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Felt so numb, and pissed off

Mr Gilbo

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Yesterday I went to the local "fat man" clothing warehouse that is near me. I was just going in for a new pair of black or grey work trousers. Unfortunately, they didn't have any that weren't part of a suit or non dryclean. So I decided to look at the casual stuff.

I usually buy levi jeans straight from america, as well as shorts too. Tops I tend to go with polo shirts or t-shirts sourced either from ebay, jacamo, or this "fat man" warehouse.

So I start to look around as normal not really seeing anything I like. Did find a few shirts which I tried on. Didn't fit at all well. Didn't seem to be any difference in the cut between 4xl, 5xl or 6xl. The sleeves and the length kept getting longer however. I did find a shirt that would have fitted but it looked like something Charlie Harper from Two and a half men would wear!

So I ended up storming out of the place and headed into Sainsburys to re-stock on fruit. But the whole experience just really hacked me off. I really hate shopping for a size and then buying the item because it fits. I just want to have the entire choice of lakeside or bluewater to go shopping in!

I quite often go shopping at lakeside or bluewater with my friend Liz (she has no car). She always asks if I want to pop in and look round the mens shops. Always say no because I know nothing will fit :( I day I can shop anywhere will be a dangerous thing for my bank account.

This morning however I feel better about it. I am glad my head is in the right place and I didn't run for the chocolate after yesterdays experience. And I have just ordered a Ralph Lauren polo shirt off ebay :)

I'm sure alot of people on here have experienced this themselves. Thin friends just don't understand that something so simple as buying a pair of trousers is so difficult.
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Poor you, nothing worse than finding nothing to wear or having to wear something because it's the only thing to fit. I've spent my whole 20's trying to pretend I look good in what I wear but it's such a lie. I was so excited a few weeks ago when I could squeeze into some Evans clothes, most people get excited when they don't have to go to Evans at all but that won't be me for a long time.

Well done for buying fruit rather than chocolate or something worse. The fact you had control even when emotional/angry is a huge thing.
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I think Laura hit the nail on the head - you WILL be able to shop for clothes on the High Street soon because you are making the right choices, food wise. The thing that should really stand out for you about that day is that you were fed up and frustrated and you still made good food choices - that is a huge achievement!

Mr Gilbo

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S: 29st0lb C: 17st0lb G: 13st4lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 12st0lb(41.38%)
Thanks for your kind words. :)

I'm think I am a rare breed, a straight man that like to shop for clothes. Very depressing when you can't tho.


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I completely understand where you are coming from. Since i was about 16 ive had to shop in new look's plus size range and from plus size catalogs. I hate going in to shops with friends as they all try on clothes and i can only dream of them fitting over my leg hahha.

But as mentioned, you are making the right choices and you WILL be able to shop in 'normal' stores. Are you using this for motivation? I love the clothes shop republic so the first this im doing when i get in a size 14 is buying something from there, even if its just a top :)

Mr Gilbo

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S: 29st0lb C: 17st0lb G: 13st4lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 12st0lb(41.38%)
No Ria it's no my motivation. My motivation is my health, and wanting to enjoy the simples things in life that many take for granted which I do not enjoy or struggle to do.


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I know what you mean, just to be able to go for a walk without pain, not panic if I will fit in a seat, be happy to have pictures taken of me, not stand out in a crowd because of my size and especially not to be judged buy others who have never had a weight problem and don't know how cruel they are being.

Good luck to all of us we will get there this time with all the support we give each other.
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size 14 here I come
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Totally understand!!! Cant count how many times I have had a strop and stormed out of a shop :( I was coming to the point where I was growing out of evans clothes and that is scary so I KNEW I could not go on like that over something everyone takes for granted! still another 4 or 5 dress sizes before I will be able to shop in a ''normal'' clothes shop.


One day at a time
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Totally understand and share all your thoughts. I tend to shop online to get clothes that fit and its annoying as I love clothes shopping.

But I agree with Ronsy, my true pleasure will come from walking without pain, not having to nervously look through windows of cafes to see if there's arms on the chairs or worry if they look strong enough.
The embarrassment of going to the threatre and not being able to fit in the seat and having to sit 'perched' on the edge for nearly 2 hours will stay with me forever.
Oh, and the time that I was on a plane years ago and the crew member worked out that I was calling for assistance with my hip on the button several times without my knowledge. I hated that journey!


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(((hugs))) there is nothing more disheartening, than buying clothes in shop you hate. I am the same in evans - it's one of the few places I can buy clothes and I loathe the shop. So, like you, watch out high street when I'm at goal

BTW - did you know that cotton traders go up to 5XL? my Ex had a few tops from there.



Here we go again ..
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hugs hun . certainly know how your feeling , it can make you feel so low when you get a bad shopping trip (not that many of mine ever seem to be that good)
have to say though your def not the only shopaholic man out there struggiling to find what you want my bf is the same love clothes shopping and also following slimmingworld ..i should try and get him to sign up here think he would find it inspiring knowing theres other guys out there in same situation..

chin up hun and dont let it get you to down
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Just keep your goals in sight and you will do this - the good thing is, you are doing it to make a difference to YOU, not for anyone else. When this is your motivation, you are more likely to succeed! Good luck on your slimming journey xx


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glad u r feeling more positive now. we can all identify with what you have said and its great that we can vent here and move on from it. your health and wardrobe will be on top form before long. well done for making the right choices. it isnt easy when you are peeved! xxx


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Thought this might help, its a web site called size up.co.uk and they sell branded larger trendy clothes for men. Hope this helps and good luck on your journey.


Are We There Yet?
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I cannot wait to fit into Primark lol

I did for a little while when I was 21. Nearly 8 years later, I want it again. They have some lovely maxi dresses right now lol

I HATE Evans. I have to shop in Evans, or hope Inspire in New Look has something. I do like shopping in George though, as the large clothes are not in a separate area :) I have had some great summer dresses and tops from there this year :)

I look forward to no achy joints and wearing clothes I want to wear....Not ones I can wear lol....I am obsessed with charity shops too.....So they should become more fun lol


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lol Isis I know EXACTLY what you mean. I've been into town this morning, went into evans, and thought that when I can fit in to a size 16 in next and monsoon i will never ever EVER set foot in that horrible shop again!



Are We There Yet?
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I have size 10 feet, so I know I will always have to go into Evans :(

However, when I am slim, their boots will be too baggy lol....I have never had fat ankles, so Evans boots are often strange on me (I know, this heavy and not fat ankles....my legs are pretty strange lol)

Shoping in Monsoon and Next would be fabulous! So much to choose! We will get there Rach. By hook or by crook!lol


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AH but.....my friend lost nearly 10 stone on LL and her feet shrank 2 sizes!

I'd love my feet to shrink 2 sizes



Are We There Yet?
S: 27st7.0lb C: 16st11.0lb G: 12st13.0lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 10st10lb(38.96%)
I would love that too!

You have just reminded me, when I was 15st8 I could fit into size 9 shoes with no trouble! So could be less at goaal! Yay!

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