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Feeling sorry for myself.

Hi everyone,:(

The week that has just gone I have had a lump in my mouth which I put down to be a Abysis ( sorry if it is spelt wrong) and have been taking Ibuprofen hoping it would go away. Today I went to the Dentist thinking that I was going to have a filling and a small bill and off you go.

NO I have been told that I have two infected front teeth due to a Cyst which has decided to find home above my Left Canine tooth and the one next to it( dont know the name of it) To put you in the Picture I have a sensitive spot to the left handside of my nostril.

The root treatment of these two teeth will cost me £410.00 which is a downer as I am going to Africa in 10 days. Talk about timing.

And Guess what they have told me when this treatment is done I will need an operation at the hospital to have surgery to have the cyst removed.

You can imagine, I am looking forward to it. Feeling down when I left until one of my customers came round tonight and lost weight even though they thought they would'nt.

I am not asking you to comment, I just wanted to tell someone that I feel like Crap tonight. Anyway tomorrow might be lottery day. As long as we are keeping ourselves trim and losing weight who cares.

Bye.:) :)
((((Nick)))) oh I'm sorry to hear you are feeling down and the bad news re your abcess. As you say bad timing as you are going to Africa - but hope you still enjoy yourself.
Oh you poor thing - infected teeth/gums etc are horrid. Still, better to get it sorted b4 yr holiday. Where in Africa are you going? I was born and grew up in what's now Zimbabwe. I'd be surprised if you were going there though as things stand!
What a great bloke you are Nick ... being happy about a client's weight loss even though you feel like cr*p yourself: now that's what I call a fab CDC!

Sorry to hear about the abcess (and the sky high bill! :eek: ). Hope you feel better soon xx
Boy oh boy, Nick.

Life sometimes turns round and bites you on the bum, doesn't it? Or, I like this one better "Life's like a box of chocolates - people always leave the awful orange ones, and take all the yummy nutty ones!

Your Africa trip, how long are you going for? Is it a holiday or work? Will you have to get treatment before you go or can it wait until you get back? Or worse still, will you have to consider cancelling the trip!!

Are you in alot of pain Nick? We always seem to take our teeth (or back, or feet) for granted until they fail us in some way. Toothache is really unpleasent to have to deal with. At least you can still type o Minimins though!

Thankyou, just think I am still 4 and half stone lighter then I was last time I went on this same holiday last year. Not all bad.:D

I will do my best to have a Fantastic time, might even take some Cambridge leafets for any tourist that need our help.

I have been given a course of atibiotics to take with me just incase it decides to erupt. The dentist was great he didnt want to disturb it just incase.
I am happy that I have something to take with me, just as tablets out there might not be as available as here. I am touch wood not in pain but In the back of my mind it could flare up at anytime.
I will apologise I have accidently sent two threads the same as the computer crashed half way through.
But anyway I am going to the Gambia in west Africa and I love it as I have been before. My best friend is from Zambia is that near your place?.
Awww Nick. Really feel for you. Having just had an op on my teeth, and troubles for the last few years, you have my deepest sympathy. As for the money:(

Fortunately my last episode was at the hospital so it was free, and I use HSA which helps with the cost.

Bad timing for you:(

If it's any consulation, root treatments are painless.
Yep, Zambia is on Zimbabwe's northern border. Used to be called Northern Rhodesia, Zim was Southern Rhodesia. Have a great time in the Gambia, I'd love to go! One day maybe....
My friend says The gambia reminds him of back home and he loved it when we all went last year. You must go one day well worth a visit or two, three and more.:D
I will apologise I have accidently sent two threads the same as the computer crashed half way through

I've merged them now and probably confused everyone :D
Thank you, I was wondering about the pain. Feel abit better now.

It's just uncomfortable. Once they've given you the needle, you won't feel a thing:cool: The only thing is keeping your mouth open for as long as it takes (which is a bit longer than a filling).

Lie back and think of England as they say ;)
Oh Nick this is a horrible thing to happen it must be so painful. The anti-biotics and painkillers hopefully will start working soon.

The Dentist is my worst nightmare I am totally phobic. I have had Gen Anaesthetic for any dental work since I was 11.

Costs are so high now as well.
Have a nice time Nick ..i went to gambia long time ago it`s a nice place ...

heve a great holidays .
Oh poor old you, hun! I do sympathise!!!

I had a root canal recently for pretty much the same thing and now the pesky tooth is falling apart, so I'm plucking up my courage to go back to my dentist cos I know he'll have to take it out! YUK!

Still - these things can't be ignored (that's the grown up in me talking lol).

Hope you aren't in too much pain and have a lovely holiday!!!

I have been taking Ibuprofen as the Dentist instructed and it is keeping it all at bay.
I have phoned my Bupa care to see if it is covered and typical they say "it is a gum disease and they don't cover that". I was annoyned :mad: as it is a cyst that has caused all the problems with the teeth and it is not a gum disease. Why would they be sending me to hospital if the dentist could treat it.
Anyway I am going to ask the Dentist what he thinks :confused: next week. Its like car insurance you are only covered until you need to claim.

Anyway thanks for all your support

I am sure I will be speaking to you all soon

Nick :)