2020 - a new year, a new decade, the same me (just hopefully slimmer!)

Thanks both! Well today hasn't been brilliant, but hasn't been dreadful. Shake for breakfast and lunch, and then water biscuits for both snacks. Within calorie allowance but it's not exactly healthy. Still lots of veg and protein for tea so like I say, not dreadful.

Hubby has just had a crate of wine delivered, so wanted me to drink with him tonight. I always said weekends would be more relaxed than in the week, so thought I might have a glass or 2. But then I realised that actually I don't fancy wine, and I'll probably drink at my Nan's party tomorrow.

There is a chocolate mousse in the fridge that I may eat. Then again, I may not. We'll see 🤷
I'm back after a 1 day absence 😂

Friday saw me eat my chocolate mousse pudding thing (217 calories) plus 7 chocolate truffles 🙈
Yesterday started off with a shake, lunch was party food (quiche, gala pie, sandwiches, cocktail sausages, crudités with dip and couscous, followed by trifle), then birthday cake, half a bottle of wine and a 2nd piece of gala pie and quiche for tea.

Today so far has been 2 petit pains (with real butter - I love staying at my parents!) for breakfast and a piece of birthday cake for lunch. Tea is going to be omelette and salad. When we get back from either of our parents we usually have KFC, McDonald's or pizza takeaway, but I want to get back on track straight away and hubby wants to save as much money as possible, so omelette it is :)

My nan loved her little party. There was actually only 11 of us as she only wanted family, but my dad and uncle (dad's brother, both are Nan's sons) don't usually get on so it's rare for us all to spend time together. There were no arguments and everyone was happy.

Got a busy week ahead. Tomorrow is doing some online learning, Tuesday we've got social worker visiting, Wednesday we'll finally get a chance to do shopping, Thursday gym, Friday is a relaxed evening lol.

How is everyone else's weekend going? How is the week ahead looking?
We'll this morning has been a bit of a disaster. Woke up with a very gunky eye - hit by conjunctivitis. Got up and blew my nose to find black bits in my snot. I've never had that before, and it was properly black, not dark brown or dark red. Quick Google search says not an issue if you've been somewhere smokey or heavily polluted - which I haven't. Called 111 who went through loads of questions. They *thought* it was soot from 2 candles we had lit last night, but we regularly have more than 2 on with no black bits in my snot. So I had to go to a pharmacist to have it checked. All ok and does seem to be the candles, so I won't light those ones again! And now my sinuses hurt as they had to irrigate my nostrils! Although at least going to the pharmacist meant I could pick up drops for my eye. Pharmacist thought I was a bit mental paying £6.49 for drops as I could get them free on prescription (I live in Wales - free prescriptions), but that would cost the NHS way more than £6.49, and take up more of my day! So £6.49 I paid.

Anyhoo, got to the station to get the 10am train to work, only to find it's 45 minutes late and the next train timetabled at 10:22 is 27 minutes late! So now I'll be at least an hour late!

I have my shake but it makes me thirsty and I have no water on me. And I refuse to buy more plastic so I'll have to wait until I get to work, whenever that may be, to have some water and my shake.

Positives though - I'm staying on plan!
The rest of my day was much better - 2 litres of water, shake for breakfast and lunch, water biscuits and wotsits for daytime snacks, spicy chicken cooked with peppers and onion served with broccoli and pasta. Fruit and yogurt for evening snack.

Hope everyone had a good Monday :)

@GaGirl whereabouts in South Wales are your family?
Aw no, whereabouts are you? Wish I ate less when bored lol. I've got an evening to myself tonight, and I am most definitely a boredom eater so hoping I can stay strong tonight and avoid overeating!

Today I've had:
B : shake
S : 2x water biscuits, 2 X cheese triangle, 1 large celery stick
L : shake
S : --
D : chipolata sausages, turkey rashers, sprouts and onion, baked beans and potatoes. Came in at approx 700Cal.
1.75l water

I've got a FibreOne chocolate brownie (90Cal) and fruit and yogurt if I want it tonight. I may end up slightly up on Calories, but it's better to be slightly over than bingeing!
I’m in Spain at the moment, we got hit by storm Gloria last night, the beach is a mess.

I tend to eat when I read more than anything, whilst i read my mind thinks of what I can have to eat.
Ooh whereabouts in Spain are you? I've seen pictures of some of the storm damage - not good!
I hope everyone and wildlife are all ok @GaGirl ! Stay safe! Hopefully the worst has passed. Sounds crass, but for the sake of the Spanish economy I hope it's all sorted for tourist high season too.
Ugh got a crappy meal tonight. In Tesco doing our food shop and we decided we'd have homemade turkey burgers. I was going to have a sandwich thin, some cheese and a turkey rasher. Instead of chips vegetable chips (aubergine, courgette and pepper done in the airfryer). I was really looking forward to it and had calorie counted it all. Hubby decides he wants the veg diced and cooked in tomatoes with beans. I don't have enough calories for that plus my thin, turkey rasher and cheese but we both need the airfryer. So he got his way (despite my almighty tantrum in Tesco) and now I have a plain turkey burger with veg and beans. I DONT EVEN WANT BEANS!!!! And I really want some form of carb, but with the beans I have no calories, and without the beans I'd have no veg as he's cooked it all together.

I know it sounds petty, and it is definitely a 1st world problem, but he has ruined my meal and that has ruined my evening.

Anyway, rest of the day has been shake for lunch and breakfast, water biscuits and turkey pieces for 1 snack and a bag of wotsits for the other snack. I'm about halfway through my cycle, but honestly between the spots on my chin, my craving for carbs and my mood recently, you'd think I'd be due my period tomorrow!!

Oh forgot to update last night - no bingeing or overeating. I didn't even have my 90Cal brownie. Just some fruit - not even yogurt!
[QUOTE="MrsP89, post: 8059310, member: 135843"

Oh forgot to update last night - no bingeing or overeating. I didn't even have my 90Cal brownie. Just some fruit - not even yogurt!

Sorry you had a crappy time with meals. When you don't get much in a day, planning is important and you can quite look forward to something. Things not quite going to plan really knock me sideways too.

But well done for hanging in there, today is another day :)
Today has gone well so far. 2 shakes, 1 snack (water biscuits - I think I'm addicted 😂) and 2.25l water.

Meeting my bestie for a cuppa at a lovely coffee shop this evening. It usually means a slice of cake too. Not sure yet how this is going to go. Will I enjoy it as much if I don't have cake? Or will I feel guilty if I do? Not helpful that we're meeting before I have tea/dinner so I'm starting to feel peckish too!

Tea is pork mince, leftover veg and beans and rice cooked together. I may bulk it out with broccoli and cauliflower depending on how hungry I'm feeling.

Almost the weekend!
Happy FriYAY everyone!

Yesterday at the coffee shop, I had a biscuit at 112Cal. I hadn't had afternoon snack so happy with that.

Tea was as planned, evening snack fruit and yogurt.

Weighed this morning and 2lb down which I'm happy with, especially considering my weekend! Despite going out drinking in the week hubby lost 2.5 which is a little irksome, but generally I'm just happy with my 2lb :)

How's everyone's Friday and weekend looking? Any plans?
Sounds like a busy but fun weekend!

We have a completely free weekend. First time in months that we can properly relax and do our own thing without rushing around and clockwatching or entertaining or preparing to entertain. Get to catch up on some housework but without rushing, go for a walk, go to the gym, chill at home. I've been looking forward to this weekend for so long 😂

Today's day has been ok-ish. 1.5l water, 1.5 shakes, a bag of wotsits, a 90Cal brownie, chicken breast and pasta with various veg. Now treating myself to a white chocolate snowman from Christmas. 158Cal so not disastrous.
Very much enjoying my relaxed weekend. Although trying to put off cooking tea as long as possible! We've got homemade pizza, homemade chicken nuggets and homemade potato wedges. Fakeaway! The pizza is a total of 750Cal (to be shared between the 2 of us), 150Cal per portion of potato and 150Cal per portion for the chicken. So under 800 for my meal and a LOT cheaper than a takeaway. Probably taste nicer and make me less thirsty that a takeaway too! I have some stir fry veg too as felt a bit guilty at the lack of veg in my meal 😂😂😂 and it was only 17p in Morrisons!

Had a lazy morning, turkey rashers and Philadelphia lightest on an English muffin for breakfast (286Cal), shake for lunch, half a piece of bread pudding as afternoon snack.

How's your day been? Hope you enjoy your meal out tonight (or was it a daytime thing?)
No, I just check the packet of things for Cals per 100g then weigh whatever I use. I usually add 10% to my calculations too.

I'm trying the 2 ingredient dough - fat free greek yogurt and self raising flour. Never tried it before so fingers crossed it's ok! It gets good reviews so I'm hopeful. Toppings are reduced fat mozzarella, ham and pineapple (don't judge me - it's my favourite pizza!)

Enjoy your pizza!