Mazza's two stone challenge

Hey @FaeFaeFiFi I've been bloomin rubbish at posting on here but thought it was time I posted an update!

I'm still plodding along, got down to 90 kg in time for my birthday last weekend and had a planned weekend off. Put 1 kg back on but three days back on plan and that's gone.

In other news I have been running a lot and have got up to 9 k as my long run, amongst two to three 5 k's a week. I'm super excited for the gyms to be re opening soon as I'm looking forward to getting back to weight training but will be upping my calories accordingly.

Off to read everyone's diaries now :) 👍
Thank you @FaeFaeFiFi I had a lovely day and celebrated all weekend. It was worth it too 😂

Today was a long run day 🏃‍♀️👍


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