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Feeling sorry for myself :(

I had a laparoscopy done on Wed and I am really sore and feeling really sorry for myself. My tummy is really bloated and tender. I also have period type bleeding (TMI lol). I am kinda struggling not to break the diet at the moment. I have been 100% so far but the temptation is growing by the minute.

I am writing this post so that if I see it written down I will cop on to myself and see that its only me looking for excuses to eat.

Someone tell me to cop on to myself!!!

Niamh xxx
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huge hugs sorry to hear that you are feeling down. dont do it...stay strong, you will only feel worse for eating something!!!

Dont do it Niamh,

Sorry about you feeling bad,
Surgery of any kind is evil, but you will feel better and be glad you stayed strong.
Huge Hugs
Sorry to hear about the surgery BUT DON'T DO IT, you will feel even worse afterwards x
Ah thanks girlies. I am just feeling really emotional and crap. I keep telling myself that I could just have some chicken and veg that I need it but I know I will kick myself if I eat.

This diet is so fantastic but it is really hard at times. Ah maybe I should go to bed with a cuppa. Trouble is I cant sleep properly cause I am so uncomfortable. Jeez I am such a drama queen. Sorry guys, rant over.

Niamh xxx
It is really hard Niamh, especially when we feel unwell or upset, Ive felt emotional and low a number of times but it does always pass and then I think phew thank goodness i didnt cave, and that makes you stronger for the next time. Hope you feel better soon sweetie xx
Well done for resisting Niamh.. You can do it :)

Have a nice cuppa and take some water with you to bed, and you will be sooooo proud of yourself in the morning for not giving in. Then you can think that if you got through that, the rest will be a doddle!

I hope you feel better soon hun x
I hate feeling like this as I try to always look on the bright side of things. I'm generally a positive person.
I dont think I am in any real danger of eating as it would take too much energy to get up and cook something. LOL!!!!
I just want to say that the support on this forum is just amazing. Only for all you lovely people I wouldnt have got this far. I cant believe the kindness and understanding of complete strangers. You are all so fantastic.

Niamh xxx
Charl you have done the impossible..... you made me laugh out loud. (I might have burst one of my stiches!!!! not really) Thanks sweetie.

Jeez I need to get a grip on myself. I cant stop crying.

Niamh xxx
Niamh, poor you - I admire you so much for keeping going after your lap (I've been there and remember the pain very well). If I were you, I'd get myself a nice warm drink, a couple of painkillers, a warm bath and an early night with a good book. Hope you feel better soon, take care (and don't give in!)
I saw that Daisy... Fantastic film!! Would be great if everyone incorporated it into their daily life.... What a better place the world would be x


Fighting for My Health
Please don't give in. You are doing so well and this diet is so hard, but if you give in now even to a little it will be the slippery slope. If you've ever dieted before then you'll know there comes that moment where just that little something to cheat with seems okay at the time, and you convince yourself it'll just be that little something, but it never is, and it's usually the beginning of the end. Whatever you eat won't taste as good as you expect it to, and it won't make you feel any better at the end.

Taking care of yourself right now is sticking to this diet 100%. That's the kindest thing you can do for yourself.

Hope you feel better soon xx
Hi Niamh. Sorry missed this one yesterday, was tied up with my own issues of wanting to refeed, but through it now and today is another day. How are you this morning? Hope you start to feel less yuk soon. xx


Back on the diet train...
Hey sweetie sorry to hear you feeling down!! :( it's a difficult diet anyway without an op to deal with!!! Big pat on the back for resisting the lure of the naughty food demon!!!

You have done soooo well Hun ( little break included ;)) stay strong through this next hurdle, I gave in on my restart and felt really guilty and like I had failed myself!! ( finished day 3 now :))

Just think of yourself at that wedding all slinky!!! :D. I notice you posted a few days ago so I hope you feeling better now chick!!

Stay strong hun!! :)


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Niamh, sorry to see you have been poorly. Hope that you are on the mend and that you have managed to stay strong and on TFR.
Keep well.

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