final chance.

Hi there minnies <3

im back for my FINAL go, and i am not stopping until i reach my target. i have changed my username [used to be xkimmiex] because i want to start afresh, forget the past and start again.

last year i lost 7 stone, i looked and felt amazing:

and i have put every single LB back on :cry: i started on 1.1.12 weighing 22st11, currently 22.4

this is me now.. notice the big ass diffrence!!! DO NOT GO OFF TRACK PEOPLE!!

im the first one, the fat one.

so im now begging you ladies and men, to accept me back in and to help me get to my goal :(

i have a planned break from 27-29th feb for disneyland.

so anyway little update on me :)

hope everyone has an amzaing thin year!
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Welcome back Kimmy! You did it before and you can do it again! xx


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Welcome back and well done for making the right choice to come back. This is my first time on Cambridge and soo far am loving the fast losses :) Best of luck on your journey you can do it :) xxx


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Hey Kimmie!

I remember you! I'm back again too, I left to have a baby, he's 13 months, I'm stopping breastfeeding and starting back on Fri. I've put on the 2 stone I lost plus a little extra, but we've done it before, we'l do it again. I'm 40 this year and refuse to fat as well.

Good luck and keep posting! :D
Hey girls :) hope your all having a nice thin day :)
I'm on day four and lost 10lb so far :) on track to lose two stone by end of feb :) x


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Hello Slimkimtobe,I really feel for you putting the weight back on. I lost 6 stones about 14 years ago and put on 10. Starting tomorrow for my final and deffo successful attempt. Keep your photos handy, they are fab and proof that you CAN do it

Best of luck


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Oooh sooo good!! Hope u all achieve ur goals!! Ur all doing great .. Xxx

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Thanks again, so depressing getting fat again :( and I bet every one is laughing around here and saying told you so :,( thats the most painful, and having a wradrobe of clothes I can't fit into but could then :( and I loved being able to feel bones lol I just want to be thin :( hope I get back on track after disneyland! Sorry for moan lol


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Moan away doll that's what the forums are here for!

Don't beat yourself up about it and I'm sure no-one who cares about you thinks that! Its hard to lose the weight but its harder to keep it off, don't ever feel like you have failed because you got there and you WILL do it again. And this time you will have more experience to help you keep it off xxx


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No need to beg to be back, we are all in same boat. You did it once and you can do it again. Most of us have lost and gain weight so don't beat yourself up and take one day at a time. All the best to you.
One of my worse fears is being forever :( been on and if cd for past 3 years :.(


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Hi Kim
I know how you are feeling hun. I was 10st after doing the cambridge the 1st time in 2007, then i had a baby in 2008 and now i am restarting for the 100th time starting at 19st 9lb :cry: The heaviest i have ever been. I don't want to be stuck on it forever either, and we wont be if we give it 100% and once we have lost the weight continue to do so. 10lb in fours days is like WOW lol you are on track and you can do this.
Good luck xx
thanks hun :) i now remember why iloved this forum- the support!
i can not wait to get to goal. Im on day five a stone loss :) so happy couldnt be happier lol, by now im normally cheated and made my self sick number of times, i havent even gone into cupboards to see whats in there! so OH will probs have to starv lol! thats the worse time of day when oh goes "whats for tea", and then having to HEAR lol him eat it!! argh!

ohwell onwards and downwards <3


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i am too returning to a diet, like was said before we did it once so we can do it again, good luck on your journey i start mine tomorrow and im a little nervous and excited all at the same time x


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Hey Kim I remember :) Know how you are feeling I did really well 4 years ago & lost 5 1/2 stone I'm back (on my 4th day) and at my starting weigh in I was 1lb less than I was to begin with. It is gutting but we can do it & we won't let it get this bad again!!!!!
Good luck Hun xx
i remember you!! :)

yeah depressing part on mine is.. i weigh just half a stone less then what i was after i gave birth to a 9lb6oz baby!! ergh, although i think my shape is diffrent, i just want to loose sizes more then weight tbh lol

iv promised OH im paying to go alton towers all of us for his bday in july because i will be alot thinner hopefully :D


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I'm starting again for the final time too, on day 4 now. I started at 14st 2lbs and this time weighed in at 13st 7lbs so not too far off my original start weight :( I am determined to get down to under 10 stone this time and keep it off! x
my thinnist i was when i remember was 16.6, still seems alot, but not half as bad as my now 21st11 :'( got i how i miss being that size lol
i think the marina coil hasnt helped eaither, :(


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S: 14st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 2st0lb(13.66%)
You'll do it, keep coming on here and read success stories and look at peoples pictures, that motivates me. I also look up gorgeous outfits that I want to buy when I am thinner xx