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Mazza's two stone challenge


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Hello everyone

As the title suggests, I'm aiming to lose about 2 stone, or 14 kgs in new money :D hoping to achieve this by following the Exante 800 plan for as long as it takes.

A little about me, I'm a 50 year old mum of an almost 18 year old girl, who is the absolute apple of my eye. We live with my partner Jim, our two basset hounds Ozzy and Hendrix and our two bengal cats Dave and Preston in the very outskirts of Coventry. I work full time in the public sector but due to the current situation, I'm working from home. Jim is a lorry driver so still working and my daughter, Tara, has had to finish her acting course a little early so is at home with me too.

Before lockdown, I was a regular gym goer and REALLY miss my training :( I used to have two personal training sessions a week too. Initially, I kept up my training by doing 3 5k walks a week and 3 3k's. On the 3k days I was doing a kettlebell full body workout too. BUT, I lost momentum and work took over, the last few weeks have been busy and stressful and the extra one and a half stone I've been carrying have become two. I've also been drinking way more than I usually would - not good.

So, its time for a change and to break the cycle of self destruction. I ordered the 60 shake/soups bundle yesterday and I'm looking forward to getting started. I'll be making sure I make time to walk everyday too as not going out at all really affected my mental health :( I won't be doing any other exercise as from what I understand, it's not recommended.

Looking forward to sharing my journey with everyone and to supporting each other x
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Hey hey hey :)
You sound really motivated already and gave the best dog and cat names ever!! I’ve been contemplating getting a Bengal cat. Are they kid friendly or a bit wild? I saw one the other day that looked stoned but the others I’d seen were quite jittery lol

You’rea super active person, it must have been hard to slow right down with this lock down! Exante recommend eating back the calories you consume if you’re going to exercise but any other very low calorie diet I’ve come across recommends being in higher calories all the time if you’re going to do regular exercise. Walking should be fine, especially as you’re used to way more!!

good luck on your journey:) I’ll follow along with you. I wanna lose double what you’ve got planned on top of what I’ve lost so I’ll be round for a while haha! Your first stone will fly off but if you’re already very slim and only have a tiny bit to lose you may find it a tad slower than the first. The last bits are always the slowest, but the bits that make you feel best :)


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Hey @FaeFaeFiFi it'll be good to have you following along with me.

We've had bengals since my daughter was really young. The two we have now are 11 and 4 and they both adore her. Preston, the youngest is an ex stud cat so it took him a while to adapt to home life, away from his lair.....😂😂 They spend approximately 23 hours a day sleeping 😴

We do all love our music so chose names for our pets accordingly. Although Preston came with his name, all the way from Canada originally.

Its been really hard to slow down but at first I was doing really well. A couple of weeks before lockdown I was around 93kg so after reaching 99kg this week, I really need to do something.

I'm just going to stick to walking for now as I want to lose most of my excess before I have to start thinking about more calories and food.

I really hope the first stone shifts quickly, I'm fine with slow and steady for the last one. I don't feel slim but I do feel better than I did at my heaviest. Back in 2016 I was too heavy for my scales, after being very slim when I was younger 😪

Heres a pic of our handsome boys, Dave is a melanistic bengal which is why he looks black 🙂


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So, I'm a little bit annoyed. My order might not be here until Saturday! Between Thursday and Saturday was quoted in an email this morning. When I placed the order the estimate was today. The website says delivery service is running as normal, is this normal?

Disappointed I might not be able to start until the weekend......🙄


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Calmed down now and I'm currently enjoying a decaff coffee, instead of a gin and tonic. What's another day or two in the grand scheme of things?

I'm already on with drinking at least 2 litres of water, along with 3 coffees, 1 decaff nearer to bedtime in the hopes I'll sleep better in this crazy situation we find ourselves in. My sleep pattern was really good Friday and Saturday but back to under 3 and 1/2 hours last night. Combination of overthinking all sorts, work, diet, daughters future, the meaning of life, the universe and everything.......😂😂 I've also been having really weird dreams, vivid and quite scary some of them, which is alarming. My daughter has kindly let me use her Lush Sleepy body lotion which she swears by. It helped get her through GCSE stress two years ago anyway, so got to be worth a try?

I'm also on with cutting out the 'snacks' in between meals, we are now a crisp free house, hoorah! You never know, I might manage to lose a kilo before the shakes and soups even arrive. One things for sure, I'll be ordering the next lot pretty much as soon as this lot arrives, taking on board peoples comments on whats good and whats not so much.

I'm going to keep updating this at least twice a day in the hopes that someone (anyone) reads, joins in, or eventually, you never know it might become helpful to someone.

I haven't been out for a walk today as its been wet and windy, I'm 100% a fair weather walker unless needs absolutely must. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are my current 5k walk days, with Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday being my kettlebell circuit and 3k walk days. Today's long walk will roll over to Sunday - perhaps anyway, as Saturday might be my start day :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Anyway, over and out for today :)

Miss Scarlett Blue

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I’m not doing Exante but I just wanted to say good luck to you.
When I started posting on here it was fairly quiet and I got very few replies. I was keeping my diary for my own benefit really, so I wasn’t too bothered, But the interaction and support is nice and I’m pleased it’s got busier on here in the last few weeks.
Ive also had very strange dreams during lockdown. Some quite scary, others just bizarre. I had a dream the other week about Cilla Black - where in my sub-conscience did that come from?


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Thank you @Miss Scarlett Blue for stopping by and wishing me luck.

Isn't it strange about the dreams. I slept better last night but woke in the middle of the night with a start about something, strange?!

In other news.......my delivery arrived today, so I'll be starting tomorrow. I have all soups and shakes in this order but might order some 'meals' in the next order but at this stage, I don't think I'll bother with the bars.

Still feeling 100% focused and ready to go.......


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Hi Mazza:classic_smile:

Delight your order has arrived!

My order is due either Saturday or the following Wednesday...so instead of waiting I have decided as from today cutting down on my carbs.

Good luck on your Exante journey👍


Hello Mazza, I'm on the Cambridge diet and have been for 7 days. The shakes and soups can be difficult in the beginning but we'll worth the effort I have lost 3.8kg in 7 days very excited for the next few weeks. I also walk every day Thursdays and Thursdays are out 5k walk other days we do 2.5 as I have 3 small kiddies that love being outside. I just wanted to say good luck and I am sure you will smash it


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Thank you so much @Olivesin1 and well done on your first weeks result!

Glad to hear that you're still walking and the kids enjoy it too, its the only thing keeping me sane and gives me a much needed break from work.

Good luck to you too, I'll look out for an update from you with next weeks loss 🙂


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Morning, well its day one. I'll update this post as I make my way through the day and record what I've had :) weight and measurements taken and noted but (measurements) not to be shared :rolleyes:

Shakes and soups

9:00 frappe shake blitzed in the Nutribullet with cold water and ice

First impressions, very sweet but OK, might be nicer with some coffee in it so will probably try that

13:40 red Thai chicken soup, used the hand blender as stirring just wasn't getting rid of the lumps

First impressions, again very sweet whilst also being savoury, if that makes sense. I added some garlic and chilli salt for an extra punch and more flavour

16:30 chicken and leek soup, blended and used more water plus chilli and garlic

First impressions, nice and warmed me up because I'm freezing 🥶

21:00 mint chocolate shake, in the Nutribullet with ice and some extra water

First impressions, tasty and less sweet when I added more water. OH had a sip as its his favourite chocolate flavour, he really liked it! I've only ordered one in this order, as I have with a lemon cheesecake and toffee caramel. I know I'll like the strawberry and the banana and probably the chocolate so got a few of them.

Other drinks

9:00 prepared two 500 ml bottles of water to sip through
10:00 first coffee of the day
12:00 another coffee and two more 500 ml bottles prepared
14:00 500 ml of water
18:00 Dr Pepper zero
21:00 decaff coffee
22:00 500 ml of water to take to bed and take my tablets - won't drink any more than a few sips


Pretty much zero as I'm waiting for my energy to return before resuming walking, day 3 or 4 I think it should be back?

So, its the end of day one and all in all, it went well. Managed to cook the daughter and OH their evening meal without wanting any of it too.

I've ordered some more products so that after the initial two weeks, I can have some 'meals', some porridge and a couple of bars to try, just for some variety.

Day one - over and out 😴😴
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Morning and on to day two!

Didn't sleep that well last night, even though I was very tired, 4 hours 49 minutes is not quite enough. So feeling a bit jaded today :rolleyes: My new order arrived, woo hoo. So now I have more choice!

Shakes and soups

10:15 lemon cheesecake shake, in the Nutribullet and made with extra water and ice

Another of my one off's and OMG, it's delicious :lemon: I'll definitely order some more of these next time and will experiment with freezing them I think. My OH was gutted he missed a sip of this as he also loves cheesecake, especially lemon. Planted the seed with him that this is the diet featured on the TV show, where one of my school friends was on it and the diet reversed her type II diabetes. He's also type II and under a weight management programme with the hospital.

13:30 cinnamon porridge - from the new delivery. Didn't measure the water, just made to my preferred consistency

This is really nice, I'm so glad I ordered lots of the plain and cinnamon porridge pots now. I feel like I've really eaten something, which of course I have and that it'll fill me up for a good while too. Definitely recommend :eat:

18:00 vegetable soup, the usual way

Very nice, kind of has a cheesy taste to it which isn't unpleasant at all :eat:

20:30 sheperd's pie

Its OK, more like baby food than anything really. Not sure if I'll order anymore, I'll have to think how I can pimp it up a bit. I feel very full after it though :rolleyes:

Other drinks

9:00 first coffee and 1 500 ml bottle of water
10:30 another 500 ml bottle of water - I use Chilly's bottles as I prefer very cold water
12:00 and 13:30 2 more waters
14:00 another coffee
18:00 another water
20:00 Dr Pepper zero
Will take some water to bed with me at 22:00


As at 14:00, trying to persuade my daughter (who has just got up) to join me on a walk. Walking is boring apparently and she wants to jog, no way Jose. Mazza will only be running when something or someone is chasing her 🚶‍♀️Updated to add a screenshot of my solo walk 🙂

Day two - over and out 😴😴


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It looks like you are getting on well with Exante:classic_smile:


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I am indeed @Mini and I have high hopes for a good first weeks loss. How's the cutting down on carbs going and any news on when your delivery will arrive? 🙂


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I am indeed @Mini and I have high hopes for a good first weeks loss. How's the cutting down on carbs going and any news on when your delivery will arrive? 🙂
First email said either Saturday or following Wednesday and second one said they have dispatched the rest of my order and apologised for the delay due to being overwhelmed with orders and safety working restrictions due to Covid19.

My carb reduction is going so well thatI have changed my mind on doing total food replacement and now going to do Exante 1200 plan or a variation of it. :classic_smile:


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First email said either Saturday or following Wednesday and second one said they have dispatched the rest of my order and apologised for the delay due to being overwhelmed with orders and safety working restrictions due to Covid19.

My carb reduction is going so well thatI have changed my mind on doing total food replacement and now going to do Exante 1200 plan or a variation of it. :classic_smile:

Good plan !


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Day three

Slept better last night and no strange dreams. OH has decided he wants to give Exante a go, so I'm really pleased about that. He had a plain porridge this morning and enjoyed it. He's going to do the 1,200 plan.

I dont feel hungry today which is good so only had my first shake at 10:15. Will be trying a bar later.

In other news, my resting heart rate is down to 58. Which I'm really pleased about, for a 50 year old overweight woman its actually excellent. Well so my personal trainer told me, when he saw my stats 🙃

Shakes and stuff

10:15 strawberry 🍓 shake, in the Nutribullet

Very nice

13:00 birthday cake bar

Very, very nice. My friend who did Exante last year, lost 4 and 1/2 stone and maintains by using two products a day in the week, advised me to microwave it for 20 seconds. Game changer 😍

17:30 cinnamon porridge

20:00 Indian style curry with rice

Probably shouldn't have added my chilli and garlic salt as its very salty on its own. Tasty though and a nice spicy kick. Next time I'll probably add more water and just chilli to make it spicier and more soupy

Other drinks

9:00 500 ml water
10:00 500 ml water
11:00 first coffee
13:00 750 ml water, my daughter brought me a bottle back from the shop (bless her)
17:00 Dr Pepper zero, she also brought me a cold can of this
18:00 another coffee
20:00 750 ml of water

My daughter WILL be walking with me later 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

Updated - we went for a walk to the chemist to pick up her prescription, the long way round which was 3.45 km's.

So that's day three done.


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I can't believe I've got through three full days. I know its not much compared to some who mange weeks, even months but I feel proud of myself. I'm wishing I'd started sooner so that I'd be nearer my goal by now but also that I'd cut my calories back to align with being less active. Hey ho, I am where I am.

I've enjoyed most of the products I've tried 10 out of 11 and really enjoyed a few.

Tomorrow, it'll be eight weeks until my birthday, then 13 days after it'll be my daughter's 18th. Planning to stay on four product with 100 ml's of skimmed milk until my birthday. However if by some miracle, gyms re open before then, I'll have to re evaluate and maybe switch to 1,200 calories on days I train. I'm wondering how much weight I'll have lost by then, I'd be over the moon to be below 90 kg's for sure, is that doable?

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I hope who ever is reading this has a good weekend :)


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Well done on completing three full days👍


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Day four

OH wakes up too early for my liking on a Saturday but before lockdown, we'd have been up and out by 8:30 to take my daughter to her dance class. I don't know who's bright idea it was to have a dance class for 16 to 19 year olds at 9:00 on a Saturday morning but we would go to the gym while she was there. For a weights session then a swim. I miss it......😪

Shakes and stuff

10:00 caramel latte frappe, lots of ice and an espresso added

Still very sweet and my stomach didn't like it very much either

13:00 peanut butter bar

OK but I don't think ill order anymore

18:30 vegetable soup

As before, nice but I think I left it too late as I'm now feeling a bit dizzy and need to fit in another product soon......

20:15 chocolate shake

Very nice and very welcome as I was feeling a bit weak :rolleyes:

Other drinks

9:00 500 ml of water
11:00 500 ml of water
12:00 coffee
14:00 16:00 18:00 and 20:00 500 ml of water


Will be taking the hounds for a walk later 🚶‍♀️

Watch didn't pick all of the walk up, as we weren't walking fast enough and the houndies don't like walking far. We did about 1.5 km

Day four, over and out.


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