Fell off wagon @ 100 mph!


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So as the title says I weigh in on a monday had a fab result quite new to sw and was feeling really positive yesterday! Well today I totally fell of the wagon mainly bread and chocolate oh and the wine!!!

I'm on new meds as prevention for chronic migraine they make me sleepy and I dint know why but when I'm tired that's it good bye all my good diet intentions!

Well I was looking over other posts and peoples responses re others falling off the wagon and u have all the motivation I need ( I hope) I'm gonna stop or at least try to stop beating myself up over it draw a line and start a fresh in the morning

So off to bed now to end this bizarre day and tomorrow will be a good 100% much much better day!!!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings xx
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Your going to wake up tomorrow full of beans ready to take on day 1 100% on plan.. This will make you feel loads better so you will do day2 100% and so on!! You can get back on track & keep that positive frame of mind!! For me NOTHING tastes as good as the feeling of a loss on the scale feels! Have a good sleep & fresh start in the morning wohoo :)


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Very well done for realising this and doing something about it .. it took me a whole week to get back on track! You will get back into the swing of things just keep focused :D


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Don't worry chick, another wagon will be along in a minute! Everyone has a blip! I had a nacho and cheese craving yesterday and gave into it a little bit. I am drinking green tea by the bucketload today as pennance!

Oh, and red wine, chocolate and bread are all migraine triggers!!

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Your only human, darling. We all have days like this now and again but as you get better results and get further in to your weight loss, these days won't happen as often.

The thing is not to let it influence your tomorrows by thinking, oh well, broke it now so might as well start next week coz next week never comes. I so used to think like this and the weight just goes on and on. Also, even if you break it for one meal or an hour or two, quickly put it behind and you and move on. You've had this slight blip, picked yourself up and dusted yourself down....now get back on & don't look back!

Being extra good today will cancel yesterday's Syns anyway & will motivate you for tomorrow lol! Good luck!


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S: 19st7lb C: 15st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 3st11lb(19.41%)
Thanks for all the support guys I got back on that wagon and put my seat belt on n double locked the doors I've been tucked up on that same wagon 110% today :) so totally back to where I need to be mind set wise...... U never know I may even be able to pull off a loss ;-)