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feeling soooo hungry

Hi everyone,

Despite being total 100% on CD for nearly 3 weeks and for the past 2 days i've been completely starving. I'm obviously well in ketosis. have just finished TOTM, which didnt seem to have any effect on me??? and drinking 3-4 litres a day. not constipated so I dont understand! just spoke to my CDC and she said I should try a SS+ meal tonight which I will do. But will this mean my weight loss will be slower if i'm having an extra 200cals? does anyone have any idea why the hell I've suddenly developed hunger? My stomach also feels like its empty, even after I've just had a shake/soup or bar! I understand you can have a bad day but 2 for no apparent reason?? :sigh:
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Hey Corinna,

First of all, it gets easier, stick with it! How are you so sure you're into ketosis? It might me that you're not actually in ketosis yet, which would explain the hunger, most people aren't after 2 days. When you say hungry, do you think it's a real physical hunger or the kind of psychological hunger of i really want to eat? SS+ losses aren't really all that different to SS, and if you're doing it for 1 night I doubt it will effect it at all. If it's what you need to do to stop you blowing the diet and doing worse damage, then it's worth it really.

Good luck!
Hi Hun, I'm nearly in my 3rd week, so definatley in ketosis, but been feeling hungry for a couple of days, and i jhave that sort of hollow stomach ache that you get when you are reallly hungry.


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Ohh sorry, I think I read it as 2 days in, not 2 days 100% but started before! What did you have 2 days ago that made you not 100%? Could that have knocked you out of ketosis? Definitely sounds like physical hunger not head hunger! Do you drink diet fizzy drinks or anything?


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Ah. I've just spotted another post from you which might explain it.

You've just started having bars, haven't you?

While they won't sling you out of ketosis, they do unfortunately have the effect of making some people hungry.

Is it possible you're one of those people?
Hi Lily, perhaps thats it, the bars making me feel more hungry, although I have been on the bars for 4 days and feeling hungry for 2, it could be the reason.

Caroline - I think I'm writing rubbish today! lol What I mean to say is I haven't cheated at all since I started, but for some unknown reason for the past 2 days I have been having hunger pangs. I dont mind doing SS+ but i'd quite like to know if my weight loss will slow with SS+, and what really is the difference with the two apart for the calories.


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No I'm just completely rubbish at reading!! haha Sorry!! I just looked at it again and I really don't know why I got so confused! I had in my head that you said 2 days 100%! I think Lily might have hit the nail on the head, some people are a bit more sensitive to bars. Maybe limit yourself to 1 or 2 a week, see if that helps.
Its such a shame because I really like them too! but hey ho. I hope the meal tonight will help a bit, help sort it out, then I wont have a bar tomorrow, so hopefully I should settle a bit in a day or so. :(


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Hi i am on ss+ and i'm having similar if not better losses than i did on LT which was no meal. If it helps you stay on track then do it, i couldn't face the not eating anymore that's why i left LT. Hope not having the bars every day helps!


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im one of those pple that gets hungry after having a bar, the only one that doesnt make me hungry is the peanut one:)
OMG i have been the same! for the past week, been having bars for about 2 weeks, but tbh i think they are making me hungry! Im suffering with major constipation too, and constantly hungry, to the point i could cry! =[

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