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Feeling useless and not sure I can do this...


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...but have got to.

I lost quite a bit and got 7lb away from target and felt sooo happy. I'm a teacher and the end of term's always difficult to stick to it as I run out of time. I put a couple of lb on around this time but wasn't too fussed as I thought I'd got the whole summer hol to focus on eating and exercising healthily.

Now - 6 weeks later. Have had a week in Germany, a week stopping smoking, a week staying at my Dads in Portugal, and despite feeling healthier than I have for ages (non-smoker now plus been exercising on my new WII Fit) I've put on a stone. My clothes are all too tight and I feel bulging and horrible.

I know I should go back to class and start keeping a food diary but something is holding me back. I feel so annoyed with myself. :mad:

It's back to school tomorrow and I know that I won't keep up the same level of exercise either as I won't have time. When did I get so bloody useless?!?!

Sorry for the outburst but it all feels a little too much at the moment. :cry:
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Wishing and hoping!
sounds like everything is getting on top - never good to make decisions in this state of mind (breathe). What I would suggest is writting every single worry out, this helps reduce the overload in your mind. then relax, look at things from a rational point of view. You can still do the diet - we all f**k up at times, but life is in constant constraction and nothing is set in stone. Focus on tomorrow being a fresh new start, plan your meals and take one day at a time. when you are ready and if you want you have the choice to go to the support group. never good idea to but pressure on yourself, never works. focus on the positive you come here on the forum, you quite easily have given up and not seeked advice :)


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Please don't beat yourself up over your weight gain. Most of us have been there.
If you can, do go back to class. It will help you to get back on track.
Good luck, and please remember we are here for any help you may need.


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Come on Hun! You know that you need to go back to class! If it's any consolation, our consultant came back from 2 weeks in the South of France and put 12lbs on! But she's fessed up and she's getting back to it. You need some outside support and altho you'll get plenty here, if you have a stressful job, then going to class will isolate you from it for a while and focus your mind on the plan. If you can afford it then I can heartily recommend the Sports Active for the Wii. It takes about 20 mins 2 days out of 3 and you will be able to find time to do it, in fact you'll find you hate the rest days! And boy do you see results inch wise!
Good luck, don't be afraid to go back to class, it'll be like going home and no one will judge you.


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rejoining the class may be your way to get you focused again. Don't loose sight that you have stopped smoking. That in itself is a massive achievement. I agree with reply above, the new wii active is a bit of a killer so worth £39 Good luck and tell yourself that you are worth more than this xxxxxxxxx
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You have to look forward now. We have all been there and the only way to plan your future is to let the past go, the only really important thing is the present. Treat the present as what it is, its a present - aka a gift. Use it and move forward. The best thing you can do is go to class and use it as a new start before you know you will be on your way again. It will happen just believe in yourself, you know you are worth it!!


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You can do it! I agree with the others, take a deep breath and head back to class. I was on holiday for 2 weeks, had gained 9lbs (ouch!) but went right back to basics, stopped eating all the things I knew I shouldn't and am getting the lbs off again.

You won't be the first to have had a gain like this and you know you'll get support and encouragement. You've proved you have great will power and determination by giving up smoking - congratulations!!! So head back to class, get back to basics and you will get the lbs off. xx
School holidays are such a killer when it comes to staying on plan, we go away, days out, have people round, worry about who's having the kids... the whole normal routine goes out of the window. I've seen so many people either gain or sts over the hols and last night everyone said how pleased they were the kids were back to school so we can all "get back to normal".
You can too hun. You've done it before and you'll do it again. Get focused, go back to class, call it a new start and lose that last few pounds!!

Go for it!


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Okay - thanks you lovely people. Think I got a bit stressed last night and spiralled over onto the black side. After I left my post I had an early night so that I could go through my past SW magazine and look for some inspiration. The first page I opened was one about stress / depression which suggested writing things down. SO. Came downstairs and found an old notebook to use as a 'diary'. Woh! Obviously needed to offload as felt much better after a fair few pages.

Anyway! As Brightonrosie reminded me - I HAVE GIVEN UP SMOKING! That is really quite a big deal. No patches or replacements. Cold turkey quitting. If I can do that I can stick to a healthy eating plan. Especially SW! I mean - it's not like we're deprived.

I stopped at tesco for Alpen light bars, fruit and a new notebook for logging food eaten on the way to work this morning. Still ended up eating a biscuit and 2 chocolates though despite my positive start. Never mind - not the end of the world.

A waiting for other half to bugger off so can do my wii-fit / wii-sports, and am going back to class on Monday. Deffo!

Thanks again for sorting me out!



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Really good to hear you're feeling positive again, and great news on the giving up smoking, I know I was "to be avoided" when I gave up but really it was the best thing I did, 5 years in October. Look forward to hearing good news next week!

Cobweb x


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Oh Lucky7 you can really do this! its so hard when you get so close and it creeps/leaps on but don't give up now, you have come so far, just take it in small steps and before you know it that stone will dissaper and just think how fabulous you will feel! i did a visulisation exercise today, and it really helped - it asks you to think of a black and white image of yourself how you look now, and then you imagine a bright colourful image of what you would like to look like - its o the website if you can find it, it really helped me.
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Hey you have done fab in stoping smoking and you can't do everything at once so now you have achieved that I would say go back to class and focus on the diet now. We all fall by the wayside at some point and I know I did and decided to go back on 10th Aug and face the scales heavier than when I started but now am in the frame of mind to get to my target and am feeling so motivated I will get there. Good luck
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Good plan Lucky7 You can do this past experience prooved that. Go for it!

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