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Felt really, really hungry today why???

G: 12st0lb
I dont know whats wrong but since I came back off holiday I have been absolutely starving! Before I went I was fine not hungry and really strong , but since I returned , awfull!
I am still in Ketosis, but I am wondering if its because I ate when on holiday for a few nights , just a very small portion of lean chicken or fish and a couple of tablespoons of green leaves. I didnt notice increased hunger whilst on holiday and stayed in the pnk all the way through so why now?
I am in week 9 now and havent felt this hungry after the first couple of weeks. I also feel very lethagic and had bad tummy pains last couple of days..
I will have to go to bed now because I will eat something I'm sure if I stay up.
Carole xxx
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Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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Heaven can wait, there are now two threads regarding week 9 hunger, go & have a look, mine is under 'feel so crappy & tired'.
There is also one by Angelxx posted 1 day ago titled 'Anyone on week 9ish'.
I hope this helps, but I'd probably say you are right about the eating food, now your chatterbox is telling you it is ok to eat, so you may find it difficult over the next few days, until your chatterbox shuts up!
Just keep at it, ignore the thoughts & do what you know you can do.
Drinks lots, go to bed early & keep occupied.
Aww big hugs. Could be food but could also be the week 7-9 blues that seem to hit. All I can say on week 9 is thank God for this ste - would not get through wthout it. Hope you feel less hungry soon. Have you tried swiss marigold when you feel hungry between packs? Are you timing packs evenly appart? These two things seem to help me...HTH?
G: 12st0lb
hi everyone
Thanks so much for your support and Cheery for posting the links to similiar threads, I have read them and it really helps to know that others have been through this and survived to fight another day. So much of what I read does ring true with my situation , re the stress and feeling realy tired, cold and low. As some of you may know I have just got back from warmer climes so I expected to go through the freezing and depressed , (the miserable rain dont help!) but the hunger struck me like a bolt from the blue. I have got a lot on at the moment, I have two sisters , one became a grandma for the first time last Wednesday (very lovely) and the other has just had a masectomy last Thursday (very sad and worrying) and I have been rushing between the two and meeting myself coming back in the middle. I feel a bit better today, so I will keep my fingers crossed that I may be through the worst, couldnt take another weekend like the last it was sheer hell.
Love to you all
Carole xxx

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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Carole, I know exactly what you mean, the hunger felt like a thunder bolt to me.
I was very cold, coldest I've ever been.
I hope you have got through it, I feel so much stronger now than I did then.
I know I can conquer this & become slim.
Good luck with your week.
Good to hear that you are eeling a bit more positive! Hang in there girl! Its tugh (esp when you felt ok & then feel cack again!). Have some pampering, eary nights, rest & a big hug from me!


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I had the same feeling in my 9th week, I was starving all last week, and it drove me nuts, I was drowning in water, so I am conviced it was my body screaming at me to feed it proper food.

However, this week, I have been fine (apart from my choccy mishap last night), but I haven't really felt hungry all week.

This 9 weeks blues is insane

Mrs Lard

Silver Member
Dear Carole

Poor you. Not a double whammy of stress and anxiety but threefold. I'm not surprised you felt hungry - there's a lot going on - and food would have been the one way you could make yourself feel better. Add tiredness (emotional and physical) into the mix and it's not a happy combination. If you can sit it out, you will feel better.

Bizarrely, I also felt ravenous today but I've just started a new job and wasn't hungry while I was there. As soon as I left, hunger kicked in. Genuine hunger - like a bolt, just as others have said. But I now realise it was me looking for a reward for the new job and, in the past, I would have tucked into a sandwich as a treat.

You're doing really well with your weightloss and it will get better. Good luck to you and your sisters.

Mrs L xxxxxxx
G: 12st0lb
Thanks all, for all the encouraging support, and especially Mrs Lard, reading your excellent blogg kept me engrossed long enough to stay out of the bread bin untill it was time for my next pack!

Really think I have been down with a virus, glands up etc, felt better yesterday and then overdid it by walking 5 miles in preparation for Race for Life! Today I just know I must be post viral becuase I feel like lead can hardly be bothered to lift my arms and legs! Last nights washing up still in sink, does anyone resent having to shop for , cook and wash up after meals they havnt eaten? I feel such a cow for having these thoughts , because my husband and son both work all day and I dont normally resent it , but on days like today ...

Not as hungry just knackered! got to be an improvement.
thanks again

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