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Feels so good to have finally started


hoping for a good loss
Well this is the beginning of my very long journey to weight loss. Feels so good to have started on Xenical.

First tablet this morning followed by Special Flakes for brekkie. Am going to try really hard to drink loads of fluids though the day and stick to the rules.

Have even decided that the meal out I am due to go on in a few weeks time will be a no eating time for me :sigh:. Me and a few friends are off to a Curry House and there is no way I am going to be able to have curry on these tablets. I was originally going to not take the tablets for a few days before hand so I could enjoy a curry, but then I thought....whats the point lol. I am doing this for me and by cheating I am only cheating myself.

So I apologise in advance. I will be on here the whole time and will be boring you all sensless with my waffle and babbling ;)

Heres to weight loss :D

Charlie xx
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hoping for a good loss
lets hope the positivity (is there such a word) continues.
Hiya Just wanted to wish you all the best with your journey to slimdom. X
hello and welcome! i hope you are on here all the time waffling, it makes an interesting read! lol. good luck with your journey :) x


I will do this...

I love Indian food and have a really fab Indian close by that I've been pining for... I was looking through old posts that you might find interesting for your upcoming meal: -


I haven't tried it yet, have been a bit to busy at the weekends but I'm going to soon, I've had a very good tip from another MiniMins member - have something to look forward to each week - it makes it easier and also means that you don't feel like you are sacrificing too much.

I don't want to give up everything, I just want to be able to go to places and make the appropriate choices.

I hope you are having a good day :) xx


hoping for a good loss
Thanks Jenjen. Is a fab link, but my will power is not so fab and I honestly think that by going without is going to be the best route for me.

Day 2 now and still on track. Have made my husband hide the scales so I can't go getting on them every day lol.
I weigh myself almost every day on the bathroom scales, and the Wii Fit tells me to do the body test every day which weighs me too. It's not very reliable because your weight fluctuates up or down by 2lbs each day anyway, so I only count the weigh in I do on a Monday morning, but it's interesting to see how my weight is changing throughout the week too. I don't see a problem with being weighed every day, as long as you don't get too obsessed with it if you go up slightly throughout the week.

Good luck with the rest of your first week, let us know how you get on! :) x


hoping for a good loss
I get a bit obsessive though, so is best they are hidden lol

Oh and I will let you know how I get on, in fact I will bore you all to death with my mindless waffling hahaha

Charlie xx
that's great! i love reading about other people and how they're getting on. it's good to have people to waffle on to, it really helps you out :)

how's day 2 going for you? what have you eaten so far? x


hoping for a good loss
Day 2 is going well thanks.

Had my Special Flakes for brekkie and then some river cobbler and cous cous for lunch. Am off to work in a bit and dreading it as nights are when I pick the most, especially when patients or relatives have bought chociies and biscuits for us. Have not eaten before work tonight and have my ready meal, salad and fruit to have in the vain hope I will be full for the night lol. Might also take a couple of yogs for after my break and an apple.

AARRRGGGHHH hate nights on a diet lol
ahh you will be fine take lots of carrots and celery to much on, must be hard working nights and dieting but you can do it I am only on day three so we are both at the same stage it is such a drastic change in diet but once we get used to it and realise all the things we can have instead of missing all the things we cant we will be fine . Ok thats what I keep telling myself. good luck tonight let us know how you get on and remember" Step away from the biscuits " x x


gunna be a fatty for ever
good luck for tonite!

I find if my stomach is empty i think oooh i'll just have one choccie biscuit and one leads to another so i try and eat something filling like a big banana so its sweet and theres at least some thing in my tummy!
Let us know how you get on!!

Love katie
Hiya and welcome :)

Sounds like a great start to the diet (hate that word) and long may it continue, hope you managed to keep yourself distracted on the night shift, i know how they can be esp when they order the takeaways (at least that's what they do at our hosp lol)


hoping for a good loss
What a night!!!!!!!!! Was really busy (I work in a Hospice) one poor lady was bleeding via her nose and mouth whilst she was dying and although she was totally unaware of it, her family (and the staff) found it distressing. Didn't have time for my supper until 2am and then I had to force myself to eat it. Must admit I haven't given up smoking yet as I intended, just can't cope with that as well at the moment. I will do, but not yet.

No snacking last night, so hope tonight is the same (food wise not patient wise)

Thanks for all your lovely messages, I really feel like I am fitting in on here, you are all so friendly and supportive and coming on here feels like coming home

Mwah lol

Charlie xx
I also want to quit smoking, but I don't think now is the right time for me. I use smoking as a kind of distraction, so if I feel a bit peckish, I'll have a cigarette and it tends to curb the hunger for a while. I think if I packed in smoking, I'd end up eating a hell of a lot more, so I'm going to try and quit once I've lost a bit of weight and am firmly into a routine of healthy eating so that I won't waver and end up snacking on junk.

You must be a very strong person to be able to work in a hospice, I don't think I could do it. It'd break my heart watching people die. If you're strong enough to deal with things like that, you're definitely a strong enough person to resist temptation and keep on the straight and narrow diet wise. You're doing great so far, just stay positive and keep telling yourself you don't need to fill your body with junk. You'll soon find that you don't even find junk food tempting, so just stick with it! :) x


hoping for a good loss
Thanks hun,

Well my second night was alright, although I did give in to a biscuit. Having only had 6g fat for my supper though I thought I should be alright. It was delicious and I savoured each mouthful.

Now the summer holidays have begun and I have 6 weeks with the kids at home and it is currently raining cats and dogs out there. Oh the joys of british weather!!!!!!!

Roll on Sept 6th when we are off to Portugal for 2 weeks of sun (hopefully) I really hope I can get at least a stone off by then. Am going to try blooming hard to do so.

Watch this space. Oooh that reminds me, must go change my stats as the original weight is 4lb too light lol.

Am waffling again hehehehehe, sorry

Charlie xx
We've actually got quite nice weather here today, for a change lol. We've had a few showers this morning but it's brightening up now. I had a week in Spain at the end of June, and it was great to get away from it all. I didn't start taking the tablets until after I came home from Spain though, so I didn't manage to lose any weight before I went. But hopefully next year I'll be a lot slimmer so I can strut my stuff on the beach in an itsy bitsy bikini! :D x
Welcome Charlie & Good Luck Xxx


hoping for a good loss
Well it is weigh day tomorrow. Have been good all week and hoping to have lost a bit. Exercise is not happening right now and neither is the quitting smoking, but one out of 3 ain't bad lol

Will update tomorrow


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