and drinking, and putting on 3lb i feel awful my heads in pieces ,i drunk loads of water yesterday to try and get things going again only to get on the scales this morning to find they haven t budged ,all my motivation seems to have upped and gone, i m gonna try really hard to get it back again (i need too)

why have i done this to my self
feel like i ve really let myself down, don t even want to go and get myself weighed tomorrow
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Oh Jo,:grouphugg:

You say your eating and drinking was at the weekend? Does that mean you stuck to plan yesterday?

You were doing so well. Please dont undo all your hard work. Any weight you have gained will be water so if you get back to it you can reverse the damage before it gets out of hand. so, today is a new day. Just focus on getting through today. Drinnk your water and stick to your packs and do not eat anything - even if that means going to bed at 6pm to cope with the hunger. Then do the same tomorrow. The third day you should be back in ketosis and start finding it a bit easier.

No one can do this for you Jo. If you want it bad enough you will succeed.
hi wl8s i stuck to it yesterday and have done my first litre this morning already i m gonna try really hard my mums coming through for the day so she ll keep me on the straight and narrow


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Its really hard , everyday i think i'll add some food and i tell my partner that i will he said keep going as you are on the 3 shakes until i reach week 4 then add a meal week , i try to talk myself out of this diet cos its hard some days ... but i talk to him and i carry on ... i know by eating like last time it will put me back like last time i really had a job to get back to the 3 shakes aday ... i'm hanging it out day by day come what may ... Hope you get right back in there girl


a bit different everyday
once you get back into ketosis you will feel much better !
just give yourself a day or 2 to get fully into it and you will feel that old determination coming back
it happened to me when i drank some vodka, I knocked myself out of ketosis and felt like throwing the whole blumin diet out the window, but managed to get back into ketosis and have gone on to lose another 3 stones since
it can be done
good luck
nat x


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Jo you are doing well..just put the weekend behind you. It is not easy I know but, you have done so well. Keep going girl it will be worth it and you will feel so chuffed with yourself for being stong and not giving.
Keep posting, it really does help. Anytime you feel like that then come to Minimins and we will be here to help you through.
(((hugs))) to you.
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Morning joanne,1st of all sending u a :hug99:, now the weekend has happend babe draw a huge line under it we are all human and we all make mistakes from time to time. A huge big well done for gettin staight back up on the wagon yesterday:), just take it hour by hour day by day you no full this diet works babe and u no u can do it to so stay strong stay positive drink loads of the :tear_drop::tear_drop: and keep coming in the daily thread babe u no we all there for u to kick butt if need be!! lol. if u like u can pm me add me to msn if u have it aswell babe. YOU can do this babe:)


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Im glad to hear you got through yesterday. Just do the same today and forget about the weekend. The only thing you need to remember is how crap you feel for putting 3lb back on and that will hopefully stop you eating next time. I really hope you can get back into it as you were doing so so well.


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Hi Joanne

I'm so sorry that the dreaded scales are not playing ball with you this morning. I am in exactly the same position. I went a bit off plan at the weekend was 2lbs up yesterday but had a fantastic day. It was bloody hard but I stuck to my 3 packs plus 4litres of water only to find that I am another pound up this morning.

As pissed off as I am we cannot let this get to us. All we can do is remember how we felt yesterday on seeing the scales, how we feel today and use it to our advantage to keep us on the plan from now on.

I dont know about you but the food and drink I had was not worth the dissappointment and regret I feel now. We have to put the weekend behind us and get on with the job in hand and in a few days we will be back on track.

You really are doing very well dont throw all your hard work away.

I'll check in with you later.



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Keep at it, wont take you long to get bck in to ketosis then you will feel much better again. We all have blips so you're not the only one. The main thing is we sort ourselves out and get moving again.

The week before last I picked too for 4 days and gained 2.5lbs. Ive been back on the straight and narrow now all this week and am determined now to keep going. Putting that weight back on really annoyed me and made me realise its so not worth it to do it again.
Hmmm .... sounds like you girlies need to stop the scale hopping!!

Getting on the scales every morning for me sets the tone of my day. A loss = a good day, and gain = self sabotage. May I suggest that you stay off the scales for the next few days, then you will be pleasantly surprised when you get on at the end of the week and see the 3lbs off and maybe some more too!

Sometimes when we weigh ourselves in the morning after drinking a large volume of fluids during the previous day (and especially late at night), our early morning weight still has some of that excess water weight in it. I find that I need to weigh myself 1 hourish after getting up (and having had several pee stops).

Stick to it guys, you know it works and food does suck-so move on and get back into your stride.

Best of luck chicks xx
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Hi hun, you may have had a bad weekend but on the upside you have done really brilliantly up until then and had a good day yesterday. So by my mathematics the good far outweighs the bad. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

thanks guys feeling more positive now had a good day so far only had one pack and about 3 litres of water, you guys are great

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