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Fighting to get back

Hi ladies :wave_cry:

for every one who dose not know me i am sam and i have been doing LL for 8 weeks but for 3 of those weeks have not had my packs it all started when i went on my hoildays with my hubby our daughter and the inlaws.When we went away my mother inlaw said that they all felt uncomfortable with me not eatting and could i eat for that week and stupied me not being strong enough to say well hold on this is what i am doing and it's for me i gave in and ate.When i returned home i tried to get back on track and just found it so so hard i just did not have the motivation or excitment that i had week 1 any way went back to group gained 6lbs was ok with that as i thought it would be more left group that night thought i had a clear head and bang the next day come dinner time i am eatting Whyyyy.Since then i have not stopped eatting and to top off having a bad few weeks myself and 6 members of my family are on tamiflu as the doctor thinks we have swineflu i feel depressed and really down i really want to get back on track but just don,t know how to get the will to get me going again this is a big probem of mine is i just don,t know how to deal with stress without putting something in my mouth evey time i am doing well on a diet some think happenens and bang iv put it all back on please ladies i am at my wits end please if you have any tips to help me see the light i would be very greatful.:cry:

x x x Sam x x x
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Hi Sam.

I think, what you need to do is draw a line under the entire few weeks, and say "Now, today, I start LL" and go from there. Forget about the lapse, though it makes me quite cross if I am honest that your mother in law guilted you into eating - look where it has got you. To be honest, I would say something to her if I were you - in a nice way, but let her know how important this is to you, and how she made you feel you had to give in to make HER happy - and now you are paying the price for it. Next time, suggest their eating makes you uncomfortable and perhaps suggest they don;t eat - she wouldn;t like that would she. ANd she would not accomodate you I bet. Sorry, I don;t mean to sound harsh, but she was selfish.

That aside - I can tell you, I used to stuff something in my mouth too every time I felt stressed. But =- you know, and I know - that does not solve whatever it was that made us uncomfortable. Ya know? Its still there, innit? And I really learnt that, when a time after I reached goal, something bad happened - and I realised - I did not reach for food. It did not even occir to me, and when I realised that - I though how stupid was I all those years - what good was stuffing something in my mouth doing, other then hurting me. not helping me, but HURTING me. It might be hard to see that now, where you are - but one day, you will. Maybe the next time yuou feel the urge to do so, before you pop a morsel in your mouth, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself "What will eating this change?"

Sounds silly? I founf talking in the mirror, staring me dead int the eye was an extremely powerful tool - kept me on track SO many times, I can't even begin to count. I still use that tool. Try it. Look yourself square in the eye, and You talk to You. Very effective.

You're a beautiful girl Sam - you deserve to be happy, not sad. But - really, it is ONLY you that can make that happen. Not me, not your husband or children or anyone else on the planet. Only you.

Be kind to yourself, forget about hte bad start - chuck it aside, and start ALL over again. New attitude, commit to not letting ANYONE talk you out of what you are doing, and you will begin to feel so much pride in yourself you will become unstoppable.

You deserve it.

And, more importantly, you can do it. :)



Playing the Angel
Wow BL, you have said it all and wonderfully. The only 2p I have is something I read in a book. I printed it and put it on my fridge for when I start RTM. It is 2 questions to ask yourself before you put somethin in your mouth. 1)What am I feeling? 2) What do I need?

Usually it is something like - I am bored, so therefore I need to go and do something , or I am lonely, so I need company/phone a friend whatever. Usually not many of our feelings are related to hunger, but are all related to emotions.

Not sure if it helps you Needs, but BL is right, draw a line under it right now, start fresh with new eyes, Begin now as a September Starter :) By Xmas it is all done and dusted!!!

Thanks BL & ladies

I will wake up in the morning and the last 3 weeks is now in the past and i am doing it for me and i will be stronger than i have ever been before.

I won't allow any one to put me down or stop me i am doing this for me it,s what i want it's what i have always wanted and i will succeed.

Thank you x x x x


Happy in my own skin
I'm sorry to hear about your past few weeks Sam. I was also horrified to see your Mother in law put so much guilt on to you....how selfish. As BL said, I'm sure she would not stop eating if you told her it made you uncomfortable.....Oh I'm going to stop as I feel a rant coming on...:O

Anyway, not sure if this helps with putting food in your mouth aspect, however I've started to visualise it as trying to stuff something in my mouth to push all the feelings down, and when I see that visual in my head it makes it more obvious that it will not help. Pushing all those feelings down just leads to them reappearing again at some time, and a vicious cycle begins.

Start again as BL says, draw a line under it and take a big deat breath...:)
Hi Sam,

I am sorry about your blip ~ but don't worry, there is a positive side! I have just started LL and am on day 6. So, you already have a head start as you know you have lost something...why don't you come onto the September Starters thread where a few of us are just starting out?

You can pretend you are at the start, but you are still not as heavy as you were anyway!:)

If you keep dwelling on the negative side of this, you will find it hard to get back on track...so focus on the positive...you are already lighter than you were, and you are way ahead of me!

Now, buy some magazines, get ready with your foodpacks, and have a bath and read some gossip when your family have their meals for the next couple of days. After that, the worst is over again and on you go with weight loss! And, as has already been said, by Xmas, the 14 weeks are up!

Come on over to Sept Starters, and join in our journey! xx
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