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Feeling very pleased with myself! Motivation for others!

I just wanted to write a quick post as I find that it is usually newbies to the CD posting and looking for answers and motivation!

I am 32, 5 foot 7 and I weighed in at 12,2 on July 1st and was a small size 14.

I followed Sole Source religiously for 8 weeks and got down to my goal weight of 10 stone and small size ten.

The first week is the hardest as is the second, the booze especially was hard at first, drinking water whilst your mates are getting sloshed is never fun! But it has it perks, you save on taxis, can leave whenever you want and feel great in the morning! I have actually discovered that there is life before 11am on a Saturday! I now spring out of bed everyday at 6am!

Kate Moss has a mantra - Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels! This is so true! So every time I fancied a big roast potato, glass of wine or big fat chunky dairy milk - i just kept repeating it to myself!

I also hung a pair of Thinsperation jeans on my bedroom door to motivate me. For me this was an old pair of levis that were a size 10 that looked great when I was 10 stone. I tried them on at the beginning and then every two weeks! And now they are baggy on me! If you don't have a pair - go and buy yourself something (even if its a cheap pair from primarni or the charity shop) to keep you motivated.

I have now moved on to sole source plus and its really only now people are really starting to comment on my weight! I've even had three people tell me I look too thin!!! Fancy that!

My biggest tip is stay motivated. Think why you went on the diet in the first place. Think how unhappy you were with yourself to wanting to start the plan in the first place. This is your life and your body and you have the power to change it! if your in week one or two and are struggling, when you see results at the end of month 1 - WOW!!! Then it is just a breeze. ANd remember WATER WATER WATER!!!

I've been on the plan 10 weeks and that is 10 weeks without alcohol.. and i love a drink! But I feel great and don't even want a drop! I've reclaimed my weekends and spend it doing stuff thats productive, not eating my way through a hangover!

If you have moved onto sole source plus then my SINGLE biggest tip is MASHED CAULIFLOWER!!!! tastes just like mash potato! I practically have it every night! Boil up the cauliflower (fresh or frozen) the simple blend it (or mash with a fork) add some salt and pepper to taste and bingo! Substitute mash potato! My biggest lifeline!

I am getting married in December so my aim now is to move onto maintenance in October and keep my weight the same!

I love being skinny and you can too. I have done this in just two months! I have a whole new wardrobe as all my old clothes now fit me! Keep up the motivation, you can do! Just think of all the WOW comments you are going to get and most importently how you will feel about yourself and how confident you will feel.

I love the cambridge diet, it has brought the old shelly back to life! I hope I have kept you motivated!
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S: 17st3lb C: 13st1lb G: 11st13lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 4st2lb(24.07%)
Well done !

Its a great feeling as the weight drops off.
Im also a Cambridge bride ( 3 days till our wedding ) Its amazing how much better you feel x x x
S: 18st7lb C: 15st3lb BMI: 30.6 Loss: 3st4lb(17.76%)
Oh wow i loved reading that post. I am in week 7 and am really struggling today. I was just about to give in to a custard creme but not any more. A big huge thanks from me :)

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