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Feeling very flat ( and fat ) after the wrong link click


Will be thin god dammit!!
I accidently clicked on a lipotrim link and someone has lost 2 .5 stones in 7 weeks!!!!!:eek:

Even though Im losing ok I sort of now feel disappointed by my loses in the same time frame :(
Has anyone tried lipotrim?
I like SW though - - oooh Im all in a tizzy now :sigh:
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I get tempted by VLCD every now and then, but then I think about it properly and I know they're not for me. But I know what you mean. It does sound so easy and tempting (although it is lots of hard work too)
i tried it and NEVER NEVER NEVER again... i will not go into too much detail but it really messed with my "goings" and took 2 weeks to sort my tummy out... i must work for some people but ewwwwwwwww i would not want that again... it turns to a gel in ur tummy :(
another thing that is a MAJOR weightloss due to the body not being able to absorb stuff.. so will it stay once off the liptotrim? me thinks not.. at least with SW u know u will keep weight off as you have learnt how to eat best for your body :)


Will be thin god dammit!!
Thanks guys - just really peed me off to think Im only close to 1 stone in the same time period :(


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I can understand why people do VLCDs, but it was never a real option for me - the thought of living on shakes/bars etc for months .... wasn't for me.

Thing is, to achieve a healthy weight and stay there for life you have to address the underlying causes of your overeating, which are both psychological and physiological. Personally I've found SW helped me to do that in a gradual, healthy way that's meant the things I've learned during the journey are now an everyday part of my life.

I'm not sure that VLCDs do that, although some are better than others in that respect. I read the Lighter Life section of the board regularly because so much of the psychology of eating is discussed there, LL actively encourages people to think in quite a deep way about their eating habits. It works really well for some, but as with any other approach, there are people who lose lots very quickly and then regain it all within months and come back to try again.

What's more important to you right now - losing weight as quickly as possible, or reforming your habits for life? This is what you need to think about. Decide what your priority is and take the appropriate action.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Thanks again girls x
I know your right and Im now gonna delete it from my mind! :ignore:
SW for me all the way!!!! :D


Slimming for my children
i have done vlcd and they are HORRENDUS not to mention expensive!!!!
i did lighterlife (£66 per week) and Cambridge (£38 per week).
Both are hell. You have 500 cals a day, have headaches, are STARVING most of the time for 3 days to a week and then you go into ketosis where your breath stinks like dogs muck.

I lost 4 sontes in 4 months BUT it all went back on and more and i stayed in contact with 6 girls i did Lighterlife with and 2 are now so big they are having gastric bands on the nhs! and the the others are alot bigger than when they first started.

DONT DO IT!"!!!!


Not evil at all
Gotta agree with CP! You are doing so well and like everyone has said SW is so much healthier than a vlcd! xxx


I have done cambridge and all I can say is DONT DO IT :eek: I know it works for some people, but on the other hand for people like me who discover and suffer the side affects I can promise you its no fun.

I lost and gained the same weight over and over again despite the side effects I kept going back for more and more and wasted 18 months off my life, time that could have been spent eating all my adapted favourite food :D

I agree with CP (as usual) food rocks!!!
ohhhh YES -I have tried lipotrim... never again :eek:...
The 2 things that spring to mind is having a mouth like a badgers bum :eek:and constipation like you wouldn't believe :(-I have never felt so ill in my life ..... I think I did it for 6 weeks and lost just over 3st -but I gained it all back plus VAT :8855:
Give me SW anyday -Im looking at it taking me about a year from now to get to target... and I have finally decided (after many an extreme diet) that Im OK with that, afterall -it took me years to get this big ;)

You are doing really well -don't get put off ..just keep on going -You WILL do this :D


Will be thin god dammit!!
Awwwww you've all been so supportive ( as usual )
Could just hug you all x x x :grouphugg:
OMGoodness - I never ever would put myself through that - sounds soooooooooooo bad!!!

What is ketosis btw??? urgh, dog breath sounds like a good enough reason to never do it anyway, lol

I totally agree that by loosing slowly & steadily you are doing it right. You need to eat - how could you re-educate your eating habits if you are basically starved by these horrible diets?? It will just pile on afterwards :(
What is ketosis btw??? urgh, dog breath sounds like a good enough reason to never do it anyway, lol
I believe it's where the body goes into a state of pure fat-burning without hunger. From reading the Lighter Life board, once you've been on 500 cals or so for a few days ketosis kicks in and you don't actually feel hunger at all.

It's always sounded slightly odd and not particularly healthy to me, the body is supposed to feel hungry if you don't eat very much. :confused:
Boy did I need this thread!! Ive put on a fair bit of the weight I lost. My dad died very suddenly and totally unexpectedly last year and quite honestly my diet went out the window. Then once I got back into the zone diet wise Ive been losing nothing, actually gaining some weeks - and have discovered the tablets that Ive been on since before Xmas cause weight gain - fantastic!!! Im now feeling rubbish, really fat (well I am so thats fair enough) and have been toying with the idea of a VLCD for maybe 6 months. I could lost 6 stone or more in that time which is VERY appealing.

But would it stay off or will I be here this time next year feeling the same cos the weight I lost has gone back on when I started eating again. I like food (well clearly lol) I like the social side of eating and drinking. I need to learn the lessons WW can teach me...

This thread is just what I needed to read today - thank you :)


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These diets all appear to be a "quick fix" I know quite a few people that have tried them, all have had massive losses....but once they go back to normal food it all goes out the window and back on again. Losing weight quickly is not good for you, far better to change your way of life and eating habits so that you can remain eating normal food. We would all love this massive losses, but do we really want the side effects? think not....Just plod hun you will get there in a far better state of mind and far more likely to keep to what you have been doing for however long it takes you to get to target. As my total to lose was 10 stone it would have been nice to do it quickly, but I have plodded and learnt to deal with my food demons....I am nearly there now and if you perservere you will get there to x
I also keep thinking about hanging skin! I have lost over 7 stone and due to it being slow and steady and during that time me doing toning exercises, I don't have any loose skin. If you drop weight that quickly I can't see your skin having time to catch up????

Starlight- you have prooved beyond a doubt that you are a success at sensible weight loss. Your problems last year put a spanner in the works which is completely to be expected. Well done on dusting yourself off and getting back on the wagon- you KNOW you can do this and that WW is a succesful, sensible, maintainable plan. Drastic action is not the answer (however tempting) you KNOW deep down that the answer is what has worked for you so well in the past. Good luck, mate


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Please don't lynch me. But I do think there is a place for vlcd's.

I had 10 stone to lose, and the thought of following a conventional diet for yrs really depressed me. I lost 7 stone, and then decided to lose the last 3 by slimming world. I think for seriously obese people (like myself) there is a place for them. I have not put the weight back on because I am eating sensably. If u go back to old eating habits after finishing any diet, u will put it back on again.

The counsilling was great and really made you look at why you were overeating. It's a bit like taking a break from booze if you are an alcholic. It can be a relief not to have to think about food.

Yes it is expensive, but not much more expensive than what I spend on food, drinks and fresh fruit!!

I think conventional plans that do not leave out any food groups should be tried first. But the benefits of the weight loss really did outweigh the side effects for me (which incidently weren't that bad).

Sorry if I'm going against the grain, but I wanted to give another side to the debate x

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