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Feeling sorry for myself!!!

Not a good day! Had a break for Easter but been back on TFR all week. Was feeling fine till today and then have had really dodgy belly - will spare you the details!! Been quite dizzy too - has anyone else had this?

Feeling icky still, it's Saturday night and my fella is out at a full-on 3 course dinner tonight - a no-partners thing. I couldn't have gone even if eating, but normally in this situation I would have been having a lovely meal to cheer me up.

Needless to say, it just makes you wonder what the point of it all is when feeling like this.
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Ah Ive had a bad day too on Day 6. Ive been dizzy all week but best cure for that is water. My OH has had the occasional dodgy tum too.

Ok, it makes us feel rough from time to time but the results are definately worth it, just keep focusing on your goals. You can do it!
Hi Yorkie,

Sorry to hear you are feeling ill, perhaps you could try some peppermint tea? I also find drinking water helps me when I'm ill. When I'm feeling miserable though I just have a nice hot bath and look at pictures of clothes I'd love to wear when I reach my goal, I also think about how well I've done so far and if I've done so well so far I can keep it going. I comforted myself with food my whole life so being on a TFR is like learning a new language in relating to your moods too. My H2B says I am grumpier a lot (I think thats down to a lack of essential fatty acids) but I (and he) can take the moods in the short term for the long term benefits.
I think this diet not only changes your eating habits but also your social life too, I haven't been to the pub or out for a meal (obviously) in nearly 2 months. I have down days but have found myself enjoying other things a lot more.
I have early nights and read a lot. It help that I have such a wonderfully supportive partner, but he eats all the lovely thigs that I love too and it doesn't bother me most of the time.
This diet is not easy, it is very difficult and you end up sacrificing a lot but in my case the benefit to me of being on LT far outweighs the disadadvantages.
I hope you feel better and I hope you feel more motivated tomorrow...just have a look at your loss so far and think how well you are doing :)
Hi peeps,
Thanks for the support and advice. Randomly I did have a peppermint tea last night and felt a lot better. Had a fair bit of water too.
Had a really good sleep last night too, so that has been good for me.
I have always comforted myself with food and I know it's meant to be hard - when you feel unwell, it just gets harder!
Smelling things seems to help - which is quite weird! I've got a choccy face mask on at the mo and had a good sniff of the fella's bacon butty earlier - which cheered me up.
I'm thinking of making a list of all my cravings to get them out of my head - I hope that's a good idea. I think it will just prove to myself that it's all stuff that I can have again at some point, just in moderation.
Just trying to decide how long to TFR for - but will just take it week by week. But I am doing well, even though is affecting my social life. Went to my friends the other night and sipped water while she had some lovely glasses of wine. Didn't think I'd be able to do that without wanting to wrestle the glass off her - but did! And had a really good night still. This has really made me think about my social drinking and eating.
Feeling much better today - thanks all!!
In a good mood and had a couple of people notice I've lost weight! Yay!
Also - had weigh-in and have lost 6 pounds!! Woop woop!!
That sustained me enough to go do an LBT class and then watch my boyf eat a Chicken Legend meal at Maccies while I sipped a black coffee!!
How skill am I!!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
well done on the weight loss and for all your achievements today too!!!!

the nicest thing of all is when people start to notice - it gives you that determination to keep going, so keep going!!!

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