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feeling very low right now..

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I dont mean this to sound like a pitty party but I just wondered if anyone else gets really low days on cd?

I am just curled up in bed (have been all day) on the brink of tears at any moment and just do not want to do anything! This is not like me I just have been feeling pretty low this last week.

My emotions are all over the place and I swear down its due to my period which i started a week early and is in its 2nd week and showing no signs of stopping.

A woman that my partner used to work with was trying to wind me up earlier by writing on my bfs pictures on facebook saying that she has him as his background etc and I got really upset.. shouted at my boyfriend hung up on him and switched my phone off for hours... this isnt like me im just fed up and worn down :(

Pity parrty over :(
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I am not on the ss i will be doing the 1200 cal one on Thursday, but i am sorry to hear your feeling that way. I tend to have very low moments when i diet, i have never been to sure what causes it though.

I hope your totm stops soon to, it might help you feel a bit better
Sorry i can't help, but i just wanted to send some hugs, and hope your feeling better soon xx


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wow poor you. it sounds like you need a proper bed day with lots of sleep. wake up fresh tomorrow. i have days like yours when i get all emotional coz i'm totally beat. CD ing has made me even more so. get some good quality sleep xoxox
hi helen,
so sorry ur feeling low right now.
have a 'me' day hun. snuggle up in bed if thats what u need. sod the world, it can manage for a few hours alone whilst u concentrate on 'you'.
i think most people get low days that are often well out of charactor on strict diets and my thoughts on that are that we always get low days even without dieting BUT when not on a diet we use food as a comfort from those low feelings.
Now however we cant turn to food as we used to and so have to find other ways to feed the areas of ourselves that release endorphins and make us smile.
so i would personally go with it, have a hot soak in the bath, read ur favourite book, or just snuggle up for an early night.:4635: Hopefully u will wake bright n early and feeling much higher in spirits tomorrow.:grouphugg:
I've had it exactly the same, before my period showed up I had a day of tears, the world was over!! Then it showed 9 days ago and is still here and seems in no rush to leave!!

Take some me time, lots of rest and be good to yourself!

C x


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I am feeling like this right now too, its horrible, just want to curl up in bed and forget about the world, I think its my way of coping, without food?!
For years I have used food as a comfort, reward, punishment, excuse, etc, etc, and without it to fall back on, we become vulnerable, open, bare and we have to look deep within ourselves to resolve issues, that on good days wouldn't faze us in the slightest, but on a bad day................................well, you know the rest!
Having a bed day won't do you any harm, but I find having something to get up for, to plan towards helps my head and motivates me no end, even if it is just meeting a friend for a glass of sparkling water lol!
Try and motivate yourself and your mind will follow, keeping busy and occupied stops the blues and before you know it another day has passed.
Don't let your mood get in the way of life, you have done amazing 50lbs is wondeful, hang on to that thought, you are worth this, you deserve happiness and you will get out of this low spot, in the mean time sending you lots of hugs xxx
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Hi Helen

I had excatly the same thing happen to me,TOTM came 1 week early and lasted for at least 3 weeks.Was also very very heavy,sorry if tmi!
also felt quite down and sorry for myself but have to say I now get more good days than bad days so is well worth it as havent felt this good in a long time.
Stick with it hon it will get better and we are all on here to support you xx
S: 18st11lb C: 12st11lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 28.9 Loss: 6st0lb(31.94%)
thank you alll soo much for your kind words and support, it means so much to me to have support of fellow cders.

I am feeling a little better now had a spring clean.. which is what i seem to do since starting cd.. my hoover has never seen so much action.. and i guess as they say clean house clean mind..

Watching sex and the city box set now looking forward to waking up tomorow and having a lovely day :)

Thanks once again x


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Glad you're feeling a bit brighter Helen :)

Like all the other ladies on here have already said, you do get down days and that's when you really need to take some ME TIME and just put yourself at the top of your priority list xxx :D


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Hey Helen..
Just wanted to send you big hugs.. but I am glad to hear you are feeling better.. I think cd does play havoc with your emotions especially totm etc as I know that lots of women seem to get more moody or totm arrives at different times or in my case always delayed..
Have a nice relaxing bubble bath or veg on the couch with a mag and have a bit of you time...
Take care hon and chin up your doing so well and its all worth it in the end xxx
hey, keep your chin up, i do think that the diet does make you feel a it lower as most people do use food as a crutch to cheer themselves up, i know normally if i was feeling a bit down me or a housemate would be off to the corner shop :( , this might sound silly bt when i feel a bit pants i try to put a facemask on and have hot bath and even sometimes do a hair mask (if i have any of my bar left i nibble that ) bt it makes me feel better most definately. Dont let the woman get to you she's obv a bit pathetic tbf if she has to have someone elses bf as her background and has no one that she would rather x
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Hi ya Hun :)

Big hugs for you we all get gloomy days esp around totm x

You've done fantastic so far and look amazing (I've watched ya blogs )

I also have a steaming bath when I feel a bit 'spare'

Chin up my luv x x
S: 18st11lb C: 12st11lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 28.9 Loss: 6st0lb(31.94%)
I am so greatful for all the support and kindness that this bored offers :)

Thank you all for your lovely words.. I have decided after a full day of bed and movies and a bit of cleaning yesterday- I am not gonna be a victim of my emotions today..

I am gonna get up have a nice hot shower pretty myself up go out maybe with a friend, do a bit of shopping and enjoy my sunday.

I have got to say, you guys are the greatest support network a girl could want.



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S: 20st0lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 41 Loss: 1st12lb(9.29%)
You sound so much more upbeat today. Deffo treat your self when your out shopping. I love getting the make up counters to test out there products on me......oh and picking up freebee's.....my big fav is sitting outside the coffee bar and watching the world just pass by. i'm gonna be doing a spot of that on monday with one of my male friends. we love people watching !!!!!!
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Glad you're feeling better hun. I don't get low particularly from cd. I should think the totm not helping. I never used to believe in pmt till i stopped the pill and it found me, that was a bloody shock! CD can mess with your hormones, my cdc told me, so could well be a factor. Enjoy the shopping! xx


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With four stones and nine pounds permanently removed from your body, I think that you are quite amazing!
Sorry to hear that you have been feeling low, it most certainly sounds as if your mood has been affected by TOTM. Glad that you got motivated with some distractions - a clean house and some laughs with Carrie and the gang, hope that has helped.
I do sometime feel quite tired, I stayed in bed until 1pm (but I had taken a friend to casualty with a minor injury and we had a long wait until after midnight).
And I definitely don't feel good when I am pre-menstrual.
Hope that you now have some good and uplifting experiences, wishing you all the best x

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