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Feeling strange!!!


Determind dieter :D
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I've been feeling like that for a while honey :( its not good but I tried on a pair of jeans this morning and found they finally fitted :D and its snapped me out of it :)

Don't give in honey you've been doing SO well :D x x x
Thanks hun, just so not like me!! I just went upstairs and tried on my size 14 trousers that fit and feel a bit better x I think only losing 2lb last friday started the decline as I had been doing target projections based on 3-4 lbs a week and now I feel that I may have to double my end date if you see what I mean! Sorry I am rambling now ha ha xx


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I've had a bad day today, too. No reason. But would love to eat something. I'm not hungry, would just like some steak or chicken. But I haven't given in.
Am trying Dee, have made myself some peppermint tea and am sipping that to take the edge off x wish I were as strong as you (sigh) oops bit of self pity creeping in!!! thanks for your support xx
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It seems that we are all felling the same ... Today I did the trying on of jeans thing and found out I can get into them, but I will say I'm finding it very hard... Still we will all stay strong together!!!
Come on peeps we can do this...


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Thanks!! Just put my size 14 jeans on. Still want to eat what the rest of the family are eating, but have reminded myself why I am doing this. X


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I think its one of them weekends.... Keep strong everyone!!! We can do this..... x
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just think why you are doing this? Im sure these feelings will pass -stay strong!!


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Probably got something to do with the weather. Its always easier to diet when the weathers warm. I'm going to watch Downton Abbey and then go to bed to stop me raiding the kitchen!


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ive been like that this week. Just made my hubby and lil boy mince and dumplings with all the trimmings... seriously i nearly drank the gravey hahah. BUT no i tried some jeans on and there too big!! only bought them 3 weeks ago and never worn them! So thats stopped me drinkin gravey lol x
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Yay! Well done izzysmum. I was feeling like that ALL weekend too :-S Me and the other half are moving in together after christmas and ended up in Debenhams buying a George Foreman grill and some pots and pans etc and I just wanted to cook and eat a nice meal sooooo bad! But instead we had a chicken soup sunday dinner together sitting at the table hahaha! Feeling on form today though, so must have been a weekend thing! Stick at it hun. We're all here. Xxx

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