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Feeling under the weather and loosing my motivation!

I'm miserable here with a head cold and feel all my energy for keeping away from food leaving me!! I've been SSing just over 3 weeks and will be stopping on friday anyway, I've had 2 chicken salads over the weekend and bag of crisps last night! Plus loads of Coke Zero to help with the taste in my mouth! I've taken the odd Paracetamol but they knock me out so can only take them going to bed due to having 2 small girls to look after! I was baking today with DD1 and without thinking I dipped into the cake mixture with her, I've totally gotten out of CD ways today and I'm running out of energy! So how have you all kept your motivation going while feeling under the weather!
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sorry ur not feeling the best but it will pass off.... at least it was chicken salad not a dirty big burger !!! you can do this again ..... be strong
Its just getting to a point now where I seem to be doing without!! The worst thing I did was to encourage My husband to do it with me!! He's brought me down with him!! He had 3 pints and ate 3 times in the last 4 days and he's still loosing away!! I'm up 1 lb already though I know TOTM is due any week now!!! No idea when it's due!! It's his birthday today so hence the cake baking!!

mrs c

Cambridge Consultant
If you have a head cold then the best thing to do is to move to aamw or 790Kcal plan, whilst i was SS i had a very bad head cold for 2wks this was what i was advised to do, you need to get better first then concentrate on the diet, that was the advice of my CDC, it worked, i still lost weight to her admazement and had more energy to fight the cold.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.
I'm starting AAMW on friday and working up the steps after that anyway and was thinking of starting tonight instead to give me something to keep me going!! I don't think i'm going to be down anything anyway this week so starting a few days earlier might be no harm! I've only had the cold since sunday but you know when you get that feeling that something is taking hold of you!

mrs c

Cambridge Consultant
It shouldn't harm you starting AAMW a few days early, give your CDC a call and let her/him know how you feel and i'm sure that they will advise you to start early, it's better to move to AAMW early then blow the whole diet, to be honest some of the days i felt like s**t i had 2 AAMW meals, the weight still came off no different, i was also taking whatever i could for my cold, diluting the citric acid in it with more water than i thought possible. Good Luck
I've just emailed my CDC about it but I've taken out a chicken breast from the freezer anyway!! I'll take paracetamol going to bed again tonight! Plus I'll root out my facial steamer to help clear my sinus's!
I think if I just have some chicken each day it will be enough! You know how it is when your feeling sick all you want to do is look after yourself! I'll probably go back and do another week of SSing next week once I'm feeling better otherwise I'll finish my weight loss after christmas! Myself and my husband plan on going out the end of Novemeber for our belated Anniversary Dinner!! We don't want to be dieting as such over christmas but we will be having some days where we'll be doing the 1500 Calorie step! We're happy to finish off the weight loss after christmas if we have to!

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