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Fell off the wagon, ran after it, fell over and got run over by the next wagon.


Grappling with life
Weighed in last Wednesday, lost 1.5lb, felt good, woke up Thursday and just ate utter cr*p, this continued til Saturday. In thos 3 days I ate over a weeks worth of points. I was more or less back on track yesterday and today much of the same, only 2 or 3 points over.

I don't think I can undo the damage. I have mine and husbands birthdays and cakes and meals out this weekend.

I have written down every mouthful though so I know exactly what I have eaten.

I figure I will go to group, weigh in, face the music, get our birthdays out the way then crack on proper!!!

Phew that feels better getting it off my chest.
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Oh hun, don't beat yourself up about it, it happens to the best of us.
That's great that you've taken note of what you've eaten, bet if you hadn't done that it would have been even worse! Definitely go to your weigh in, accept whatever happens, then move on :) I am sure that even if you do gain, you will lose it quickly :) x


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Well done for dragging yourself out of the road, dusting yourself off and getting back on the next wagon ;) I think you have a good attitude towards what you have to do next, you may not be able to undo the damage but you can minimise it with saving a few points this week it's only monday after all, good luck with your fresh start :)
You know thats the key to weightloss is restarting asap,I think just do as you are going to do be real careful and then enjoy birthdays,it usually balances itself out anyway xx


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I am sure that you'll be back on track in no-time. Just draw a line under the weekend - after all it is birthday times. And they only come round once a year. Enjoy!!!


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yip i had a similar 5 days, dreading the weigh in, im gutted because im only starting out but we were away for the weekend caravaning it was take out after take out, back to it today and hopefully undo some of the damage.

good luck with your wi
We are all aware that this happens and when it does I certainly dont write down everything (i usually just write ...OMG YOU DIDNT) on my diary so well done and you will be back on track soon.x


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I always figure as long as you recognise you were "bad" and don't put back on all you've lost (which in some of our cases would be impossible with just one blow out....... but fun trying lol!!) then you actually weren't all that naughty.

I knew one friend who would fall off the wagon by only a couple of points and then think she'd ruined everything and continue to be bad for months.... then wonder why she never lost more than a couple of lbs!

Maria, your diary entries are far less rude than mine when I mess up !


Grappling with life
Thanks Lauren!

Have to say that until today I hadn't been fast enough to catch up with the wagon. Since Wednesday last week we have had 3 birthdays and just as many meals out and cakes to contend with. So I think at weigh in tomorrow I will have gained about 4lb but I am expecting it. I have been back on and tracking today. Just woken up from my nap and felt peckish so I had loads of chopped carrot - along with some onion and herb dip - afraid I do not know how many points were in the dip but I did just dip each stick once rather than scoop with each bite!

So even if I am not 100% I am aware and making the effort!


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