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Few Questions

I hope to start the diet in the next couple of weeks. I have emailed a counsellor today with a few queries and hope to get a meeting soon.

How much exercise does everyone do? I can go to the gym 3 or 4 days a week for an hour a time. I also do about 30 minutes brisk walking every weekday.

Also, would it be unrealistic to aim to lose 2 stone by Christmas?

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if you read some of the other threads its not recommended to do loads of strenuous exercises to start with .... some one far more intelligent will be along shortly and tell you reaon why . i have been at this for 10 days . that included a full 7 day preparation week . started at 12 st 9 want to be 10 7. they reckon 1 stone a month so yes your target is realistic .;)
Your target is definitely realistic! Apparently vigorous exercise isn't very good for you when SSing so I would take it easy until your taking in more calories. Good luck! :D
Thanks. I currently go to the gym 2-3 days a week so I think so long as I don't feel really tired I'll just go for a 20 minute swim a couple of days and cut out the gym for the time being. I prefer swimming anyway.

I now have another question. Do you have to get your doctor's approval or does this depend on your counsellor and/or if you have any medical problems (I don't). Getting a doctor's appointment is a nightmare where I live.

Now just need the counsellor to email me back so I can get on with it!
no you dont need gp with cd, you do with LL. you only do ss for 4 weeks before you add a meal, then continue if you got more weight to lose
Thanks :)
i think it depends on your CDC prefrence and age, because my GP had to sign and so did i confirming he knew and the diet was aprropriatei also had to sign a declaration to say i spoke to the doc and the questionaire was filled out to the best of my knowledge x
I want to do the Sole Source programme and I'm 30. I really hope I don't have to see a gp as that will slow it right down. It is awful trying to get an appointment.
Adding on from the above, I'll make sure I ask the counsellor that when they reply.
Joanne, I swim "gently" 3 times a week and do a gentle toning programme at gym twice a week. It is not advisable to do any vigorous or aerobic exercise on VLCD as no glycogen stores and can lead to feeling very ill. I have been absolutely fine doing the above and my main reason for starting was to get me out of the house and busy in the evenings when I found it most difficult not to eat:)) The lady who did my gym programme said I should still be able to hold a conversation (i.e. not breathless) at all times whilst exercising and I have worked on that premise.
Good luck:))))


Serial Foodie!
you only need doctors slip if u have a bmi over 40 or if u have any medical reasons not to do it (ie history of stroke, heart attack, if u have diabetes, breast feeding, major op recently etc). i might be wrong but thats my understanding. best of luck with the diet anyways xxx

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