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feeling so sick


Is a loser! ;-)
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Hiya all, I'm feelibg so sick with these shakes. They are making me gag and even the though of them makes my stomach turn! What do you suggest? I only like the strawberry (well LIKED) and I water them down with 300 mls water. Just keep nearlly beibg sick!
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Aww bless you!! It sounds like you have got yourself into a bit of a negative mindset about them and the dread of them is making them taste a lot worse than they do! I feel the same about vanilla. Blegh. So anyway, have u ever done chocolate slim fast?? Cuz for me, I whizz up a chocolate shake with less water than your meant to use, with 3 ice cubes and whizz until it's really frothy. And it tastes like a yummier, more chocolatey slim fast. And it's bloomin lovely!! Also I mixed half a choc with half a vanilla also whizzed up with a hand blender and ice and a straw... YUM!!! Make sure u use really cold water and mix it really well cuz I can't stand the powdery taste you sometimes get and now only use the shaker for when I'm out!! If u use a straw you can drink it into the back of your mouth and u won't taste it as much????
Hope it gets better for you hun, perhaps just adjusting how u make them may make a difference xx


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when i did lipotrim many years ago i could not stomach the shakes... but just used to make it up really quick and literally hold my nose and throw it down in one second.... probably not the best solution but if you just try and focus on something else and drink it superfast, its gone in a sec... i used to make it with less water, so there was less to drink?! Funny now i actually look forward to the shake coz im hungry!!!! Amazin what hunger will do for ya!!!! Stick with it and stay strong!!!


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I've just started today and also only like the strawberry, don't think it helps that there is no variety, not really got any suggestions but your doing so well keep it up!


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i normally knock the shake back in one go, although the taste doesn't bother me much anymore. Stick it out and im sure it will get easier :) x


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Awww, what is it that you dont like? The texture? The flavour? the sweetness (or lack of), the chalk feeling??

I mix mine up in a blender but to avoid it getting warm I whizz it once and let it stand for 2 mins, then I whizz it again and that way the chalk feeling vanishes and I have a really cold shake... I also sometimes use 1 or 2 sweeteners depending on the sweet tooth and I absolutey LOVE my shakes..! (apart from vanilla which I could take or leave tbh)..... I drink in a pint glass with a straw and I always make them bigger than they should be too - that way I find the water intake slightly easier and I get more full up...

hang in there, i have no other suggestions hun :( .. you CAN do this!!! xxx

Jessie 888

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Try mixing it with 350 or 400ml of water from the fridge. It really dilutes the flavour. The straw idea also helps a lot! Stick with it, hun. x ;)

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Poor pet. I went through phases of hating the shakes. Grin and bear it. Think of it as medicine and just knock it back. I made mine with ice and used a hand blender to mix it. Use a straw too as this will get the liquid past your taste buds in your tongue.
It will pass and you will get to like them again.

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