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Feeling the cold


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Does anyone else feel cold pretty much all of the time? :gen125:
I suffered with hot flushes before LT (and still get a few) :party0048:
But now I'm freezing, (I know this Summer is rubbish) no-one else thinks it's cold when I do. Is it the low energy from the LT?
I'm sitting here, fully dressed with a fleece dressing gown on!!
My other question is this, I've tried to alter my font and colour, I've pressed save and I've done it in edit signature and in profile, but it never saves it :sign0163:
Thanx xx
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Hi Cathy, i had a few shivers the first couple of days but nothing major, but now in my second week i've been feeling fine

Do you feel cold during the day and at night?
I'm frozen at the moment, housemate thinks I'm mad, it's 21 degrees in here!


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Cathy,Im bloody freezing! I am what my parents have called cold-rifed all my life but I am that cold,my fingers are blue! Same last time on LT.We may just snuggle up and put up with it!Hubby's on nights so I cant even stick my cold feet on him x


I will do this!!!
Im wearing a jumper while being wrapped up in the duvet with the heater on so your not alone


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Thanks, all of you. I'm glad I'm not on my own. I'm only cold in the day really, the nights are better than they used to be, coz I used to be on top of the duvet, under a little fleece blanket, with the fan on!! :eek:
Now I get under the duvet and only get the dreaded "power surges", about twice a night. Makes for a better nights sleep anyway!
I took a hot water bottle to bed from the day I started till about a fortnight ago! Planning on having one tonight as OH is away and can't warm my feet on him!!!!! May even wear socks as my feet are like blocks of ice!



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Thanks CF ! My OH is relieved because when I used to have the fan on all night, he slept in a fleecy beany hat, coz he's a Phil Collins looky-likey!! He's well pleased that he doesn't need it now, :D


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I am freezing all of the time. The sh*tty summer and the fact that our new office is a fluffin portakabin does not help :(

Cathy, don't know if it will help but a friend of mine who gets very hot in bed swears by her chillow, a pillow which is always cool. Not sure where you'd get one but might help if you get less chilled and more power surges.

I am freezing all the time , sit in the office with goosebumps whilst everyone else moans that its boiling in here, only started since i went on LT but hey feeling cold is worth the results so i just throw a cardie on
I have been really feeling the cold a lot more in the last week or so. I sit right under the air con unit at work and i keep sneakily turning it off when theres no-one looking!!!


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It certainly helps knowing that it's as common as this!
Thanks for the tip CF, I've got one of those and it's really good, although redundant at the mo! You can get them from a company called Soothesoft (Google it or Chillow)


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Ive always been a hot bloke (i wish:D) just put it down to being a fatty. But since ive started LT i have been freezing too, i imagine its down to the lack of calorific intake that im used to.


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oh yes i wake up shivering, i get so cold my muscles ache, last night i had socks on, the duvet, a blanket and my house coat on top of the bed too. yesterday i was walking round with 2 jumpers, (one of which a thick cashmere!!) and a coat and was still cold. brrrr my feet are cold now too.

try drinking hot drinks

i may put the lecky blankey back on the bed! i love that thing!!

i was in tesco yesterday and had to keep going to keith for a cuddle to warm me up! lol. stafff prob thought 'ah bless, care in the comminity!'


Gonna be slim again
i was in tesco yesterday and had to keep going to keith for a cuddle to warm me up! lol. stafff prob thought 'ah bless, care in the comminity!'
I was lovely and warm last night as I had jogging bottoms and socks on and a hot water bottle, I only ventured out this morning coz i needed the loo (surprise, surprise!)

Today in Tesco's my feet were absolutely freezing, especially by the freezers, so I came home and put a pair of socks on!!!

I often have a coffee when I'm feeling cold and slouch around at home in fleecy joggers and hoodie!!! What happened to the summer this year?


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