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Feeling Wired

Has this happened / Does this happen to anyone else? (involves a little build-up story to give you the real idea, sorry :p )

So I was up this morning at 6.30am after having about 6 hours sleep - I actually sprung out of bed, I was so awake and feeling good.
Had a shake at 7am, and went off to get the bus to work.

Was at work from 8am until about 5pm, spent all day moving heavy equipment around, installing it, climbing ladders, running cabling through celings, spent the whole day on my feet walking around the site, and didn't stop once for break.

got home, had a shake at 6, one at 8 and one at 10.

now we are at midnight, and I still feel like I have energy to burn. I'm not tired at all, tried to close my eyes but feel like I could go for a run instead! usually on the way home, I am *this* close to nodding off on the bus - today, I felt like I wanted to be outside the bus, running alongside it instead!

I'm wondering if it's the result of having 3 packs so (relatively) close together?
Or am I just suddenly feeling what it's like to actually have energy and not just being a lazy sugar-powered slob?

witty comments?

all welcomed :D
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its to do with actually getting all the vitamins and minerals.. that you dont get when you eat crapola.. and ketosis.. it makes you springy
cool, at least it's not just me :)
who knew not eating could feel so good eh? lol

(I make comments like that to look back at in 2 weeks time when I might not be so upbeat :D )
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Yep! It's pretty cool how our bods react when they are not laden with carbs and fats and sugar isn't it!!!

Glad you are feeling so good.

If I am eve in Luton and see someone chasing a bus - I'll know my chances are good it's you. Or better yet - if the bus is chasing you!

Enjoy the great feeling!!! :)
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Wooohooo...I get bursts of energy, then it goes, but when i do it get it, feel so great!


I'm going to be slim
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It's a great feeling Pete helps to keep us going
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Hi Pete, you are definately not alone on that front.

I can't believe how energetic I feel and how sluggish I used to feel...although at the time, didn't realise it.

I think that, and the fact that you are never really hungry on a VLCD make them so totally amazing - how I wish I had been brave enough before to try them.

No going back now then....

LRO xx
Google Ketosis - there's loads of interesting information out there. Lots of people argue that, genetically, it is the most natural and efficient state for our bodies to be in - way back when we were cavemen & the like. Like putting premium fuel in a car and suddenly noticing how much better it runs. Enjoy the buzz.


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I just watched this happen with my OH. 3 days into abstinence and he was grumpy as hell....Day 4 he was like a new man. Rushing around, tidying up, chattering, laughing, totally manic!

I don't remember being like that, although I do have moments of joy and energy and found myself skipping down the road the other day!

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