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Feeling very low this evening!

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I know it's utterly ridiculous seeing as I've been well aware of my size for years but sometimes something can just knock you right out when you're least expecting it.

I've been on Slimming World for about a week now and was feeling really good about it. Had a bad day at work today (I'm a teacher and one of the kids got very belligerent with me) but managed to avoid breaking the diet and was beginning to feel a bit better. Came upstairs and logged on to Facebook to find that a girl I know had uploaded several photos from New Years Eve and tagged me in loads.

I. looked. like. a. WHALE. Not kidding. I couldn't even see my facial features, so squashed together were they by all the fat on my cheeks. As for my body, the least said the better.

The worst part was that there were a couple of photos in the album in which I looked ok. Those she hadn't tagged. Just the bad ones. Of which there were many.

It's weird but normally I almost forget quite how fat I am. I'm quite capable of looking in the mirror and thinking 'yeah I look alright'. And then it takes one photo to completely crush you. I think I'd just not considered quite what a monumental task I'm facing to shed it all.

Gutted. Completely gutted. Sorry to post and potentially bring people down but had to write it down to get it all out. xx
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Hey sorry you had such a hard day hun. I think I understand about not noticeing it then it hitting you in face when you say look at photos.

But your doing something really positive about it and it will take time but will be sooo worth it. Try to hang in there you are doing really well and well done for not slipping up because of it :) And it's good to have a good vent sometimes.

Hope you are ok x
I don't know what to say, as everything I thought of sounded cliche and fake.

Be PROUD of yourself. YOU have decided to take control and make yourself feel better.

EVERY pound and even half pound lost will get you closer to your goal.


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My advice to you lady is to use those pics as a spur - you know how people display their before and after pics?

Well you've got the before pics sorted! - now just count the weeks and watch the pounds disappear. Use it to your advantage then hit us all with the after pics.

It doesn't happen overnight of course, but it does happen.

Good luck

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Blue-eyed-girl big hugs to you. I had a bit of a cry tonight too about weight and things.

I know EXACTLY what you mean about photographs (I actually remove tags on facebook!) Remember that you are doing something about it and although it's a long time getting there, you will and people here will support you, like they did for me tonight. It's a big task I know but one step at a time and we'll get there, just always be sure to come on here and vent.

Just keep going, we'll be here for you.

(Oh and I bow down to you dealing with a beligerant student, it must take a ton of patience. When I lectured mine were all young adults I don't think I could cope with teens!)
I also got a real fright from some NYE piccies - I looked such a state. I am trying to channel how I feel about the "me" in those images into the focus I need to break my bad habits. Then this time next year those nasties pictures will be the "before" image of a New Year to New Year comparision.

In the shorter term I find it can help my mind set to identify very short term goals which give me some control over how I look and how well I stick to plan - the fact that you've resisted temptation on day you've found hard is surely a sign of how well you are doing. I hope you can take some encouragement from your own actions.

Good luck

Dickiec xx
I know exactly how it feels- I live in constant fear that other people will see fat, awful pic of me on facebook before I get a chance to de-tag them!

What I would say is to rememer how you're feeling now, so that next time you're in danger of having a wobble on the plan, or are wondering if it's worth it, remember how those pics made you feel and you'll remember it is worth it.

We can't change the past, but we can make sure we get some cracking 'after' pics!!
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I know exactly how you feel! Especially about photos and I was also a teacher and know tough that is even when everything else is going well!

Keep going and just think what next years photos will look like!! It's a new day tomorrow xx
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"I know EXACTLY what you mean about photographs (I actually remove tags on facebook!) "

I do that too!!!!
I trust everyone has mastered the 'camera raised ever so slightly' angle to eliminate double chins in pics?!

Best thing I ever learnt!!!
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"I know EXACTLY what you mean about photographs (I actually remove tags on facebook!) "

I do that too!!!!
Oh yeah, they were detagged as fast as I could click the damn mouse! Why do people tag photos anyway? "Hey! Here's a photo I found of you looking like s**t! Thought you, and several hundred others, might like to see it!"

Thanks to everyone for your lovely posts.


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I know this feeling all too well.. It's actually pictures on facebook which convinced me to do something about me weight (I'm week 2, day 1) I look in the mirror and providing I'm dressed and my makeups on I feel good about myself.. Don't feel a stunner, but I focus on the positives and then I see a picture.. And all I see if a fat girl :/ there's only so long I could kid myself I was unphotogenic :/ unless the camera adds 2 stone!!

This is a human feeling! Trust me! At least you're making the change.. There may be a marathon to run, but you've put your trainers on at least.. We'll get there, we'll all get there! Look forward to seeing your 'after' pics! Tbh, I'm looking forward to seeing mine ;) nye this year will be a whoooole different story!!

Good luck :)
Beth xx
What you need to think when you see photos like that is that one day in the not too distant future, one of those will be your "before" picture - next to a photo of a slim, glamourous, healthy lady who will be the new you! And although it can seem like a mountain to climb, it's surprising how soon you start to notice the difference. I've only been back on SW for less than two weeks and yesterday someone asked if I had lost weight, I was so chuffed!


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Sorry to hear the photos made you sad. They can be such a knock to your confidence can't they. But you should see the positive as you have already taken the most important step to ensuring that next nye you will be rejoicing at how slim u are when you see the photos. Stick at it, maybe one day u will be using those photos to keep you on track when you're at your target.

I ALSO had a bad day at school yesterday (is it me or are the kids in a funny, giddy mood at the moment?) one of my year 11s had her phone out in the lesson and refused to give it to me as per the school policy. I had to involve FOUR other members of staff to get it sorted out, made me feel like a rubbish teacher :(

But u did well not to crack and stay strong. You should be proud of that, as soon as I got home I asked my boyfriend to get us a twix and we had a finger each, luckily I hadn't had any other syns!


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My son has just started teaching. I couldn't believe the language on his blog :eek:

Do you know what stood out for me about your post? YOU STAYED IN CONTROL! That is SO positive! What would you have done before? Chocolate? Wine? But no, you stayed on track. A HUGE well done! Go girl!
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untag yourself in the bad ones, tag yourself in the good ones and remeber you are fab and you are going to look diffrent next year if you put your mind to it. then you will show them!


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I'd leave the tags... I look back on old photos on FB now and smile... its like a flip book where the girl gets thinner over the pages, I hated it then of course, but what I didn't realise then is I WILL NEVER BE THAT BIG AGAIN!!

So draw a line under your bad day, and resolve to have another good week and get closer to where you want to be xxxxxxxx
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this was the reason i joined slimming world again after i went to a family party and a relative posted pictures and tagged me in them there were nice ones and then a couple of awful ones one taken from the side as i was helping set up the buffet made me feel ill i de tagged myself immediatly and was really upset then i thought well im gonna do something about it and now im 2 and a half stone lighter. Try not to worry about it and use them as your motivation :D

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