Feeling the cold - strange!!


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i'm the same, always cold especially my hands, apparantly its a 'side effect' of the diet or so i was told
due to the very low calorie intake your body actually lowers your core body temperature by a degree or 2 to save energy ( like if you didnt have much gas you would turn your heating down a bit ..) , hence the cold feeling we all get !!


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You have my sympathy - been absolutely frozen since I got home. Had a coffee & sat huddled up under a blanket on the sofa. Going to drag myself onto the Wii fit in a few minutes to try and warm myself up then have a hot shower. Shame I'm dieting really - I'd be able to make amazing pastry with my hands this cold!


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lol at the pastry comment!! I have been taking a hot water bottle to bed at night and putting my feet on it, OH not that impressed lol xx

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My shivers kicked in today, hands and feet freezing.. a hot water bottle will be in my bed tonight :)


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I take my basal body temperature each morning as we're TTCing and it's one degree C lower than it used to be!!

Currently watching tv in my big fleecy dressing gown under a blanket. Brrrrr


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omg today i am really feeling the cold i have the heating on yet i'm still needing to sit in the house with my coat on to get any sort of relief from the coldness, arghh


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im on day 3 ,freezing too! i wear my dressing gown over my clothes,work from home fortunately,guess its quite good in the summer though !xx