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fell off the wagon in spectacular fashion!

well I have spent the whole of January off of the wagon and managed to creep back up to 14 stone.

I have got rid of all of my shakes and meal replacement and am on to a green atkins induction its time to stop torturing myself!!

Just a quick question..what is the average calorie intake for most of you? After being on a VLCD I find it quite scary going over 1000 x
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I feel like maybe I should keep an eye on them what with me coming from a VLCD maybe? x
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Nah i wouldn't bother. You may have a slight gain regardless of what cals you consume from moving over from a VLCD, most people (including me) have a gain. However you just need to stick with it, counting the carbs n not the cals to see the weight start coming off again. So long as you get enough vegs, water etc you should be fine. Be sure to read the stickies at the top of the page, eg, the starting atkins one written by our atkins guru Jim. Also take a peak at the 'what we're eating' thread to get an idea of what people on atkins consume in a day.


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I feel like maybe I should keep an eye on them what with me coming from a VLCD maybe? x
Thought you were off the wagon in Jan? :confused: Did you go back on a VLCD in Feb or something Jools? Are you coming from that to Atkins?
I was on and off the wagon on a daily basis! Not managing to keep on the shakes for more than 2 days at a time and then binging not good. Thought atkins was the way to go for the rest of this journey
Agree with the above. Calories meaningless when on low carb. Gary Taubes, a low carb legend, said that some people in tests had 6-8000 calories on a low carb diet and lost weight. Once you understand how weight is gained and lost, which takes just over an hour (watching a Gary Taubes presentation - I honestly believe our government wants to keep us fat and controlled but that's another story) you really see that calories are a myth. You cannot gain weight without the presence of insulin, and when insulin isn't produced (when you don't consume carbs or massive amounts of protein at once) the fat in your cells can enter your system and be burned or excreted (which produces the awesome ketostick effect).

Forget calories, monitor carbs like a Nazi and you'll get to goal in no time.


Never give up
S: 18st12lb C: 17st11lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 1st1lb(5.68%)
James, loving that post! Have you read 'Big Fat Lies' by Hannah Sutter? Fab book on the conspiracy theory of carbs!
is that presentation available online? x
is that presentation available online? x
YouTube - Gary Taubes' "Why We Get Fat" IMS Lecture On August 12, 2010 (Part 1 of 8)

Credit to Jimmy from LLVLC. It's so good I might watch it again. I think I remember the first few slides are a bit hard going and you could start watching from part 4 and still get the idea but it's worth an hour and a half of anyone's time and should be manditory for MPs (keep taking your backhanders from the big companies :mad:), teachers, parents and young children to watch IMO.
thank you so much! Day 3 back on the wagon and remembering why I love atkins! I have hidden my scales for the next few weeks aswell :)


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Hi Jools, good to see you. Even better that you have hidden scales :D
Thanks Katie, I weighed this morning and plan on not weighing for 4 weeks so hopefully I'll see a good loss :)
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welcome back to atkins :D

i absolutely HATE counting calories/carbs/points/....thats why atkins is easy for me, i know pretty much what i can and cant eat so just stick to that :D
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Good on hiding the scales Jools. I never counted Calories on Atkins love.
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Well done for hiding the scales, thats will power in itself!! Your loses will soon re-appear once again when your body settles back into the Atkins way.

I only ever count carbs never calories, that what makes this diet so fabulous, have what you like as long as its 'legal'.

Good luck x

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