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Original Filling up on red days?

Hi everyone
I am only in my 8th day of Slimming World and so far have done green and extra easy days. I've stayed away from red because I'm scared I won't be able to fill myself up. Has anyone got any good meal ideas that really fill you up on red?
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Hi honey i don't often do red days for that reason, i never feel full. I am loving extra easy though. However if i do a red day i end up using my syns for extra potatoes or bread or something. There is a lot of people who go red on here so they will prob have some good filling ideas for you x
fry up, bacon, eggs, quorn sausages, mushrooms tomatoes, 4 brekkie.

lunch, 3chicken drumsticks broken up in to pieces with salad and light mayo,

veg stir fry with chicken or lean beef mince with rice from healthy extra b


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I've just had sausage, bacon, egg, tomato and mushrooms, all grilled with a cup of tea and I am stuffed.
For lunch I plan to have trout pate (which I made) and 2 slices of toast (hexb) and tonight I'm having gammon steak, egg, potato wedges (hexb) and veggies.

In beween meals I have fruit and yogurt. I keep my syns for suppertime and I am NEVER hungry!


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I usually have 3 Morissons syn free sausages, 2 fried eggs, mushrooms and bacon.

For lunch I have chicken mayo with HEXB jacket potato, or tuna salad.

Dinner I have slow beef curry, or chicken kebab (homemade), mixed grill, gammon steak with pinapple the list is endless!

And I hardly ever need to snack as I usually feel satisfied on red, but if I do I will have some lean ham with HEXA cheese, crab sticks, chicken pieces in some e.l mayo, devilled eggs.


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quorn is a good filler and i find that if you have grilled portabello (the big ones) with low fat cottage cheese and diced peppers witha nivce steak or chop you are stuffed XXX
veg stir fry with chicken or lean beef mince with rice from healthy extra b
Hi hun, sorry to nitpick but rice isn't a healthy extra! :sigh: (wish it was!)


I am one of the 63336
I have a bowl of salad on the go in my fridge at all times which has crumbled bacon and sliced boiled eggs mixed in. Sometimes I stick sometimes I have a bit of low fat cheese grated in or some frylighted oven cooked mushrooms mixed in.

If I get the munchies - which is most nights - then I grab a bowl full of this. The salad has some finely sliced beetroot in which I eat piece by piece so it takes FOREVER and always leaves me feeling full.
thanks everyone!

Thanks for the suggestions so far. Breakfast sounds like a doddle! Can I just check which morrisons sausages are syn free (got to get some!)
I'm going to plan a couple of red days this week to see how i get on so all of your suggestions are great for getting me thinking about possible meals.
when i do a red day i have bacon and poached egg on toast
for lunch a huge salad with ham,chicken or whatever meat i fancy.....love sweet chilli sauce with it...
tea will be a steak......lamb,beef or pork with veg and either baked spud 227g or new tats 198g as a b choice
i always eats lots of fruit and have lots a fat free yogurts on the go....
doin red i've lost just about 4 st so it does work....
I am on a red day today, I had/will be having

Scrambled egg and chopped grilled bacon of slice wholemeal (half hex b and milk from A

Ham (loads) and cottage cheese salad with slice wholemeal other half of hex b, and a mugshot, tomato, free!
Muller light strawberry

Dinner is Lamb kebabs, home made, with free veg roasted in frylight and garlic, and sliced roasted new potatoes, Hex B

Strawberrys chopped banana and pineapple on a meringue nest with a toffee muller light!!

and maybe a packet of Nibbles (4 syns!)

Hope this helps!
Are Mugshots free on a Red day too????

My diry pages have more red days than Green if you fancy taking a look Hun..I am never hungry and I am always grazing through the day!!!
Make sure its the Morrisons 'eat smart less than 3% fat' chilled not frozen. I nearly made the mistake of buying frozen ones and just taking out what I need but they are 5 syns each. :eek:

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