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Feeling the Fear and Doing it anyway!!

I think the main objective in weightloss and anything really is to feel the fear know its there and then push threw and do something anyway...

It's like when you have a dentist appointment you really are scared for ages up until the appointment then when its over your like "wow was that it?" and you feel tons better for it in the end.

I just want to say that everything we stop ourseleves doing because we are worried what others say/think or that someone will laugh.. its only hurting ourselves and we deserve more... even if someone says something then screw them because there opinion is coming from there own issues and why should we care about some people that we dont even know.?.

I have my first gym glass tonight.. ive been going to the gym to workout for 3 months so im used to that but i'm joining a hip hop aerobics class tonight..so im a lil nervous but i'm gunna bite the bait anyway..

im going to try and do something every week that pushes my limits as i know will make me a stronger more determined person...

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Very inspirational, nice post....

Slipping back to old eating habits see's us in our comfort zone. I expect we are all outside of that on this forum, with a few possible exceptions.

I feel empowered by the way I am controlling myself at the moment, the weight loss is such an incentive to stay on track.

I go to street dance classes every week and I am definately the fattest but I dont give a **** cos I totally love it and I am way more into it than the others, I am there cos I love music and want to shift the pounds, the majority of others are just there because they think its the right thing to do (if you know what I mean).

Leaving the wine in the fridge is a fear for me (dont laugh) its my reward and at the moment I am not having it... Thats me pushing myself believe me!!

My reward is I have a belt on today and I had to have another hole put in it?

Julie x
thats a amazing reward.. i love having to change clothes because things just are too big.. im getting used to the idea that i can chuck old habits away including huge bagggy clothes..

LOL.. well if i did that i wouldnt even venture outside *eww no* haha... it does cost a lot its crazy =[ but i likes it...

you gunna join the exercise challenge thingy i posted ? x
I'm just about to quit smoking, and I think you 2 have just inspired me to look for a local dance class. the idea terrifies me but I'll 'feel the fear and do it anyway'

Cheers xx
i'm glad... and you should you will feel tons better and at least you will have a hobby , check local lesuire centers they always cheaper and more down to earth then the posh places x
Dancing to loud music doesnt really feel like exercise Helen, its gerat fun and I wobble all over the place but its such a great feeling, you can let go and its not like everyone is looking, they are too busy trying to get the steps right trust me!!

Julie x
yeah .. i thought everyone would look but no i didnt look at anyone .. its too much hard work getting it rite haha x
I've had a look, and I can't find any affordable dance classes anywhere near me, and I don't drive so I've had a rethink. I've just read Baby Love's thread and have remembered how much I enjoyed aqua aerobics when I did it when I lived in London. It really was funny, I laughed alot. So I think I'll give that a go. Plus, (sensible head on ) its only 6 months since I had surgery on my back, so maybe the support of the water around me will stop me injuring it. I did have a dance at a birthday party a couple of days ago and I couldn't walk the next day, so i think I'll have to be careful. Hopefully, I'll be salsa-ing by the end of the year :D


Bouncing back
On the subject of Feeling the fear and doing it anyway... has anyone read the book "Feel the fear and do it anyway" by Susan Jeffers. Well worth a read methinks.
Oh my god - i was just saying earlier how I'd like to go to a dance class - is hop hop / street dance as knackering as it looks?
You've both got those little cogs in my head turning fast. I'm moving home in 2 weeks to a completely different city so would be a good way to get moving and meet new people.
Whats it like?

Kate xx
Its great Kate

Our instructor makes allowances for the less fit/bigger people and gives an easier option on each of the moves.

Yes i sweat but between each new step obviosuly we stand still for a mini break whilst we watch her.

last week, having learnt 16 new moves we did a mini routine and I almost died but have had an awful cold and my asthma was kicking in.

Still gave it my all though as i want my monies worth :D

I'd definately recomend it! Go along, you have nothing to lose.

Julie x
Excellent - I'm going to have a look for some classes to go to. Sounds really fun! Hopefully whichever I go for will also make allowances for bigger people (if only cos the belly gets in the way a bit) Just digged out jennifer ellisons west end workout to get me in the mood. Thanks for this thread - you've really motivated me to move!

x x

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