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Feeling wrank!!! Can i fire my dentist?? :(


..doing it!
Hey everyone :wavey: i hope all is going well :)

I went to my dentist with the worst tooth pain on thursday (wisdom tooth) and he said ive got an infection :eek:

He asked me how i was, he noticed that i looked slimmer than the last time i saw him so and i told him about LT.

Well....he went nuts!!! Had a MASSIVE go at me and said it was very dangerous. I have been with this dentist since i was a child and i got very :flamingmad: at him because he didnt seem to base his argument on any "actual" proof :argh:

Im now on antibiotics and I feel soo awful :( I called up my chemist to talk about what happened and she reassured me that it was ok to take the antibiotics, as long as i took them with my shakes. I may come out of ketosis and/or have lower WI this week, but as long as im well that is the main thing. That made me feel alot better and calmed me down. But im still miffed at my dentist!!!

I know this may seem silly but i dont feel cold anymore and this morning i woke up feeling rough, its my TOTM so i was thinking that the combination of it all is making me feel soo :censored:!!!


Lei xxx
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hi Leinaya,
sorry you are feeling rough and that the dentist gave you such a hard time. It's amazing that after secret eating for years we are still made to keep our dieting a secret too as some don't understand or support the method used. I had come on my period the day after I started and some times in the day I am very hot and others I'm cold. I discussed this with my chemist today and he told me it was perfectly normal and also normal to have irregular periods on this diet. Hope you start feeling better soon, once the antibiotics kick in. take care.


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:thankyou: Doirin

Yeah it feels kinda strange about keeping LT a secret, but after all the negative comments i received from friends/family last year (when i did LL) i decided to just not tell anyone!

Its amazing how different the reactions you get, even from the medical profession!! :eek: my gp has been very supportive which is fantastic but 2 practice nurses both had a go at me :/

Good thing is that i am sticking to it and sod all the negative people!!! :D

Thanks for what you said about feeling hot/cold. I think that because i have mainly felt cold i have used that as my berommeter for ketosis. So its reassuring to know that its normal!


Lei xxx


plodding away
I'd be annoyed too if the dentist had a go at me. What makes people think they have the right to criticise?

I get fed up with hearing the old eat less and move more advice to lose weight, this usually comes from thin people who have never had a weight problem to begin with and do not understand the many reasons people are overweight.

I was interested in what you said about keeping your weight loss method secret. I use a vlcd that I buy over the internet because I do not want to have to justify my behaviour to anyone, and object to paying my gp to sign a form to confirm what medication I am taking. I'm a nurse so would hope I can look after my own health safely and know when to seek advice.

Rant over!



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Lei - that's appalling! Having good support from your GP is the weapon I would use in response to the dentist and especially the practice nurses! Point them in the direction of the GPs door and say "Go in there and tell him - HE thinks it's fine and I'm doing great!!" He effectively is their boss after all! Would they rather you stayed the way you were before?? I don't know!

**shakes head in bemusement at people's perceived right to judge others!**


Vanda - you don't have to get GP to do anything for Lipotrim, the pharmacist decides if your medication is compatible. x


plodding away
Thanks Jan

Did consider Lipotrim but worried about the lack of variety. I do like bars to take to work. Haven't ruled it out yet, see how my current plan goes and may try if I feel like a change. Although like the fact that I'm the one that weighs me, got a bit rebellious about being weighed by someone else in slimming clubs!



..doing it!
Hellooo :)

Vanda - i agree with what you said!!! My dentist has always been skinny so he has no right to go off on one the flippin muppet! Does he assume i'm an idiot?? :rant2:

JanD - as soon as i mentioned that my gp was fine with LT - she is happy that i am doing something possitive to improve my health - my dentist became VERY quiet! I will still go to him though because he is a good dentist, i will just refuse to let him comment on MY choice to do a vlcd.

And with regards to the nurses :rolleyes: they both had NO idea what they were lecturing me about and they too became very quiet when i stated my gp knows and is fine with it, and that they could check my notes to prove it!

I'm amazed at people who "assume" that what you have decided to do with your life - in this case a VLCD - is somehow "dangerous" and that you have not researched and/or saught advice from your gp/chemist!

Methinks me rant is over!!! :D

*lei gets of her :soapbox: and looks for her coffee mug :cool:*


Lei xxx


maintaining since June'09
Glad to hear you gave them all what for!! ;)

Cheeky nits! x


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Weigh loss can wait as far as I am concerned. Toothache is bad. Hope you feel better soon. Don't worry about your dentist. He not well informed.
ROFL @ feeling 'wrank'!!!! I read that as something else as I was skimming thru......so sorry love! On a more serious note, I really hope you feel better soon, toothache and infections are nasty nasty at the best of times. As for your dentist, I'd write him a letter telling him how he made you feel, it probably won't change anything but maybe it might help you feel that you've got it off your chest? xxxx
Hellooooo :)

matronix - thats exactly what i thought! Feeling alot better today as i cant feel any pain and the swelling on my gum seems to have gone down a lil :) not sure if i feel any wiser for the wisdom tooth coming up though :sigh:

furrysmudge - :giggle: yeah i did have to check that id spelt WRANK wrong :D i think my dentist got my point when i laid back into him :flamingmad:

Im now thinking about paying him a visit in like 3 months for a "check up" and see what he says after he sees me :cool: :D

:brushing teeth:

Lei xxx

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