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its a long road
Im off to reading at the end of the month:D:D
Any idea on what food to take as they will be no way of preparing anything and only a simple and tiny cooker thing as they have banned gas cookers this year.....

Its long hours walk to the campsite were on as well so nothing to heavy??

or should i just have fun and worry about it when i get home???:eek:

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Mrs V

Loves Life!
I should imagine it will be quite hard for you if you havent got access to a gas cooker or barbeque.
Im sure they would do jacket potatoes on site with various fillings, but saying that, would you want to be living on jacket pots for the time that you are there?
You could take some mugshots and noodle things to make up with hot water I suppose and take some fruit with you.
I would say have plenty of fruit and low syn/syn free snacks - try and have jacket potatos and take some quorn ham (or just ham for red day)/cheese triangles/ww bread for sandwiches which are free/HEA/B .. and have fun as well - you don't want to be fed up trying to make food and not enjoying it, so if its hard to stick to plan completely just try and choose a healthier option from the stands there :)

I would say a mixture of both, have fun!!! I love festivals :)

Andy R.

Time for a change
i know how hard it is a festivals. I was at download in june and i was completely surrounded by junk food. But i gave myself a diet break for a few days while i was there. cos it got too hard to stay on plan. but guess what i still lost half a pound at weigh in the following week. i was shocked cos id eaten a loads of crap by the end, burgers, chips, choc waffles, ice creams, the lot. but i think cos i was so active the entire time i was there really helped.
So my advice...go and enjoy yourself, thats the main thing, and jumping around down at the front of the stage is a great way to burn them calories, just get back on plan when u get home. :)
An hour's walk to the campsite? Where are you walking from?! I know it's a long hike to White but apparently you can get a shuttle bus and then the river crossing thingiemabob (yes, I really sound like I know what I'm talking about eh!). am only going on the Friday to Reading so not taking anything with me (the joys of travelling light!)

I can understand why they have felt the need to ban gas cookers this year but it's such a shame the few stupid ruin it for the many wise....

Are you taking one of those little solid fuel cookers? If so I suggest nothing more than a few tins of beans/spaghetti/ravioli as they take a while to cook things I've found. How about taking a little disposable barbie for the first night - your food should survive without a cool box if you've kept it well refrigerated the night before.

Personally I go to festivals with ALL good intentions, end up chucking loads of stuff away and just enjoying myself! As Andy says you'll be moving around loads so you'll burn plenty of energy so don't worry if you can't stick to the plan rigidly. My next festival I'm taking a load of alpen lights and some mugshots/lowfat noodles plus a disposable bbq for the first night...and that's it...oh...well there might be lots of other stuff in my coolbox but let's just say that goes on the right hand side of the food log sheet!


its a long road
my brothers gone for the last 4 years and he told me that we are camping in green and from our car park its gonna be a good hour walk ...lol hmmmmm i suppose its excersise eh?

i have a weekend pass lol hehe yeh maybe ill have a break..... i did last weekend (went camping with the OH) and i still lost 5lbs lol and i love jacket spuds so ill go with the best intentions ...... do losts of jumping around..... and maybe it will all be okay lol ....

suggestions have been great tho thanks everyone :)

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