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Feeling so hungry!!!! :(

Morning, not long been up just couldn't get out of bed!!! Went to bed with a major head ache and woke up with a major head ache :( gone now tho thank god!!! Just having a nice black coffee actually enjoying it.

Feel so much better today much more positive and feel as tho I can do this YAY!!! Even tho it's not even lunch time haha x c
Thanks!! Yea feel great not even thinking about food, where as yesterday it's all I cud think about!! So glad I'm bk into it, yesterday I was thinking I wasn't goin to beable to do it amazing how just over night I feel totally different!!

Was also wondering if wen u have coffee does that count as part of u water intake??

How long do u plan on bein on the diet?? All the support u get on here helps so much!! I think I prop wud have givin in yesterday if it wasn't for comin on here :) x x
I'm addicted to this site lol, yea did make sense I have been weeing up and down all night haha. That's the same as wot I wud like to lose!!! 3 1/2 stone sounds so much just hope it's do able by the 14 th of august!!
Want to be able to look at least half decent in a bikin lol x x
How long have u been on the diet so far?? X x
And are u feelin it's alot easier after a week?? I'm sure It must speed it up a little at least as exercising u will be burning of calories?? And burning fat??? I plan to start my exercise DVD once aday wen I start feelin less tired. Lol

How much have u lost so far?? X x
Go you!!! 8lb that's great :) hope my loss will be high after my first week!!! I'm sure ur hunger will pass by tomoro!! Everyone must have bad days, u will be fine :) I'm goin to do the same have a nice hot bubble bath then mayb paint my nails and have another early night haha x x

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