Feeling sorry for myself


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It has become a bit of a standing joke among family and friends that I must have an allergy to Christmas as once every three years or so I go down with laryngitis or tonsilitis.

To quote Del Boy, Quelle suprise, my throat has been getting worse since yesterday lunchtime. I've managed an early morning shop at Tesco but want to curl up and die for a week now.

I don't think it's either of those two dreaded lurgies, just a bad throat, but it would have been nice to have had more than 2 years off from it.

It's the first Christmas with my OH. We are having his parents round on Christmas Day. I'm going to take things slowly (cook meat tomorrow etc) so not too much to do on Christmas Day but I stil would have liked it to be a good one :(

Whinge over xx
Oh, Bless you, it's awful to be poorly over Christmas, try hot honey and lemon, gargle with Solphadeine soluable tablets (works really well) if you have any, and keep warm, I do hope you'll feel better soon to enjoy your Christmas dinner with your OH and his parents, X
Oh Sue! (sends healing vibes :vibes:) My OH used to get tonsillitis every Christmas day! (Especially if my mother was coming! )Try an inch of grated ginger steeped in boiling water (1/2 pt) strained with a teaspoon of honey. (old chinese cure) or as it's Christmas a hot toddy! Get well soon Huney, it's no fun being poorly at Christmas. Take care.
Awe bless you hun, sending hugs. Vic's throat spray, numbs it up a treat and you cann't feel a thing. Failing that, gargle with some spirits of your choice and swallow. About 5 good glass fulls should do the trick and trust me, you will feel fabulous lol. Hope you feel better very soon and it doesn't spoil Christmas for you. xxxxxxxx
Thank you all x

I've just had a few hours sleep - my gem of an 11 year old tidied his room up and got his own lunch as well as making me a cuppa when he had heard me rousing.

We had another 'incident' with the lady downstairs mid-morning (it sounded like she was shouting 'help' when she was actually shouting 'hello'. Her carer usually turns up about 10am but was running late and the lady was shouting for her). I called the police and they kicked her down for nothing (did I feel stupid as 1 PCSO, 1female inspector & 2 young female officers all attended). The PCSO said we did the right thing and that we should do the same again if concerned.

BUT all that dashing about this morning rather than sitting about feeling pitiful seems to have helped xx
Please can I hop on the feeling-sorry-for-myself-I'm-so-ill-I-wish-I-could-just-sleep-and-wake-up-when-I'm-better bandwagon please?? :(

The standing joke in our family, is that either on my birthday, or at Christmas I have a stinking cold and feel like death warmed up. So, on the day before Christmas eve, I have a banging headache, sore throat, runny nose, sore nose, I'm so cold :bundledup: .....oh yes, and ALL the presents left to wrap (for 12 people, including chocolate).

I just feel so bleurgh and hungry......I want ALL the chocolate that I have to wrap. :( :needhug:

So, I'm just sitting here with my lemon and ginger tea, plenty of fruit and feeling so sorry for myself.

Oh yes, and a pre-Christmas gain at WI isn't helping my mood much either!!! :rolleyes:

P.S. Sorry for the :hijack:
I'm with you Sue, I've got a rotten cold that came from nowhere late last night, today of all days I've got a million things to do but all I want to do is stay in bed. :-(
Sandra x
I think next year i'm going to ban the christmas period, then maybe it will pass without any problems!!.I have been off sick the last 2 christmases (had an op,and depression) so was looking forward to a good xmas and to working .THEN what happened? I fall and break my wrist !!MERRY XMAS TO YOU ALL thanks for all the support since i've joined.