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Felt sorry for myself and now ruined my week!!


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I'd been looking forward to last Saturday for aaaages! Hubs was away on business on valentines so we decided to go for a rare night away, just the 2 of us. He was in charge of booking a restaurant - I didn't mind where as long as it was cozy and romantic.

So we get to Reading on Saturday- he decides he wants watch the footie so 'let's' me go over to the shops.
When I got back I ended up having 2 archers and lemonade as felt rubbish that we'd so far spent our romantic weekend apart - first downfall
Then we go out for dinner and turns out we were going to Jamie's Italian...some really busy (not cosy and romantic) chain so order a carbonara as felt disappointed - second downfall.
Then, as dinner turns up. Hubs tells me he feels ill and wants to leave so I have to gobble dinner and go back to hotel.
He goes to bed and leaves me to sit on the tiny chair by the bed to watch telly all night (it was 8pm) so I end up goingvto the vending machine and buying 2 bars of choc - 3rd downfall.
Next morning I have to go for brekkie on my own and end up having toast and yogurt (not fat free) with granola - 4th downfall.
Now, as usual he has been away all week and I haven't been able to stop eating biscuits and junk.
I feel rubbish, can't believe one little thing gas escalated into a massive load of unnecessay eating.
Think I'm more upset about all the rubbish I've eaten than the ruined night lol!
Why do we have to turn to food??? Why??? What a waste - I would have been up for a shiny tonight if I'd been a good girl :-(

Ok, it's out my system now, time to move on!
Thanks for listening lOl!
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First of all (((HUGS))) Im sorry that your weekend didn't turn out as you expected. Second of all I am a massive comfort eater so I know how difficult it can be once you start and it is so difficult to stop. I have learnt (not that this always works) to try and take one day at a time, so rather than see it as a whole week ruined see it as just one day or two days off plan and start fresh again. The most important thing really is not to feel guilty about what you have eaten because that just leads to more comfort eating. Whats done is done now hun, draw a line under it all and start again xxx


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I know it was selfish of me to get so upset by the whole thing but I see so little of hubs and when he is here we are normally focusing on the kids so it was a big thing for me to go away.

Yes, I think I've drawn the line now. I need to get some red day snacks in today to keep my hands busy and keep me away from the custard creams!
I dont think its selfish at all hunny, sometimes men don't see things the same way as we do, so he probably doesnt even realise you got upset? Ohh I dont do red days so I dont know what snacks you will have but good luck... crab sticks at the ready? LMAO x
You know what, what is done is done and don;t beat yourself up about it...I don't think anyone on here could claim to have never done the same thing at some point...how else did we all end up needing SW eh.

Just get back on now and plough forward, you have done SO well and I know you can do this....I have faith in you hun xx


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Thanks Theresa, that means alot. I've been doubting myself alot recently...not just in my SW abilities. Prob sounds silly but I think getting on plan properly and seeing results would help me feel more positive!

Blimey, I sound like a right sad sack lol!

Right, time to go out and face Primark with my shop hating 18 month old! She needs new pj's so it has to be done...that should take my mind off things. (fingers crossed she decides to nap)
I think it is so easy once you have done one thing off-plan to just carry on with a "s0d it!" mentality.

I remember a quote on here once that struck a chord- If one flower in a bunch died, you wouldn't chuck the entire bunch out, so don't sabotage an entire week for the sake of one incident

It kind of works for me- not everytime, but it helps me move on quicker

Good luck for WI

"I remember a quote on here once that struck a chord- If one flower in a bunch died, you wouldn't chuck the entire bunch out, so don't sabotage an entire week for the sake of one incident."

What a great quote and a good one to focus on!

We all have bad days for one reason or another,but that's life,so just wipe it off your memory and keep going.You have done SO Blooming Well!!:))

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