Mazza's two stone challenge

Inspired by @FaeFaeFiFi and her check in pics. Here are some progress pictures. Week three on the top of first pic and on the right of second and week one on the bottom and left, front and side. A 4.6 kgs or just over 10 lbs difference. Wearing the same clothes. I can see it more from the front.


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Oh no!! Sorry to hear you've hurt yourself. Resting up deffo sounds like a sensible plan. Even your 'odd concoction' meal looks good haha. How are you figuring out what of the 'heck' things are allowed on the diet to keep in ketosis? I had a look in asda today but was confused haha. Just bought quorn, chicken, tuna and eggs for now. Photos look great!! Can really see a big change already, good work!!!!! Its so worth taking them cause sometimes things dont feel that different but they really are. If you're exercising as well as dieting, you lose weight and gaining/toning muscle so you can change shape drastically without 'losing' weight so to speak. Photos are definitely your friend when you're active, thats for sure. I love having a 10am bar too, but thats my snack usually... I have a breakfast product about 7. Only one bar a day cause on cambridge you were only allowed one but I dunno about exante? stuck in the habit though lol. Carbs are much lower seeming on exante bars than CD ones are though. Tried the birthday cake bar... gooooood!! Today had carrot cake, also good. Hot cross bun was yum as was banana bread. I love the bars. They have the pancakes in stock again now. And shepherds pie 🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮🤮 I'm so glad you treated yourself to a laptop. You definitely deserved it and very needed by the sounds. Dreading the cost of a teen haha. Need to get rich by then. Gutting about the postponed festivals though, but will be extra special when she does get to go due to such a long wait. Really hope that your neck gets better very soon. That kinda pain is the worst :(
Inspired by @FaeFaeFiFi and her check in pics. Here are some progress pictures. Week three on the top of first pic and on the right of second and week one on the bottom and left, front and side. A 4.6 kgs or just over 10 lbs difference. Wearing the same clothes. I can see it more from the front.
Great progress well done!!
Thank you @FaeFaeFiFi , who'd of thought 4.6 kgs loss could make such a difference. Apparently its the same weight as a household cat, not my two big boys though. The week before's total was a human head believe it or not 😂 I can really tell too. Clothes feel more comfortable which is good.

Food wise I'm just trying to sick to around 10 grams of carbs per meal, in line with the guidance and around 200 calories. Myfitnesspal helps with that. The Heck chicken sausages and burgers are on offer on Tesco which is why I stocked up.

The chicken Italia chipolatas are 76 calories for two and you get 10 in a pack. The two are 0.9 grams of carbs and 12.7 of protein. They are basically long skinny sausages 🤣🤣 The Italia burgers are 126 calories each and you get two in a pack. Each has 1.6 grams of carbs and 21.1 grams of protein. Both are realllllly filling.

So most of my carbs come from the salad stuff and sauces. Quorn, chicken, tuna and eggs are good staples to have.

Apparently 'the consultants' advise only one bar as they make more money from you if you just have shakes. So a little (ex LL consultant) bird told me....🐦 There is no limit as such with Exante but there's the warning on the pack that excessive consumption can have a laxative effect 🙄 that's not the case for me but the soups do have that effect bizarrely.

Most concerts have been rearranged, its just Hyde Park that's been cancelled and refunded so far. Reading Festival gave the options for a refund or she could use her ticket for next year, so she's done that.
Day twenty four

My shoulder / neck thing is a little better but I've still rested today so as not to aggravate it. Worked for my usual few hours on a Friday and got a fair bit done. I ordered some Lo-dough products and they arrived today, so I used the southern fried coating on the chicken we had tonight. The whole bag of coating has 243 calories and I didn't use much to coat 5 breast portions. What I used on mine equated to 36 calories and 3 grams of carbs. Who needs KFC fried stuff!

Shakes and stuff

10:00 chocolate orange bar

14:00 lemon cheesecake shake

20:00 chicken salad which came in at 198 calories and just over 10 grams of carbs

22:00 if I'm still hungry I'll have at least half a bar or a shake

Other drinks

3 litres of water 4 coffees (one decaff)

Activity - not much, still resting my shoulder


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@Mazza glad you’re resting, you’ve got to take care of yourself. Your photos really show a difference in such a short space of time it’s really motivating.

week 2 weigh in, 2pound loss. I’m happy with that, when dieting I average 1-1.5 loss per week even when I’m really strict so I know my losses will slow down so I’m really happy with that just got to stay focused and keep going.
I have a terrible habit of losing some weight and then rewarding myself with a treat weekend which turns into a week, which eventually causes me to lose momentum which of course I end up totally regretting because I gain weight again! So my aim with this is, even if I have a blip or a bad day just keep going and not be too negative with myself. As long as I’m still trying, the weight will come off and not go back on!!

good luck for your day and keep it up everyone!! Xx
Yes you can definitely really see it falling off you. :) Oooh they sound yum!!!! Thank you for explaining. I get so confused when the food comes back in haha, I eat really blandly on the lower steps and gradually add/experiment later but sounds like I don't need to do that. You're doing great and lots of variety. Bet its much nicer than 4 packs a day haha. Thats interesting re the bars.... makes sense only that bars were way more expensive on cambridge than shakes. They're more on exante too if you arent buying them in a bundle so strange! I'm glad you're resting up that pain, I hope its much better for you today. Perhaps you just pulled it or slept funny? I am always doing that. I have to goto chiropractor often haha. I think they're magicians. Thats cool re the concerts... she will be chomping at the bit by next year!!! Everyone will. I wonder what the new normal will be in the world.

Hope you have a good day!! I have 2 more days of exante 800 then after weigh day on Monday I goto 1000.

I remember those struggles anna.claire!! I work in panned treats and rewards that arent food based before I even start, have you tried that instead?
PS I am still not getting emails but I just noticed theres a place for alerts within the website that I had never noticed so hopefully by brain will notice those now!
Thank you @anna.claire and well done on your week two loss. Week two and three can be a bit disappointing after the initial big loss but we must keep going, we've got this and small blips are just a minor bump in our journeys. We got this! Have you thought about some other ways of rewarding yourself, for example some new makeup, anything non usual treat related?

I'm really happy I can start to see my waist which has been hidden for a while but I've never had what you'd call an hourglass figure.

My shoulder is much better today, we have a fairly busy day as we're visiting (from a distance) my father in law as its his birthday.

She will be indeed @FaeFaeFiFi we had so much planned this year and for her 18th birthday next month. We're hoping we can at least have a few of her friends round as it's not until 24th. Many of them will be heading off to uni a couple of months later.

Its really strange that since I've been resting, the scales are showing another kilo lost. Maybe I'm not having enough calories for what I'm actually burning through exercise. Exante say to only eat back the calories if you burn more than 200 calories through exercise, so ignore the first 200? Hmm 🙄
Ahh thats good news re the shoulder and that sounds like a nice day out for sure. Nice to have a change :) I bet it feels good to see the shape changes. I enjoy that a lot. Sometimes I find myself rubbing my hands on my waist and hips because it feels so weirdly different hahaha. Ahhh wow yes so theyve lost out on special rites of passage for going off to uni/before going and stuff. Thats hard going for a gaggle of teens. Sure a little party will be alright. Everyone seems to be having them round here!! Might be that yes, but sometimes it does just randomly jump like that.. there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when the weight comes off during the week. Its why I gave up weighing regularly for this time round cause it throws me haha. If you're not consuming enough for what you're burning though you should up your intake. Exante say eat back (didn't know the over 200 bit) and cambridge say dont exercise more than walking unless youre on step 3 or above routinely. I think Cambridge offer safer guidance than exante personally. Exante don't even ask you about your health but cambridge get you to take a form to the dr to be signed off with health issues etc. But 800 is literally like the bare minimum you should eat because it uses a tonne of calories just to be alive and breathe and stuff, never mind without any exercise. I'd say eat all your calories back, not ignore the first 200, but do it every day because if youre in ketosis your body needs to adjust to how much it needs to burn for you to manage ok and it cant do that if you're changing the exercise daily and theres a fluctuating number of calories in due to exercise. Im not even doing any bloody exercise and having to do this. Stupid heart!!! I just worked it out and i've burned 6555 calories extra, on top of the 'being alive' ones in the 9 days i've had my fitbit.... 730 ish a day so I was basically using up all my products. Explains the losses, ey? Definitely need to up the calories!!!! Why don't you have 3 products and 2 meals?
I'm back! Sorry for being AWOL but I've not been well and its pretty much my own fault :(

We went, as planned to see my father in law for his birthday on Saturday. We got there at about two in the afternoon and I'd only had a shake at that point, should of taken a bar with me. I declined a glass on wine and eventually my arm was twisted to have one. Within minutes, I started to feel really unwell and rushed to the :sick0019: where I remained for an hour or so. I was violently sick and had crippling stomach pains too. When I eventually came downstairs I felt so weak, I had to eat something, so I had a slice of toast and a sugary drink, followed by a nap. Safe to say I won't be trying that again anytime soon. Due to one of the many operations I've had, I tend to suffer from the wonderfully named gastric dumping syndrome but that's usually from high sugar content food. I've had the symptoms from the Exante soup but not had a full blown episode for a while, last time was probably something to do with cake! Obviously wine (even red, which is what I had) contains a lot of sugar 🤢

Anyway, the rest of the day was a bit of a write off in terms of everything as I just needed to sleep. I started to feel a bit better on Sunday and managed my three products plus a two egg (plus extra egg white) omelette with some ham and tomato in it.

So that's days twenty five and twenty six ☹
Day twenty seven

The day went as planned, work, work and more work. A bit of running / walking and three products plus a meal.

The meal however, made me really ill. It was a concoction of cauli rice, onion, pepper, tomato (for some strange reason, thought it needed it) and king prawns. I only ate about half of it and slyly moved me excess prawns onto my OH's plate, sneaky.

I headed off to bed early and tossed and turned until falling asleep at around 2:30 😞 Combination of my restless legs and stomach ache.
Oh nooo!!! That might actually be because of being in ketosis. Alcohol is a MASSIVE no no in ketosis. It’s quite a common response and if you have a health issue anyway with similar symptoms it’s be worse perhaps. Gotta be c careful with ketosis and booze!!!! Dangerous. Glad you’re ok now!!! Sorry that you’re still not feeling right :( doesn’t sound pleasant at all !!!
Day twenty eight

And here we are, the last day of my fourth week. Feeling better today albeit very tired.

Shakes etc

10:00 chocolate orange bar

14:00 cinnamon porridge

Just wanted something warm

19:00 three Heck chicken chipolatas, green beans and some veggie gravy

21:30 will have a caramel crunch bar with my decaff coffee

Other drinks

3 litres of water 4 coffees (one decaff)


40 minutes running walking. Walk for one minute, run for three x 10

Day twenty eight over and out. Don't expect much in the way of a loss tomorrow but you never know.


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Hello @FaeFaeFiFi and @anna.claire sorry I haven't been posting daily but as I've been off work I've been trying to do family stuff, to make the most of it.

I continued to feel ill for a few days, so whilst the wine initially caused it, the after effects on my delicate tum were ongoing. So I had a few days of having more food and less products but still coming in under 1,000 calories.

I was disappointed that I didn't lose anything that week but I guess a few days of too low calories wasn't good for me.

So I've changed my weigh day to coincide with being back to it, as in 3 products and a 200 calorie, low carb meal. This is what seems to suit me best. Then on days where I'm burning over 200 calories and as the Exante guidance states, I'm eating back the calories. I've found if I don't, I'm not losing. So my weight is now 94.3 kgs, 5.6kgs down.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow so into a better routine.

Today I've had:

10:00 muesli yoghurt

Not a fan but it was OK

13:00 Daal pot


17:30 lo-dough ham, cheese and tomato pizza, slightly over on cals and carbs but im still eating it and might not finish it. Pic and ingredients attached.

Will have a bar later with a coffee

Other drinks

3 litres of water and 3 coffees (one decaff)


Big fat zero, unless you count eplilating my legs. It had been a while.......😂😂


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